Letter of Recommendation for Coworker

Many people in the United States and worldwide get a job, work for a specific period, and then decide to switch to another company or even field. Besides sending their resumes to potential employers, they can attach a particular document called the coworker recommendation (or reference) letter.

This form may significantly simplify the process of a job search. When employers read your CV, they get the information provided only by yourself and might doubt some of the things contained there. A letter of recommendation for a colleague is written by someone you have worked with for several years, so potential employers may tend to believe them more.

Moreover, your colleague may ask you to write them a reference. In such a case, you need to know how to draft one.

In this quick guide, we will outline the basics about coworker recommendation letters, go through their structure and mandatory items to include, and provide you with a couple of samples. It is helpful for those who seek a recommendation letter and those who need to create one.

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Why One Can Use Such a Letter

Unlike many other recommendation letters, this one has a wide range of use because you can attach it to various application letters. Here are some examples of how you can use the form:

  • To look for another job

As we have already explained, a coworker recommendation letter can increase your chances of being accepted at a dream job. Get several copies of the form and send it to a potential employer any time you submit a CV. It is an excellent addition to your job application because the employer will have some information source apart from your resume (that may not be sufficient) and interview (that may still leave some doubts and concerns).

  • To be approved for an internship

The same applies to an application for an internship. You will have to compete with other people who wish to get this position. The letter highlights your pros, making you more attractive as a future intern for your potential bosses.

  • To apply for further education

If you decide to get additional degrees in any educational institution, you will probably have to gather various documents to apply. If your coworkers can describe you as a reliable, responsible, and skilled person who adores working hard, it is a smart move to include this information in the reference letter and attach the form to the document package you send to the institution.

  • To become a volunteer

Because the coworker reference letter is a multifunctional document, you can also use it when applying to volunteering organizations. Some of them may have a contest where the volunteers are chosen because the organization can be too specific and cannot hire people without checking who they are and what they can do. The letter will outline your skills and let organization representatives find out more about you right away.

These are the four examples, but you can think of more because a colleague of yours is considered a reliable person who will provide honest and unbiased information about you.

Unavoidable Details to Include in Such Letters

There is a set of items you cannot skip when creating a recommendation letter for a coworker. The form also has a traditional structure used by authors. We will now list the details you have to include in your letter and then move to the structure of such documents.

So, every coworker reference letter must have the following:

  • Your and your coworker’s names. It is vital to introduce both yourself and the colleague for whom you are writing this letter.
  • The date of creation. Remember to date your letter to enable the recipient to know when it was written.
  • Your contact details. It is an essential point; leave your details left at the end of the letter so the addressee can contact you and talk about the concerned candidate.
  • The coworker’s description. This is the critical goal of the whole letter: it should contain the description of your colleague. We will explain what to write in the following part.

Because many coworker recommendation letters are sent by email, you are not obliged to print them or leave your signature. However, the details we have mentioned above should be included in the form. You will see them all in the samples below.

Template Preview
Create a free high quality Letter of Recommendation for Coworker online now!

How to Write a Good Coworker Recommendation Letter

You already know why people need such letters, how to use them, and what details are mandatory. All you need now is the plan and a couple of samples to feel more confident. We provide you with both, starting with a commonly used plan of such letters.

1. The Beginning

When a person who receives the letter opens it on their laptop or prints it out, they should quickly understand what the document is about. We recommend writing “Recommendation Letter” or “Reference Letter” at the top.

Below that, on the left-hand side, write the current date.

Then, you have to address the message to someone. Usually, you have a clear understanding of who will get this letter, so write, “Dear ___________” and insert the recipient’s name in place of the line.

If neither you nor your colleague knows where this letter will go, you may write “To whom it may concern” instead of the addressee’s name.

2. The Form’s Aim

Begin with stating who you are recommending and for which position. Here, it is mandatory to write the coworker’s name and the name of the company where they are applying. You can add details about yourself in the second paragraph: your full name and entity where you work (with a position). Do not forget to mention that you and your colleague have been working together for a specific number of years.

3. The Colleague’s Pros and Skills

It would be best to outline everything about your coworker and why they are suitable for the position. This will take another paragraph.

Once you have described the colleague’s traits and skills,  give at least one example of how the colleague has used their skills at work. It can be any story you find appropriate and informative. Try thinking of how your colleague has interacted with clients, lead the team, develop a project in concise terms, or any other episode like those. Describe the story in another paragraph.

4. Closing Statement

The letter recipient has to know that you are ready to communicate and talk about the candidate. You have to include a small paragraph saying that the recipient can contact you if they have any questions. Leave your phone number and (or) email address here as well.

5. Your Name and Position

This is the very last thing you have to write: after all the text, write, “Sincerely,” or “Best regards,” or any other similar phrase. Then, write your name, position, and company name.

Overall, you don’t need to spend much time creating this letter. Pay attention to what you write; be brief and easygoing, but rather formal. Remember to double-check the letter to avoid mistakes.

Additional Steps to Prepare a Great Letter: What else to Do

Before we give you samples, read the additional steps you need to complete the letter.


