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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) PDF Forms

An IRS Form 1023 is designed for charities and other non-profit organizations and is used to exempt a legal entity from paying taxes. Religious, educational, scientific, sports, and human rights units and associations can apply for the option....Learn more
An IRS Form 1023-EZ is used by small non-profit units to get rid of paying taxes. The main criterion for filling out the form is the amount of income of the company. The document is not suitable for hospitals, schools, churches, and some charitable associations....Learn more
An IRS Form 1024 is created for organizations that want to apply for tax relief in accordance with their titles, such as non-taxable status, non-profit privileges, and more. There are no restrictions on the field of activity for companies to use the paper....Learn more
IRS Form 1040 is one of the top tax documents filed by US taxpayers every year. The form is used to calculate the amount of tax and contains information about tax deductions, tax refunds, benefits, and directly about the taxpayer themself....Learn more
IRS Form 1040-ES is a tax document filled out by US taxpayers if they are independent proprietors (including freelancers and self-employed ones) and their income exceeds $ 1,000 per year. The form helps to calculate the correct tax amount to pay....Learn more
An IRS Form 1040-NR is most often used by non-residents who conduct business in the United States and is filed for paying taxes on the company's activities. Also, a representative of the deceased or the trust can submit this application....Learn more
The revised Form 1040-SR is basically a less complicated version of the 1040 tax form for seniors to fill out. Senior people who manage simple finances can fill out this form and thus report their personal income received in salaries, wages, tips, or other sources. The revised form also contains expanded categories of income and no tests....Learn more
A Form 1040-V is required when filing tax documents when an individual or legal entity makes a payment by money transfer or using a check. The form is attached to the tax return when sending the package of papers to the IRS....Learn more
The IRS Form 1040-X is a tax form typically filed by taxpayers who require to make amends to an already submitted tax return form. One should fill out and file this form no later than three years after the original tax return form was submitted to the Revenue Service and after the tax was paid....Learn more
The IRS Form 1041 is a tax form completed and filed by US citizens to report their income tax returns that come from estates and trusts. The form is compulsory to fill out if you have estates and trusts annual gross income that exceeds $600. Just as individuals, estates are also subject to tax deductions and credits. The decedent’s estate becomes a separate taxable entity....Learn more
An IRS Form 1042-S is a tax form used by foreign citizens to report their income subject to tax withholding within the US to the respective services. If you are an employer or an institution based in the US and have foreign citizens as staff, you should use this form and fill out the amounts paid to those individuals....Learn more
The IRS Form 1065 is a tax form meant for partnership income tax return declaration. Partnerships registered and doing business within the US must report their losses and profits, as well as existing taxable deductions and credits. Additionally, the partnership members must provide a Schedule K-1 copy prepared and completed by each partner as a supplement....Learn more
An IRS Form 1094-C is required by large employers and is used to report on the number of employees of the company and on the bonuses and benefits that the company provides to employees. The form covers insurance and other benefits in accordance with the company's articles of association and local laws....Learn more
IRS Form 1095-A is a tax form that citizens fill out to report registering in a qualified health plan. This is done to obtain tax breaks or deductions. Using this document, taxpayers can organize all the essential information and numbers from the Health Insurance Marketplace....Learn more
IRS Form 1095-B is prepared by the US taxpayers whose business entity counts 50 employers and less. The report is inherent to inform the IRS that the company guarantees the minimum insurance policy to its employers and their families. IRS Form 1095-B is optional for submission. However, filing the data allows the employer to claim tax privileges and participate in beneficial programs....Learn more
IRS Form 1095-C is prepared and submitted by US employers and companies whose resource exceeds 50 full-time workers or equivalents. The report informs of the employer’s capacity to provide the employers and their families with insurance coverage and contains fundamental data about each individual employed, the amount of insurance police spent, and other parameters....Learn more
IRS Form 1096 is created in order to provide the Internal Revenue Service with the current financial year info about the payments you have transmitted to non-employed constructors. These non-employees had to receive more than 600 USA dollars. Otherwise, if you are a small business or individual entrepreneur, another form should be filled out....Learn more
IRS Form 1098 has to be completed by those individuals who have received more than 600 US dollars of mortgage interest within a tax year as a result of their business activities. Use this form only in case you got the money from an individual or a sole proprietor....Learn more
IRS Form 1098-E needs to be filled out by the students who wish to deduct their student loan interest. Several conditions have to be met: make sure that the student themselves was in charge of paying back the loan and that you do not expect to get more than 2,500 US dollars....Learn more
Use the IRS Form 1098-T to figure out education credits for the current tax year. This form contains information about the payments you received for qualified tuition, related expenses, scholarships, and grants. The form completion may result in the fees being deducted....Learn more
IRS Form 1099-A must be completed by a lender in case the borrower fails to provide a regular financial commitment for the property on time. In such an event, the lender states that the property is being foreclosed, fills out the document, provides the other party with a copy of it, and sends it to the IRS....Learn more
