Car Accident Release of Liability Form

A car accident liability release form is a document that helps persons who got into a car accident settle the dispute out of court. It is an essential document for those who want to avoid getting into the legal system and agree on compensations and further actions in a legally binding document. The primary goal is to get a guarantee from another party about not being sued after resolving the situation.

Usually, this type of release of liability form is used for accidents involving two vehicles. When more vehicles are involved, the conflict is harder to resolve outside of the court.

The car accident liability release form is essentially a waiver of damages that have taken place after an accident involving a vehicle, but it might also be used for high-risk activities that would require participants to waive any future claims regarding injuries or losses.

vehicle accident damage release form

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What Should Be Included in a Car Accident Release of Liability Form?

There is no standard form of the car accident release of liability form, but there are certain elements that should be in the form:

  • the name of the releasor – the individual who guarantees to not file any claims against the party who caused the damage (the releasee)
  • the name of the releasee – the individual who is responsible for the damage in a car accident and is guaranteed not to be brought to trial after signing the vehicle release of liability form
  • the amount of compensation the releasee takes an obligation to pay
  • the detailed time of the accident

Car Accident Release of Liability Form Details

Document Name Car Accident Release of Liability Form
Other Names Car Accident Settlement Agreement, Release of Claims
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 16
Available Formats Adobe PDF

How to Get a Car Accident Release of Liability Form

When two people are in a situation when they got into a car accident and want to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner, they should take several steps to get a damage waiver form.

Step 1 – Gather all available info about the accident

When one of the parties involved is a victim and got an injury, the other party should try to collect as much information about the injured and their vehicle as possible. Then, if the police are called, they will conclude who was at fault after they get an overview of the accident and get the pictures of the accident together with the testimony of the involved persons. This information will be needed for creating a proper release for and establishing who will pay the compensation to another party.

Step 2 – Negotiate the compensation

Compensation is needed in cases when one of the involved people was injured. This money is meant to cover the injured person’s medical expenses, damages to the vehicle or time missed from work.

There is a specific procedure of requesting compensation by the injured party. It should take the form of a demand letter which is an official offer to compensate the victim’s medical expenses along with mental harm.

Before the victim of the accident creates such an offer, the other party has the time to prepare and sign an accident release form with the victim. It will let the responsible party limit the list of damages the injured party might claim in a car accident demand letter.

Step 3 – Let the insurance provider handle the dispute

Most commonly, car accident disputes are resolved with the help of an insurance company. The company that is used by the responsible party is generally liable for vehicle and personal damages of the injured party. Insurance companies are commonly handling disputes regarding such accidents. But it doesn’t mean that the involved party will not be aware of the updates – they can keep constant contact with the injured party and the insurance company.

One tricky thing should be checked here before the responsible party pays the damages and harm. Sometimes, victims in car accidents falsely claim injuries to get compensation, which is why it is crucial to have a thorough background check of the injured party to make sure they have no history in relation to insurance frauds.

After all, checks are done and settlements are negotiated, the insurance company will determine the settlement amount, that is the amount of money the responsible party should pay to the harmed one.

Step 4 – Get and validate the liability release form

The time has come for writing a liability release form. It might be provided by the insurance company, or you can use our template that is easy to fill in. Just choose the needed format and download it to your device.

The moment the injured party signs the document, they can claim a bigger list of damages. In case their condition gets worse with time, they should still stick to the liability form waiver and the amount mentioned in it.

Step 5 – Keep the release form

There is always a possibility that the injured party will decide to reopen the dispute. In such situations, the other party should have the release form at hand. Both parties should keep it, and the copy is usually stored by the insurance company as well.

Template Preview
Create a free high quality Car Accident Release of Liability Form online now!

How to Fill out a Car Accident Release Form?

A car accident settlement agreement form should be written thoroughly as improper filling of the document might result in additional claims against the releasee.

Step 1 – identification of the parties

First, parties in a liability release form should specify their names, mailing address, state, and city.

This section of the release form should tell that the parties consciously and knowingly sign the document with the intention to eliminate their liabilities and obligations.
Step 1 to filling out a car accident release of liability parties

Step 2 – The essence and scope of liability release

The next step is to explicitly indicate that the releasing party releases the released party from all liabilities and claims that might arise from vehicle damage caused by the released party.  Then, the docuement should mention the date of the accident.

Another piece of information that should be in this section of the relaxed form is the acknowledgment of the releasing party that the release form also covers claims connected with this incident that are not yet known by the releasing party at the time of signing.
Step 2 to filling out a car accident release of liability example scope

Step 3 – The right to claims

The following paragraph of the release form should tell that despite signing the document, the releasing party does not give up their claim that might arise against an individual or entity in regards to the accident.
Step 3 to filling out a car accident release of liability sample right to claims

Step 4  –  Non-acceptance of liability by the releasee

The document should also include the statement that the releasing party is aware of the fact that the release party does not admit their liability for the accident by paying the compensation and signing the document.

Step 5 – Compensation

The amount offered by the insurance company and agreed by the parties should be inserted here.
Step 5 to filling out a car accident release of liability form compensation

Step 6 – Biding parties

The document might end with the statement that this release of claims form applies to both parties’ closest relatives, heirs, and legal representatives.

Signatures and dates when they were made are the last things that should be included in the release of liability form.

A car accident is something that can happen to any of us at any time. If the accident, unfortunately, happened to you, you will need a properly written car accident liability release form. Don’t waste your time looking for one on the internet. Use our online document builder and get the document in several minutes after answering the set of questions. Your document will be easy to download and print.
Step 6 to filling out a car accident release of liability template signatures and dates

Published: May 28, 2022