  • Ask your coworker about the position they are eyeing. This will help you to understand what to emphasize when you are writing the letter.
  • Check your colleague’s CV to find out more about their skills. This data may also be used in the letter.
  • Be honest. Please do not lie about your coworker or sugarcoat their skills and experience. Your reputation might also suffer if you tell lies. If your colleague asks you to write specific details, think twice and disagree if the requested text is not truthful.
  • Follow the deadline. If your colleague asks you to prepare a letter before a specific date, remember to follow the deadline because otherwise, your colleague might be late with their application.
  • Talk to the recipient if they need to. Keep in mind that you have left your contact details in the letter. The recipient expects you to answer if they call or text. Be polite and provide additional information if they request it.

Samples of a Coworker Recommendation Letter

Finally, we are at the point where we share samples of such letters with you. Do not hesitate to use them in your daily life if your colleagues request a reference letter from you.

Sample 1

Recommendation Letter


___________________, 20___

(enter the date here)


Dear ______________, (insert the recipient’s name)

I am writing this letter to recommend _____________ (your colleague’s name) for _________________(the position) in _______________ (enter the position and company name).

My name is _______________ (your name here). I have been working as a __________________ (your position) in ________________ (your workplace) for ____ years, and ____________ (your colleague’s name) has been my coworker for ____ years. We have developed plenty of outstanding projects together. (He or she) has proven (himself or herself) as a fantastic colleague who has significant experience and all the required skills. There was no day when (he or she) was late or missed the deadline. (You can add more relevant skills and traits here).

We once had a client who wanted us to prepare and implement a massive project in concise terms; thanks to the __________ (your coworker’s name) workability, skills, and character, the whole team was highly motivated, and we were able to finish everything on time. (You can add more details about this story and make it more attractive to the reader).

I believe that ________________ (your colleague’s name here) is a perfect candidate for this position. If you have any questions regarding (his or her) work in our company or any other concerns, do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number is ______________ (enter your phone number here), and my email address is _______________ (your email address here). I will be waiting for you to text or call.

Best regards,

_____________ (your name here)

_____________ (your position)

_____________ (the company name)

Sample 2

Reference Letter


___________________, 20___

(enter the date here)


To whom it may concern,

I would love to provide reference for my colleague, __________________ (enter your colleague’s name here), who is applying for a position ________________ in __________________ (indicate what position and company your coworker is applying to).

I, ________________ (your name here) have known ____________________ (your colleague’s name) for ______________ (the period for which you have known each other). We have worked and undertaken various tasks together in _______________ (the company’s name). Throughout all these years, ___________________ (your colleague’s name) has proven (himself or herself) as not only a professional who has more than enough expertise and all the necessary skills but also as a smart, charming person. (He or she) is an easygoing individual who is willing to communicate but does not annoy other people around (him or her). It is always a pleasure to work and interact with (him or her). (Be more specific about the skills)

I have an example from our work life that can prove my words. _____ years ago (be specific and enter the exact number here), _____________ (your coworker’s name) was appointed as a team leader in frames of ___________ (the project’s or department’s name here). (He or she) showed (himself or herself) as a hard worker who will do everything to lead (his or her) team to success. (He or she) has communicated attentively with each team member, has never had any conflicts that I know about, and has become a talented manager and leader full of respect for (his or her) team and all the clients we have worked with. In instances when the team had just one night to finish a project before a meeting with a client in the morning, (he or she) could motivate the team and would not leave the workplace, unlike many other bosses.

I have no doubts that _________________ (your colleague’s name here) will fit perfectly in this position. (His or her) expertise and skills will enable (him or her) to dive into the working process quickly and impress you with the results. I will gladly answer all questions you may have about the candidate, and I leave my contact details here:

Phone: ________________

Email address: __________________



_____________ (your name here)

_____________ (your position)

_____________ (the company name)

Sample 3

Recommendation Letter


___________________, 20___

(write the current date here)


Dear _______________, (write the addressee’s name here)

My name is __________________ (enter your name here) and I am a coworker of _________________ (enter your colleague’s name here). In this letter, I would love to provide my recommendations on (him or her). (He or she) is applying for __________ in your company, ______________ (enter the position and company name).

I have been cooperating with _________________ (your colleague’s name) for _____ years (indicate how many years). Working with (him or her) was a pleasure from the beginning to the end. (He or she) is truly a gem and an expert in the field, and normally, it is not that easy to find such a specialist. (He or she) has a long list of implemented projects and content clients. (His or her) teammates are pleased to interact with (him or her), too. (Remember to be more specific about the skills)

Let me give you one example from our professional life. (He or she) was part of the human resources department where (he or she) invented many bonuses and features for the team. Once, (he or she) had to organize a massive event from scratch in a short period, and the event was excellent. All our colleagues were happy to attend it, enjoyed the atmosphere, organization, and gifts. (He or she) had to develop the plan, schedule minute-by-minute, invite the needed personnel, decide what gifts to order, count the budget, and control everything. (He or she) finished the project with ease and gained everyday delight in the company.

I am happy to answer any questions you have about the candidate. Please call or text me if you have any doubts.

Phone: ________________

Email address: __________________



_____________ (your name)

_____________ (position)

_____________ (company name)

Published: Jul 4, 2022