You might expect to receive the IRS Form 1099-B if you have gained profit or otherwise lost money, selling stocks, bonds, and other securities through a broker. The paper is completed by the brokerage and barter staff members and contains information about the previous tax year....Learn more
IRS Form 1099-C is sent to the recipient by an official organization that has canceled or forgiven their debt. Canceled debt, which is not going to be paid back, is considered taxable income if the sum is 600 US dollars or more. Otherwise, you are not obliged to pay taxes for the money you have been forgiven....Learn more
IRS Form 1099-DIV is supposed to be received by those individuals who obtained any dividends within the tax year and have to report this information to the Revenue Service. The person who received their dividends does not need to fill the form out, as this is the bank or corporation's responsibility....Learn more
IRS Form 1099-G is not the one that has to be completed by the taxpayer but is sent to them. You will find information about any payments you have received from the government within the tax year so that you can include this information in your annual tax return....Learn more
An individual has to complete and send Form 1099-INT to provide the IRS with the information about their interest payments. The paper is filled out in case one the taxpayer is involved in the trade or business activity and fits into a particular category described in the Form Specific Instructions....Learn more
IRS Form 1099-MISC is sent to a non-employed contractor or freelance worker by a business proprietor. It has to be created in the event of payment of 600 US dollars or more to the worker who is not officially a staff member of an organization....Learn more
IRS Form 1099-R is prepared and filed by the payer on behalf of the company’s employee. It is designed to inform the IRS of the employee’s miscellaneous income and other profits other than salaries. The report discloses data regarding pensions, insurance programs, retirement programs, and further related gains....Learn more
IRS Form 1099-S is designed to cover miscellaneous income involving real estate transactions managed during the tax period at issue. Whenever the individual is trading, acquiring, exchanging real estate possessions, property and ownership interests, or timber royalties, they become liable to file the referenced form with the IRS....Learn more
IRS Form 1099-SA is prepared and filed by US citizens who expect to decrease certain medical and healthcare service expenditures. The form is provided if an individual has allocated funds from the HSA or MSA during the tax period at issue. Use the 1099-SA form to report distributions for dental and ophthalmological services, most healthcare services, medication prescriptions that are not covered by the insurance plans....Learn more
Form 1120 is designed to inform the IRS of the taxable corporate income. It should be prepared and submitted by domestic C-type businesses and corporations. The report is also completed for audit aims, balance records, and computations needed when filing some other tax return forms and schedules....Learn more
IRS Form 1120-S is the annual income tax return of S-companies. It is made to deliver information about all possible dividends, income, losses, and credits of stockholders of S-companies each tax year. It remains valid as long as the S-corporation has its status. In order to avoid double taxes, companies with several stockholders choose the status of S-company....Learn more
IRS Form 12153 is transcribed as the following: a Request for a Collection Due Process or Equivalent Hearing. One should fill this out in case one wants to file a complaint within 30 days after one receives a notice from Internal Revenue Service. But one may file only in cases of an emergency such as unemployment or a severe illness....Learn more
IRS Form 12277 is transcribed as Application for Withdrawal of Filed Notice of Federal Tax Lien. It is made to ask for some information about a Lien Notice withdrawal. You may find it on a website called or via calling the hotline. It comprises two pages – the first one is the application itself, and the second page contains all necessary information on how to fill it out....Learn more
IRS Form 1310 is created to claim a refund on behalf of a taxpayer who has recently passed away. By contrast with most other forms, it is generally filled out manually. One can fill it out digitally only in particular cases. The form comprises two pages – the form sheet and the instruction....Learn more
IRS Form 13614-C is transcribed as Intake, Interview & Quality Review and contains all the necessary information on a full and detailed tax return. This form is updated annually according to all possible changes in tax and procedural law. It is very convenient as it helps signers to avoid common mistakes. It comprises four form sheets and a sheet where you have to confirm your consent....Learn more
IRS Form 14039, or Identity Theft Affidavit, is made for taxpayers who consider themselves as victims of identity theft dealing with taxes. It is generally filed in rare circumstances, such as rejection of their electronic documents by IRS because of their Social Security Number being used before. It can be filed either manually or digitally....Learn more
IRS Form 2106, or Employee Business Expenses, is a form by Internal Revenue services that are created for employees who would like to predict their everyday expenses linked to the job, such as food and transportation. It is not signed by a vast majority of taxpayers; exceptions are artists, reservists, and public officers....Learn more
IRS Form 211 is a form for witnesses of corruption cases and tax evasions, or ‘whistleblowers,’ who look for a reward. The witnesses should file this form themselves. The information about the cases must be precise, veridical, and supported by the facts. The rewards may count up to thirty percent of the sum that the IRS gets. There are two programs for such stalkers....Learn more
IRS Form 2210 is a document that contains some information on whether you have a debt based on your taxes and shows the amount of the penalty in case you do. It is very convenient, as there is a step-by-step schematic diagram with all the necessary information. It is never generated unless there is an underpaid tax....Learn more
IRS Form 2439 is a form designed for stockholders to give some information about possible undistributed profits. If a fund company decides to retain the gains, it is obliged to pay taxes for the stockholders. It must be referenced only by stockholders and may be filled out online. It consists of two copies and the instruction....Learn more
