Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter

There are some situations in which one might need to quit the place of occupation immediately. There could be multiple reasons for such a decision.

But what should one do if they want to quit the job on good terms with the employer and follow legal regulations related to working deeds? That is the question we will cover today, so if you would like to know more about such a document as Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter, make sure to read the whole article.

To cut a long story short, as the name of the legal record suggests, the Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter is required when the employee needs and wants to leave the workplace immediately. The record acts as the notice of leaving. This record is usually written out when the worker quits in a really short period, for example, under two weeks.

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When and Why You Need an Immediate Resignation Letter

An employee of any organization should complete the resignation letter template if they want to quit the place of occupation in a really short time. They can submit the letter when they have a personal emergency, or, for example, the working conditions are unbearable for them. Another example would be when you receive an invitation from your dream job and do not want to miss the opportunity.

Nonetheless, in any case, the fact that you are leaving the workplace immediately can bring up consequences. Your employer would be grateful if you notified them in advance about your decision to leave. They need to distribute the active duties, hire new personnel, and manage the work at the same time. The immediate notice will also allow you to complete ongoing projects or make arrangements to transfer your responsibilities to a colleague or your replacement.

What to Include in the Immediate Resignation Letter

This section will briefly cover the key moments that should be included in the Immediate (Short Form) Resignation Letter. The letter can be presented in a business letter format or email letter; both types of the letter must include:

  • The contact data of the employee, such as cell phone number, address, email address, full legal name. The employee’s contact details must be in the business letter format.
  • The formal salutation to the employer
  • The reason why the worker has to leave the current workplace
  • The exact date when one resigns from the organization
  • An expression of gratitude to the employer, a set of the knowledge gained, and the moment you were impressed in the current occupation.
  • A formal conclusion, signature, and the current date

How to Write an Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter

In this part, we will discuss how to write an immediate resignation letter step-by-step.

It is important to mention that the letter can be submitted in either an email format or a business letter format. The letter’s structure discussed in this article is a general model, so it applies to both types.

How to Start the Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter

To begin with, ensure you write formally. For instance, you should write down your contact details first. It includes your full legal name, email, cell phone number, and current date. You should also address your letter to your employer. If you choose to write a formal business letter, include your employer’s contact information in the paper’s upper left or upper right part.

If you write out an email letter, you will have to just put a relevant subject of the letter and write down the employer’s email address.

The next part in the beginning part is a formal salutation; you have to greet your employer formally.

What to Include in the Main Body of Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter

The main body of the letter is the most crucial part. Here you should stick to the formal letter format. The main body of the immediate resignation letter should explain why you have decided to quit.

Of course, your resignation letter might be very questionable for the employer, and they might be inconvenienced by and upset about your leave. Therefore, you should state your reason for leaving—for instance, personal emergency or family circumstances—and leave some positive gratitude regarding your place of work. So, do not focus on your resignation. Instead, focus on what you have obtained during your working time, what skills you have developed, and why you are grateful. You can also express your positive impressions on the workflow and so on.

Another thing you can add is the offer of help in your transfer period or make any other necessary agreements with the employer.

How to Conclude the Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter

The conclusion of your letter should include your signature, full legal name, and current date. As another form of expressing gratitude, you might add another conclusion paragraph (if you have not written it down already). The paragraph should state that you are thankful and that the employer can reach you anytime they want.

Dos and Don’ts in the Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter

It is crucial to remember that the immediate (short notice) resignation letter is a legal document, and one must write it out carefully. To ensure the best results, we provide you with some tips on how to make your letter perfect.

What you should avoid:

  • Miss the deadlines. Make sure to write the letter as soon as you have decided to leave your occupation.
  • Express your positive opinion if you were not the most satisfying worker. Unfortunately, some people decide to immediately leave the workplace because they could not get along with the employer or were not satisfied with working conditions. In such cases, it is better to be open about your positive impressions regarding the company. Moreover, we recommend telling the truth about the skills and qualities you obtained during the working period.

What is advisable to do:

  • Stick to one format. Your letter should sound formal and professional, deliver your thoughts accurately, well punctuated, and grammatically correct. You should also write in a professional layout.
  • Date the paper in the correct format. By that, we mean that the date should reflect precisely when you wrote the letter well before your departure from the organization.
  • Make it short. There is no need to write with complex and overly wordy sentences. Everything should be understandable and straightforward.
  • Be precise. It is important to note that you must state when you intend to leave the company.
  • Mention why you are leaving. Be open and try not to sound ambiguous.
  • Express gratitude to the employer and offer future help. It is always great to say “thank you” to your boss. Thank them for giving you a chance to work with them. You can also promise the employer support throughout the transition period, even if you will have left the company already.
  • Re-read and edit your letter. Check the letter for mistakes before sending it.

Samples for the Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter

We will provide you with two samples, one in the form of a business letter format and the other in the format of email.

Sample 1. Business Formal Letter Sample of Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter


(Your full legal name and occupation)


(Your address, zip code, state)


(Your cell number)


(Your email)


(Current date)


(Employer’s name and occupation)


(Employer’s  company)


(Employer’s  address, zip code, state)

Dear _____ (write the employer’s name),

I wish to inform you that I would like to retire from my occupation in your organization within three days. I am aware that I must give you two weeks’ notice; nonetheless, I am forced to retire from your organization immediately within the established time due to an emergency. Therefore, my final day would be February 27th, three days from today.

I would be happy to offer any support during my transfer period. I would also be glad to hear from you in case you contact me for any help.

I express my genuine gratitude for the chance to work in your company. I would also like to mention that I genuinely enjoyed working with such respectful and responsible colleagues. Furthermore, I am delighted with the working conditions and support I have received.


_______ (leave your signature here)

_______ (write your typed in full legal name here)

Sample 2. Email Sample of Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter

Subject: An Immediate (Short Notice) Resignation Letter

Dear ______ (write the name of the employer),

I am writing to inform you about my immediate resignation from your company. I fully acknowledge that I had to make a two-week notice; however, I could not do so due to personal circumstances. Due to current family issues, I will not continue working in your company.

I intend to leave on May 3rd, and that would be my final day of work.

I would like to express my gratitude for the three years of fantastic work time in this organization. I had a great experience and acquired many new skills, and I will look back tenderly at the support I have received here.

Furthermore, I would like to mention that you can rely on me during my transition period: I can assist you with any deeds you have regarding the workflow. I hope we will stay in touch in the future. My personal email is ____ (write your personal email here), and my phone number is _____ (write your cell phone number here)

Best regards,


(Your full legal name)


(Your contact information)

Concluding Remarks and Key Takeaways

Another crucial and interesting fact that we have not covered is that if one leaves the workplace instantly in protest due to how the employer treated them, one can leave a verbal resignation. Nonetheless, according to most labor contracts, a written immediate (short notice) resignation letter is required. And in this way, one’s notice period will not start if one does not send the employer a written notice.

Finally, let us cover the main points we have discussed in the article:

  1. The immediate (short notice) resignation letter is needed when one needs to leave the place of occupation instantly. The letter acts as the notice of leaving and makes the transition process smoother.
  2. The immediate (short notice) resignation letter should be written by an employee and sent to the employer either via email or as a formal business letter.
  3. The letter should be formal and written out carefully and appropriately.
  4. One can state that they are aware that every worker should leave a two-week notice, but one cannot do so due to some obstacles (we advise listing them sincerely). In case you have any special plans for transition, also ensure you state them.
  5. It is beneficial to express gratitude towards your employer and colleagues. Another thing one could do is to offer assistance during the transition period.
Published: Jul 1, 2022