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Our mission is to provide support for people with paralysis and prevent spinal cord injuries. We support people with disabilities by creating various donation and prevention programs, collecting valuable resources and assisstance funds, and organizing specific events. We also provide our community with free legal forms. Look through the categories below to navigate the website with no problem.

Legal Forms and Templates

We strive to create a safe community for people with disabilities to benefit from quality services and live more fulfilling lives. As a result, we’ve collected the necessary legal forms and templates, allowing a person to prepare a unique and personalized document. These forms cover such vital matters as Medicare, taxes, and retirement plan. Additionally, you can find some of the most widely-used vehicle templates here.

Vehicle Bill of Sale

A vehicle bill of sale is a legal document signed after the sale or purchase of a vehicle. This form is crucial for those who want to secure their transaction and have a formal receipt of it. A motor vehicle (car) bill of sale form includes the contact details of both parties and describes the vehicle in detail. With this bill of sale, the seller will have evidence that the buyer buys the vehicle as-is.

Car Accident Release

In the unfortunate event of a car accident, the parties involved may use a car accident release of liability form. It may help settle things on the spot and avoid filing a lawsuit. Our fillable template consists of all relevant information, including the date of the accident, parties’ names, and compensation amount (if any). You will only need to gather the details and fill out the document.

Car Sale Release

It’s important to distinguish a car accident release of liability from a car sale release of liability form. The latter must be prepared by the vehicle’s seller after they sell their vehicle. This release of liability frees the seller from any responsibility related to the car and ensures that the state Department of Motor Vehicles is notified about the transaction.

Vehicle Power of Attorney

You may create a motor vehicle power of attorney if you need to designate another person as your personal representative regarding vehicle-related matters. This power of attorney form will grant your agent the authority to buy or sell the car on your behalf, sign the vehicle-related documents, and register the vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Vehicle Purchase Agreement

A vehicle purchase agreement template is designed to outline the vehicle sale and purchase terms. This agreement ensures that the seller and buyer are on the same page regarding the deal. As a rule, the purchase agreement includes the parties’ details, vehicle description, purchase price, and agreement date. It may also contain the seller’s disclosures concerning any vehicle damage or accidents.

Car Sale Contract

If a vehicle buyer cannot pay the total purchase price, they can prepare a car sale contract with payments. It allows the buyer to pay the price in equal installments per specific period. This document usually includes interest to be paid in installments. The loan form benefits both parties since it establishes effective relationships without involving a dealership.

Vehicle Promissory Note

Another way to buy a car without paying all at once is to sign a vehicle promissory note. It allows the buyer to divide the vehicle purchase price in installments or pay the price later in a lump sum repayment. This note is usually not secured by the borrower’s property. That’s why promissory notes work best when the parties know each other well.

Results So Far

Wheelchairs Donated
Wheelchair Donation Program ($1,502,000)
Grants Awarded
Patient Assistance Fund
88,000 Students Educated
Education and Prevention Program
Event Tickets

Anthony needed a custom manual wheelchair to improve his independence and mobility. Anthony has been diagnosed with Bilateral Apodia, and his current manual wheelchair is very unsafe. Because of this, he has been unable to ride the bus.

Students and Teachers, let us know how we’re doing! We need your feedback to continue improving our Education and Prevention Program. All students who complete our survey will be entered to win a prize.

Latest News

Darrell Gwynn Foundation Set to Auction One-of-a-Kind ’69 Custom Tony Stewart “Smoke” Edition 396 Chevelle Coupe at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach, April 17, Lot #3000

Palm Beach, Fla. – Thanks to a generous donation from Patrick Hurst of American Classic Rides in Palatine, IL, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation will auction a 1969 Custom Tony Stewart “Smoke” Edition 396 Chevelle Coupe at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auto Auction on Friday, April 17, Lot #3000 at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Proceeds from the sale of the car will benefit the foundation. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s mission is to SUPPORT people with paralysis and PREVENT spinal cord injuries. “This is such an exciting project for me,” said Darrell Gwynn, founder of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. “We couldn’t have done it, would Patrick Hurst of American Classic Rides. Tony Stewart is such an avid automobile enthusiast, so working with him to design a one-of-a-kind ‘Smoke’ Edition was awesome. I know this is a car that he’d love to drive if he had the chance! The winning bidder will get a treasure at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach while supporting a great cause.” This one-of-a-kind (1 of 1) 1969 Custom Tony Stewart “Smoke” Edition 396 Chevelle Coupe is powered by a custom 369 engine and features lots of chrome, a custom tuxedo interior, and custom wheels…

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