IRS Form 2441 is created for taxpayers to report expenses for a child and/or a dependent. It is filled if a taxpayer is going to request a credit for a child’s and/or a dependent’s expenses. It is used to count the amount of the expenses for which you may request a credit....Learn more
An IRS Form 2553 exists to assign a company the title of S corporation. The form is generally in demand among small businesses. The company owner submits a paper to save on taxes and receive benefits for companies of this corporation type....Learn more
U.S. citizens use an IRS Form 3520 to report receiving gifts or entering into transactions with foreign individuals or entities. The form is not aimed at calculating taxes but only at notifying the tax service about these acquisitions or actions since taxes are collected by the country where the object is located....Learn more
An IRS Form 3800 is relevant for small business owners who seek tax benefits. The form is used when a company submits a loan request, usually from a partnership, trust, or S corporation. Sometimes the paper is also used for the company's loan report....Learn more
A taxpayer files an IRS Form 3911 if they did not receive a tax refund on time. The document allows the applicant to find the check if they assume that it has been lost, stolen, or it has not been delivered for a long time....Learn more
A company that transfers a share of the stock to an employee(s) as a reward fills out IRS Form 3921. A separate form is required for each transfer. The employer does not submit this reporting form to tax service if the employee is a non-resident foreigner or does not receive a Form W-2....Learn more
An IRS Form 3949-A is used to report that a person is violating tax laws. The applicant submits the form if they happen to know about fraud such as drug trafficking, kickbacks, or unaccounted income of an individual or legal entity. The form can be completed voluntarily or at the request of the tax service....Learn more
An IRS Form 4136 is used to obtain a tax credit that is deducted from the fuel tax payment. The document covers several types of fuel, kerosene for home cooking and fuel for agriculture, among them. People and organizations using suitable fuels can apply for credit for these purposes....Learn more
With IRS Form 4137, employees can register their tips by notifying the employer or the IRS directly. Tips over $ 20 a month are taxed, and any excess tip income is considered unregistered. The form is designed for employees whose income from tips exceeds the hourly wage....Learn more
An applicant uses an IRS Form 433-A to compile a comprehensive statement of their financial position, including debts and loans. The form is requested by the tax service to assess whether the taxpayer can repay the tax debt and to what extent. A self-employed or a hired worker can apply....Learn more
An IRS Form 433-A (OIC) exists for taxpayers to request a reduction in the repayment of the tax debt and proves that the applicant objectively cannot cover the entire cost at the moment. To request an offer in compromise to reduce the total amount, the taxpayer indicates their current income and expenses, taking into account which the IRS makes a decision....Learn more
IRS Form 433-B is used by business owners to provide data on the financial condition of the company to the IRS. This is done when the organization has a lot of debts, and it is difficult for it to allocate funds to pay its taxes. A four-page form will provide the Service with the data it needs to make a decision....Learn more
IRS Form 433-D is used by US taxpayers if they have financial difficulties in paying their taxes. By filling out the form, the citizen expresses his desire to enter an installment agreement and get involved with a direct debit. Application restrictions apply....Learn more
IRS Form 433-F or Collection Information Statement is a document used by self-employed taxpayers in case they have problems handling their taxes on time. The IRS independently sends this form to citizens who require to fill it out to assess the financial capabilities of the taxpayer and make an appropriate decision....Learn more
IRS Form 4361 is used by self-employment taxpayers with ministerial earnings if they wish to receive tax exemptions when certain benefits are waived. It is necessary to fill out the document if their net income from the services performed in a church has exceeded $ 400 during the period of one tax year....Learn more
IRS Form 4506 is one of the most popular forms that taxpayers fill out annually. It is practiced to request a duplicate of your tax return or to assign a third party to get it. Usually, the processing of the document takes up to 75 days. It is essential to check the filling of all lines of the document to obtain a copy without additional difficulties....Learn more
IRS Form 4506-T is a request for income for the last three years that is used in a wide range of situations. A taxpayer fills out a form if they intend to take out a loan, rent an apartment, or disclose their financial track to a third party. The income history is accompanied by schedules and additional materials stored in the IRS accounting....Learn more
A taxpayer submits IRS Form 4506-T-EZ when they need a brief statement of income history or tax account information or a brief transcript of several types of personal tax returns. The tax service's response covers the information for the last three years, which is used in the conclusion of loans, mortgages, and so on....Learn more
IRS Form 4684 is used to notify the tax service of damage due to unforeseen causes such as theft, floods, fires, and so on. A taxpayer submits a form when they want to deduct the number of losses from their tax contributions. The deduction is made in the same year as the occasion that caused it....Learn more
IRS Form 4797 is intended for taxpayers to report income received through the transfer of commercial property rights. The document includes a legal description of the object and its cost, including the gross price. The form is in demand by those who sell or rent real estate and operate with natural resources....Learn more
IRS Form 4852 replaces the tax report on Forms W-2 and 1099-R. The document is used in cases where the employee did not receive these forms from the employer for some reason, or they contain errors and inaccuracies. If the specified forms are invalid, cannot be obtained, or the employer takes too long to issue them, submit Form 4852....Learn more
IRS Form 4868 is a document that taxpayers are required to complete if they cannot file the declarations on time. This form gives the taxpayers extra time for creating tax returns, prepare other documents and submit them. The document does not entitle you to deferred payments and does not exempt you from penalties for non-payment of taxes before the deadline....Learn more
