Salinas Boys Customs


From a complete custom rebuild to a smooth chop—Cole Foster’s style is simple and pure. Rolling art. This site is dedicated to displaying just a sample of that art. Take your hat off and stay for a while. We think you’ll like what you see.

About Salinas Boys Customs

Cole Foster

From Hot, Rod Royalty comes classic customizing. Cole Foster, the owner of Salinas Boys Customs, has been constructing rolling works of metal art for 15 years. Son of Hall of Fame member Pat Foster, Cole creates cars that are so clean they don’t have lines—the simple flow, as evident from the numerous magazine features written on these customs that roll from the bays of the Salinas Boys shop in the quiet California town. At the 2001 Grand National Roadster show Cole left with the Chip Foose Design of Excellence Sweepstakes award from his 1956 Ford F100 Truck.

Foster’s designs have been much coveted by rock stars who are into hot rods. He has built customs and bikes for guys like Sammy Hagar of Van Halen, frontman Mike Ness of the punk band Social Distortion and currently constructing a 1936 Ford for Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

In 2001 Cole built the blue bike, a bobber-style motorcycle that promptly set the bike world on its collective ear. The Blue Bike, as it’s referred to, is a tribute to classic styles. The bike was featured on Speed Channel’s “Corbin’s Ride On TV” and on TNN with “Popular Hot Rodding TV” plus no less than 20 magazines worldwide, including Easy Rider, Cycle World, Iron Horse, and Freeway.

Cole’s designs are timeless, stylistic, and subtle yet make a screaming statement collectively with the final product. Searching for the original designer’s clean lines of the car before corporate restrictions were placed. Attention to detail, maintenance of pure lines, and skillful craftsmanship are respected by those who have seen Cole’s work. Passionate and obsessive in the pursuit of the perfect custom is what defines Cole Foster, the artist.

TV shows:

Monster Garage, Discovery Channel

Corbin’s Ride On, Speed Channel

Popular Hot Rodding TV, TNN

Biker Build Off, Discovery Channel

Ultimate Chop, Discovery Channel

Chopper Challenge, CMT

TV Commercial:

Miller Genuine Draft 1 and 2


“Classic Customs & Lead Sleds,” by Bo Bertilsson

“Choppers,” by Mike Seate

“Inside Monster Garage, by Ken Vose

“Hot Rod Pin Ups” by D. Perry

“Hot Rod Kings” Motorbooks

“Rockin’ Down the Highway” by Paul Gruskin

“Hot Rod and Custom Chronicle” by Thom Taylor

“Cole Foster, Salinas Boys Customs—Substance and Style” Motorbooks

Susan Foster

After receiving a BFA from Oklahoma University, Susan took a job as an Associate Producer specializing in automotive programming at Bradley David Productions. There they supplied programming for Spike, Speed Channel, Discovery Channel, and ESPN, among others. Susan’s extensive automotive background helped her segment and location produce and wrote technical scripts for the shows. She traveled the country attending racing events and featuring some of the top builders in the country. Cole met Susan when she was doing a feature on one of his custom builds. She now joins him as his partner handling the business, merchandising, and promotions. A beautiful chapter began in April 2006 when they were married.

Andrew Quinones

When Andrew showed up on his skateboard for a job—we knew he would be a great addition! Despite wet kisses from Rico, he is still here. Hope he stays around for the rest of his worldwide career!

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It has been busy around here. The Boys took Bob Timmermind’s 32 Ford out of the Pumpkin patch. It was sitting into a now classic Hot Rod! New rolling chassis, chevy crate engine, an all-new interior, and black sateen paint (by Saul) finish his new ride! He and his lovely wife Claudia were excited to drive it to their first car show. Bob has owned this car for over 30 years, and this is the first time he has driven it!

Cole and Salinas Boys have been featured in 3 books this year, with a hardback book of his own coming out this summer by Motorbooks.

“Hot Rod & Custom Chronicle” by Thom Taylor, The book features Cole’s Ol Blue 54 Custom Chevy, a now timeless classic. Along with other timeless classics such as the ZZ Tops Eliminator, Chip Foose Grand Master sedan, and the So-Cal Roadster.

“Hot Rod Kings” by Kevin Thompson—venture into the shops of all-steel apostles. Hot Rod Kings takes the reader into the lives and garages of 11 of today’s most highly respected hot rod builders and customizers. Cole Foster, Scott Mugford, The Kennedy Brothers, Mercury Charlie, Sean Johnston, Keith Tardel, Rudy Rodriguez, Mike Smith, Jimmy White, and Gary Howard are all consummate craftsmen, pouring their considerable skills and knowledge into many of the tightest traditionally styled hot rods and custom cars you’ll see anywhere. No billet trailer trash or TV studio garages here. Photographer David Perry and writer Kevin Thomson spent time with each featured builder to tell you where these men came from, what inspires them, and what their day-to-day is genuinely all about. Perry’s photography of the subjects’ shop operations and cars in progress, as well as some of the finished rods, is accompanied by the jumping and knowledgeable prose of Kevin “BoBo Tech” Thomson, resulting in a tasty slice of the authentic hot rod way of life.

Also, “Rockin’ Down the Highway” by Paul Grushkin features Rock Stars and their cars; Cole has built a few of them!


The Beautiful Loser

The bike that lost the show but won America’s heart. Our custom soft tail frame combined with super short forks and minimalist design makes for a combination if we don’t say so ourselves.

Special K

Short, low, aggressive… The Double Decker pulls off the minimal look with grace and power.

The Blue Bobber

From Hot, Rod Royalty comes classic customizing! Cole and Pat Foster have concocted what has to be the “crown jewel” of original thinking, in detail, on this modern bobber. It runs just as well as it looks.

The Hot Rods & Customs

Hammett’s ’36 Ford

The Jalopy Journal called it the essential custom car of our generation. We call it “Kirk’s 36.”

Henry Gong’s ’56 Nomad

It takes work to build a fresh tri-five Chevy. Cole did it by keeping it simple and taking away anything that didn’t scream utility or function. The result is a ’56 Nomad with a perfect stance and profile.

Bob Timmerman’s 32 Ford

The Boys took Bob Timmermind’s 32 Ford out of the Pumpkin patch; it was sitting into a now classic Hot Rod! New rolling chassis, chevy crate engine, all-new interior, and black sateen paint (by Saul) finish his new ride!

Cole’s ’54 Chevy

Cole’s ’54 Chevy is a study of tradition and class. Clean lines, a low stance, and a mean attitude make for a perfect driver.