IRS Form 4952 is one of the most important legal documents in the US for people who decide to loan money for making their investment for the first time. This form includes all the relevant information about the charged interests of the individual that they provide the IRS. It allows you to deduct your costs of the interest for the investment and change the amount of related taxes....Learn more
IRS Form 4972 is a document required to lessen the financial burden of retirees if they decide to take all the money from their retirement account at once. In this case, the tax might be significant because the total amount of payment is large as well, and the retiree can complete the form to reduce this amount....Learn more
Form IRS 5304-SIMPLE is used when an employee of a company wants to save some amount and receive it after retirement in accordance with the SIMPLE IRA plan. In order to use it, you need to have less than 100 workers with a compensation income of at least $5,000 while not having any other retirement plan. This money will become taxable immediately after withdrawal....Learn more
IRS Form 5305-SEP is an abbreviation for the “Simplified Employee Pension” plan. It is applied when a company allows employees to save money until they retire. There are no requirements for businesses. Literally, anyone can file the form. Moreover, with this plan, workers' taxes are less than using other pension plans....Learn more
IRS Form 5329 is a legitimate tax return form, which is usually applied by individuals older than 59 and available to designate preferential accounts, which types are fitting to this particular application. This form regulates tax payments and early payments accounting, including a ten percent penalty for early withdrawals. Complete this form if you took out savings from a tax status account....Learn more
IRS Form 5330 is a complex certificate, which is usually filed in a number of tax operations to refund a certain amount of excise duty under an employee benefit plan. It consists of two large parts called Sections and Schedule; the individual, who applies, needs to complete only one of them. The choice depends on which reporting and taxation activities the applicant's situation is best suited for....Learn more
Purchasers use the IRS 5405 form to alter the price of the house, and as a tool, that helps to find out how much a buyer owes for their first real estate credit. The paper can be submitted by those individuals who abandoned their house as a living place in 2020 or bought one in the exact year of 2008....Learn more
An IRS Form 5472 is an official form that 25% of foreign-owned and US-based corporations should use to report their information return. If such corporations engage in business and perform transactions with the domestic parties, they are required to report certain information, indicated in sections 6038A and 6038C of the Revenue Code....Learn more
The IRS Form 5498 is a tax form filled out to report the details of an individual retirement account. The report is to be filled out either by the issuer of the retirement arrangement or their legal trustee. One must report all the contributions (catch-ups included), required minimum distributions, and the retirement account fair market value....Learn more
An IRS Form 5498-SA is a tax report form used by individuals to submit the necessary information on their annual contributions in medical expenses. The form is only used by the users of tax-free medical accounts. Additionally, the users of similar accounts in Archer Medical Savings or Medicare Advantage are also eligible to file this tax form....Learn more
The IRS Form 5558 is an official application form for employers that is used to request an extension of the period for filing specific employee plans. The US employers must only use this form when they are convinced they require some more time to prepare and submit certain plan returns for their employees. You can get only one extension with this form....Learn more
An IRS Form 5695 is a tax form designed to help the taxpayers calculate their nonrefundable energy credit amounts for the residential property. Until 2017, the form was used to assess and report any energy property credit not related to business. If you do not know your residential property energy credit, you should use the form to figure it out....Learn more
An IRS Form 6251 is an official tax form used to define the amount of one’s alternative minimum tax (AMT). This tax rate applies to those taxpayers who have an income source that falls under the category of favorable treatment. You can check out the complete list on the government website to see if you qualify for tax deductions....Learn more
An IRS Form 6252 is a tax form used to calculate and submit the gains acquired from the sale or exchange of business property. You should use this form to report your income from either the installment sale or method if at least one payment was made in the financial accounting year....Learn more
The IRS Form 656-B is a form used to file for an Offer in Compromise consideration. If you have some remaining payment plan amount that you face difficulty in managing, you can comprise an offer in compromise and file it with the respective authorities. If the proposal gets accepted, you will have your debt significantly reduced....Learn more
The IRS Form 6744 is a test booklet rather than a tax form. If you are planning on becoming a volunteer assistor, you should definitely study this open test book. Further on, you may use the book for reference when assisting with filling out tax returns. The test includes a quality sheet with various tax return preparation scenarios....Learn more
The IRS Form 6781 is designed for the individuals to report their gains and losses from straddles that occurred in the current financial year. A straddle is a practice widely spread amongst investors, according to which one option contract is expected to lose and another one to gain profit. The tax returns on the two are typically submitted in two different years....Learn more
An IRS Form 7004 is a tax form used by various business entities to request an extension for submitting their tax returns. LLCs (both single-member and multiple-member), corporations (including S-corporations), and partnerships are all eligible to file this form and ask for an extension on reporting their income taxes and other related information....Learn more
An IRS Form 706 is a tax form designed to help the taxpayers report an estate (generation-skipping transfer) tax. The form is to be filled out by an appointed legal executor of the decedent's estate. As a result, the form shows the amounts the decedent has left unpaid in the estate tax....Learn more
The IRS Form 709 is another tax form commonly used to report transfers of property assets subject to gift or particular generation-skipping transfer federal taxes. You are to complete and file this tax form to report the amounts of taxable gifts you distribute to others within a lifetime. Those include gifts granted in cash, tangible property, estate, or other assets....Learn more
The IRS Form 720 is a tax return form used for reporting the quarterly payments made in federal excise taxes. Businesses that trade certain goods and services should fill out this form to calculate the federal excise tax amounts and pay them in time. Most of the federal excise taxes resemble those of the state sale....Learn more
The IRS Form 7200 is a document used by the preparer to request an advance payment of tax credit amounts assigned for qualified sick leave, family leave wages, or an employee retention credit. You should also use this form as a supplement for other particular IRS forms (lines 941,943, 944). Check the complete list on the official website....Learn more
The IRS Form 8233 is a tax form that gives some taxpayers an opportunity to claim a tax exemption based on a specific tax treaty. Such compensation reduces tax withholding for services rendered by a nonresident alien person. If you define your alien status by a treaty, you must file this form for tax compensation....Learn more
An IRS Form 8282 is an official tax form used to submit the donee information return both to the IRS and to donors. If you are a donor organization (or institution), you can use this form to report your returns acquired from sales, disposition, donation, or exchange of the subject donated property. The aforementioned property must be subject to a charitable tax deduction....Learn more
An IRS Form 8283 is a tax form filed by corporations, partnerships, or individuals to report returns on non-cash charitable distributions. If each deduction for your existing non-cash contribution (or group of items) is over $500, you need to complete and submit this form. Please note that you might have to file several forms, depending on the total deductions amount....Learn more
The IRS Form 8300 is a tax form filed by individuals or business entities, should they receive an income or sole payment amounting to $10,000 and more. It is required that all business entities engaged in large transactions submit this form and honestly report their income from all effective dealings in the current tax year....Learn more
The IRS Form 8332 is an official release form for custodian parents to use when they are willing to deprive the noncustodial parent of the right to claim their common child (or children) as a dependant. The custodian parents can use this form for current or future tax years. The same form can be further used to revoke the release....Learn more
IRS Form 8379 is a document required by the US IRS when the injured partner wants to claim for a tax refund and get their part of the joint refund. This legal paper is used if there is a shared overpayment applied to the overdue commitment of another partner who also must participate in the process of completion of the form....Learn more
IRS Form 8396 is a legal paper needed for receiving a credit that covers the mortgage interest of low-income families or individuals when they buy real property. To receive this credit, people must complete a template of the form with all relevant information and provide it to the US IRS....Learn more
IRS Form 843 is a paper needed for completion for people who faced any penalties from the IRS by mistake and want to initiate the process of refunding. If there is a place for multiple mistakes made by the authorities, you need to fill out several documents for each type of tax....Learn more
IRS Form 8453 is used to confirm your previous requests completed electronically related to your income information. Taxpayers must attach this legal paper to their electronic forms and send it to the IRS after the Service receive it electronically to prove your request with this original document....Learn more
IRS Form 8582 is used by unincorporated taxpayers to provide all the information about the overall earnings and losses from the business activities, including rental and commercial ones. This form is required for the establishment and computation of the passive activity loss during a certain tax period....Learn more
IRS Form 8655 is an important legal document for representatives of companies in the US who want to hire a Reported Agent in order to simplify their tax procedures. This RA is the organization that can file and complete legal documents and makes payments for the company....Learn more
An applicant submits IRS Form 8718 as an application for exemption from paying part of the federal tax. The paper is useful for owners of non-profit organizations, such as churches, social units, business associations, and so on....Learn more
IRS Form 8801 is used to obtain tax credits to cover tax liabilities for the current period. In general, the form is attached to one of the types of tax refund applications. A taxpayer may qualify for this benefit if they have submitted Form 6251 regularly and on time during the preceding tax years....Learn more
IRS Form 8809 is designed to delay the deadline for business tax reporting for the present year. The document postpones the date of submission of mandatory information reports, but not tax contributions. An individual or legal entity requests the tax service to set a new deadline for the company's reporting via the form....Learn more
IRS Form 8814 is used to report parents on their children's income. A parent fills out the form and attaches it to their personal declaration. The age limit for children, in this case, is 19 (or 24 for full-time students)....Learn more
Taxpayers, most often large business owners, use IRS Form 8821 to appoint their company's legal representative before the IRS. The designated person has access to confidential information about the company's financial cycle and is responsible for filing various official forms....Learn more
An IRS Form 8822 is a document meant for the taxpayers to inform the Revenue Service of their new or revised home mailing address. Thus, if you have recently changed your mailing address, you must submit this form and notify the authorities to avoid further mistakes. File a separate form if the changes affect your children who pay taxes....Learn more
An IRS Form 8822-B is an extension of the standard 8822 form and relates to the changes made to your current business mailing address. If you have changed your business mailing address, office location, or the name of your business entity (taxpayer) in the current financial year, you must complete this form and notify the Revenue Service....Learn more
An IRS Form 8829 is an official form designed for the taxpayers to claim one’s home office expenses. If you are working from home and use part of it (including the services and supplies) for doing business, you can use this form to claim a deduction. It is especially topical now, as many people work from home....Learn more
An IRS Form 8832 is a form used by an eligible legal entity (LLC or partnerships) to select and claim its tax purposes classification. Within the existing federal classification system, only corporations are not considered eligible to file this form. There is no submission deadline; it only depends on when you want to get your status....Learn more
An IRS Form 8840 is technically an international tax form. The US Revenue Service uses it as an exception to the implication of the substantial presence test. These forms are used to count in the people who are neither US citizens nor legal residents and thus not subject to tax withholding....Learn more
The IRS Form 8843 is an official document that foreign citizens (and their dependents) can use to record the number of days they have spent outside the US during the accounting tax year. The form helps them define their tax responsibility before the US government and the Revenue Service....Learn more
The IRS Form 8853 is a form one should use to report medicare or long-term support taxable contributions. If you have taken out any distributions from your medical support account in the accounting year, you must file this form along with the 1040 form or its SR or NR modifications. The spouses shall provide separate forms if they have separate accounts....Learn more
An IRS Form 8857 is meant for the taxpayers who want to ask the Revenue Service for relief from their tax liability. Typically, one of the spouses files for such a relief when they believe the other spouse must solely be held accountable. The exemption will apply to the tax-related fees, penalties, and even interest amounts....Learn more
The IRS Form 8862 is a form to challenge the decision made by the Revenue Service upon your earned income credit. You are eligible to file if your credit application was declined for reasons other than a miscalculation or an error. The form is required to be filed only once. Plus, there are some exemptions from filing....Learn more
An IRS Form 8863 is a legal form used by individuals to claim an education credit. If you do not know your credit amount, you shall use this form to figure it out. The credit is typically based on one’s qualified education expenses. It is compulsory that an eligible institution providing post-secondary education services is the payment recipient. Some credits might be partially refundable....Learn more
IRS Form 8867 is used when requesting various types of tax credits. A person who acts as a paid tax form compiler submits this document based on the data of an interview with their client. The type of loan depends on the status of the citizen and is submitted together with a personal tax return....Learn more
IRS Form 8868 exists for companies to let them delay the tax accounts filing date by six months. The applicant applies before termination of the declaration. Otherwise, the request will not be accepted. A separate deferred tax request form is submitted for each file of the tax return....Learn more
If you want to switch from paper tax returns to electronic ones, use IRS Form 8879 to legally approve this right. The confidentiality and security of the data are guaranteed by using the PIN code of an individual or legal entity....Learn more
Use IRS Form 8880 to determine whether you can get a tax credit on your retirement savings and the amount of it. Every taxpayer who makes contributions under Roth, IPA, and other types of pension plans can qualify for the loan....Learn more
IRS Form 8888 exists to allow an individual to distribute tax refund amounts across different accounts and dispose of a portion of that amount. A person may deposit a portion of these funds into a pension, health care, or educational savings account....Learn more
IRS Form 8889 is used to report on finances related to your Health Saving Account. The taxpayer submits the paper to notify the tax service of deductions in the area of contributions to this account. The form records all payments that you have made on the HSA....Learn more
IRS Form 8917 is one of the forms of tax relief for certain categories, in this case for the parents of a child who is studying and therefore is a dependent. The placeholder may ask for a deduction to cover all or part of the tuition fee....Learn more
IRS Form 8919 is useful for accounting for all social security and health insurance payments that a person is entitled to as an employee. The document is required in several cases related to your position as an employee, taking into account different tax forms....Learn more
The IRS Form 8936 is a tax form that will help you calculate your available credit amount for qualified plug-in electric motor vehicle maintenance. If you have placed such a vehicle in service in the current tax year, you can count on a tax credit. The same form applies to credits for certain two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles....Learn more
The IRS Form 8949 is a document that can be used for the purpose of reporting capital assets sale or exchange. Such capitals include stocks, shares, land, works of art, and so on. Document your long- and short-term transactions and the IRS will let you reconcile your return amounts indicated in forms 1099-B and -S....Learn more
The IRS Form 8959 is a form that helps the taxpayers submit all the necessary information on their additional medicare tax. Employers are responsible for paying this tax from the worker’s wages, retirement compensations, and thresholds self-employment income (if any). Use this form to figure out the amount of your additional personal tax....Learn more
The IRS Form 8960 is to be used when calculating your gross net investment income (NII) and determining the part that would cover your medicare contribution taxes. The net investment income tax is withheld at a 3.8% interest rate. Spouses can file jointly or separately, depending on the MAGI amount....Learn more
An IRS Form 8962 is a legal form one should file to determine the amount of one’s premium tax credit. Check if you are eligible via the Health Insurance Marketplace before you file. If you do not submit the form in time, you may not be able to receive the premiums in the following tax year....Learn more
An IRS Form 911 is an application by which you can ask for the Taxpayer Advocate Service assistance. The latter is an independent, noncommercial organization within the Revenue Service’s structure aimed at helping regular taxpayers suffering from economic harm. If you have particular taxation-related problems and have not succeeded in managing them via official channels, you should request such professional help....Learn more
An IRS Form 940 is a form that employers can and should use to report their annual amounts paid in federal and state unemployment taxes. Following the unemployment Act, such taxation systems supply special funds so that the latter could provide unemployment compensation to individuals who have lost their jobs....Learn more
An IRS Form 941 is generally an extension of the 940 form with one primary difference: while the 940 form considers only the unemployment taxes withheld from the employer, the 941 form includes the quarterly taxes that the employer and the employee split. For each late or not-submitted form, you will be subject to a 5-25% penalty....Learn more
The IRS Form 941-X is a form by using which you can make amends to an already submitted form 941. In the structure of IRS forms, those that come with an “X” are meant to make relevant adjustments to the respective forms with the same number. If a mistake occurred in your 941 forms, you might claim a refund....Learn more
An IRS Form 9423 represents the collection of appeal requests. Under a particular IRS program, you can challenge a performed collection action, including a lien, levy, offer in compromise, or an installment agreement refusal, and file for the restoration of your rights....Learn more
IRS Form 943 is a tax return document applied by agricultural employers to deliver some contributions imposed from employers to the governmental authorities. You must complete this legal paper if you paid monetary funds to people working on your farm, not including those who perform household services on your territory last year....Learn more
IRS Form 944 is a legal paper used by modest organizations to pay their yearly liability taxation once a year instead of preparing these reports each quarter if the overall amount of withholdings are no more than one thousand dollars. These withholdings include medical care services, federal gainings, and social security withholdings....Learn more
IRS Form 9465 is a tax return document that helps taxpayers to get a monthly installment plan and pay taxes according to it. If you don’t have enough money due to different circumstances and consequently you cannot pay your taxes, this application for getting the installment plan will not leave you without any financial resources....Learn more
IRS Form 966 is an official document required if a corporation is going to be dissolved or liquidated. Within thirty days after the company decided to close itself, this document must be completed and provided to the IRS in order to inform the Service about the liquidation of the corporation....Learn more
IRS Form 990-EZ is the document the majority of entities that don’t need to pay profit tax prescribed by Section 501(c) should create and deliver to the IRS. Complete this form in case if you are required to report information and if your company doesn’t exceed 200,000 dollars in gross receipts and has less than 500,000 dollars of the total assets at the end of the tax period....Learn more
IRS Form 990-PF, also known as the Return of Private Foundation, is a declaration that reflects any investments to the funds and assets made by corporations. This paper includes all the information about annual revenue, distribution, and transaction aspects. You should complete the form to compute the amount of tax from the investment revenue and reflect charity and beneficial activities....Learn more
IRS Form 990-T is used for preventing the cases of using a tax-except status dishonestly. The organizations should include in this form the reports about the income received from any activities which do not relate to the aim of the company, according to its registration papers....Learn more
IRS Form SS-4 is a document used by sole business people and entities for applying for a tax IN. Corporations need to have this tax identifier to provide annual and quarterly reports about their expenses and revenue and to provide this information to the IRS of the United States....Learn more
Entities and individuals use IRS Form SS-8 to define the status of their workers because this definition may vary depending on what type of specialist you invite. This uncertainty may lead to difficulties in preparing tax withholding reports, so the definition of the worker’s status is required....Learn more
You should complete IRS Form W-10 if you want to ask for a credit to cover expenses on care for your child or other dependents. This is a one-page form reflecting the main information about the potential claimer and their provider that you have to store in your archive until the IRS request this document....Learn more
IRS Form W-2 deals with withholding taxes, including employee income and insurance tax. An employer sends the form to each employee so that they can fill out their taxes and submit the relevant information in time before paying the universal tax. In addition, an employer uses the form for notification of insurance contributions....Learn more
If you made a mistake when filing Form W-2, use the official IRS Form W-2c. The latter exists as a tool for correcting misleading information such as wrong employee identification data, errors in numbers, or incorrectly specified salary. To submit the form, you must purchase a licensed template from the Internal Revenue Service....Learn more
IRS Form W-3 is an annual summary document that contains information about all employee payments and withheld taxes. This information is based on data from quarterly W-2 papers. The final document allows the header to bring together and double-check all the summaries on income and taxes....Learn more
Employers use IRS Form W-4 to obtain information about the tax status of employees based on the data they provide. The form is aimed at calculating tax deductions from an employee's salary. Employers organize workers to fill out the form because the applicant must be an individual, not a company....Learn more
The IRS Form W-4P is designed to calculate tax deductions from pensions and annuities. Based on a number of parameters, you can make the calculations and waive tax deductions for these items of income, if necessary....Learn more
If you intend to receive government financial assistance by withholding taxes, use IRS Form W-4V. The taxpayer can claim a number of payments such as compensation for disaster or lack of work, social benefits, and more. You can check the relevance of the request with your employer or tax consultant....Learn more
IRS Form W-7 is designed for foreigners to allow them to obtain a personal taxpayer's number (similar to the SSN for citizens). The code is required for tax reporting. The applicant can be any foreign person who submits a tax return, that is, a resident and non-resident foreigner, as well as a student....Learn more
IRS Form W-7 (COA) is a confirmation of a complete set of documents submitted by a foreigner to obtain a personal tax number. The form is used in the process of verifying the identity of a foreign citizen in the US tax system. At least they must provide a copy of their birth certificate and passport. The need for additional documents should be specified in the individual case....Learn more
IRS Form W-8BEN is an official tax document developed for a beneficial foreign owner operating in the United States. The form is optional to fill out but gives the owner a profit. The document covers cases of receiving income from rent, premium, interest, and other situations....Learn more
Foreign citizens use IRS Form W-8BEN-E to report on taxes promptly and to legitimize their activities. The applicant is the beneficial owner of the organization's income. This means that the form is submitted by a legal entity that is commonly a firm partner....Learn more
IRS Form W-9 is one of the fundamental documents for US taxpayers, which provides personal data for demand for Taxpayers Identification Number and Certification. The paper is filled in by each employee and passed to the employer, which applies the specified data for other documents....Learn more
IRS Form W-9S is a tax document to be completed and used by university or college students. On the form, they indicate their individual information, such as TIN or SSN. The form is required by the IRS for filing information returns and providing students the declaration afterward....Learn more
IRS Notice 1392 is a set of official directions for creating Form W-4 by nonresident aliens in the United States. Special tax rules apply to such categories of the population, which is reflected in these guidelines....Learn more
The IRS Notice 703 helps US citizens pay taxes on their Social Security benefits. The form does not need to be sent back to the IRS. It is only needed for the taxpayer's independent calculationsф and should be stored in a person's document archive....Learn more
IRS Schedule 1 Form 1040 or 1040-SR is used by US taxpayers in addition to the main tax return. Schedule 1 should be completed if, in addition to the main salary, one has additional sources of income such as winning money, owning a business, payments for unemployment, or others. Also, this document is filled out if one plans to claim some tax deductions....Learn more
IRS Schedule 2 Form 1040 or 1040-SR is a half-page schedule that many American taxpayers add to their annual tax returns in specific cases. The main reason to attach Schedule 2 has some taxes to pay that one cannot describe in Form 1040 (or 1040-SR, or 1040-NR). For example, you can include your self-employment taxes there....Learn more
Those who have nonrefundable credits in the current tax year must provide the IRS Schedule 3 Form 1040 or 1040-SR (or 1040-NR). This schedule will be a part of your tax return that you provide to the US Internal Revenue Service every year. If you have a child or other dependent tax credits, most likely, you will not need to file this schedule....Learn more
The IRS Schedule 8812 Form 1040 is filled out by the US residents to understand the sum of their ACTC (or additional child tax credit). You will be able to get a refund even if you are not a debtor in terms of this credit. The form demands providing a set of calculations with figures from other forms (1040, 1040-NR, 1040-SR, and some of their schedules)....Learn more
You can fill out the IRS Schedule A Form 1040 or 1040-SR in addition to your tax return if you have to point out some items and recount your tax. This usually helps you to lessen your tax burden. Among items to describe in Schedule A are expenses caused by medical service, charity gifts, theft losses, and other things....Learn more
The IRS Schedule A Form 990 or 990-EZ is sometimes needed for some organizations who shall clarify their public charity status and support throughout the year. When such organizations create their 990 or 990-EZ forms, some lines in these forms explain that they also need to fill out Schedule A. Not all organizations should attach this add-on....Learn more
IRS Schedule B Form 1040 is one of the additions to the basic tax return form. The document is filled out by taxpayers if the total amount of their duty interest or ordinary earnings during the tax year surpassed 1,500 dollars. The types of incomes reflected in this paper are divided into three types, including any kind of interests, various benefits, and any financial activity abroad....Learn more
If you are a semi-weekly depositor, you should create an IRS Schedule B Form 941. It is practiced to determine the amount that companies must withhold from wages to submit them to the IRS....Learn more
Self-employed US taxpayers use the IRS Schedule C Form 1040 to file income and losses from their activities. Even if you had a minimum income, the form must still be completed as the IRS must collect all the data. The minimum start for paying an income tax is $ 400....Learn more
IRS Schedule D Form 1040 or 1040-SR is used by individuals and entrepreneurs to obtain a loan or tax benefits and to provide information about their income to the IRS. This form is quite large, and one needs to attach other additional documents to it. Many people use professional legal help to fill out this document, as it is quite complicated....Learn more
You might want to create an IRS Schedule E Form 1040 if you have the property and loss or the earnings from this property, S corporations, trusts, royalties, and REMICs. This is not the only form that can be used for these purposes....Learn more
People who work in the fishing and farming industries can create the IRS Schedule J Form 1040 to calculate their taxes for the past couple of years and, possibly, lower their taxes in some situations. No one besides fishermen or farmers should use this schedule when submitting their tax returns....Learn more
The IRS Schedule K-1 Form 1041 should be added to Form 1041 by some beneficiaries who have to count and understand their share of income, credits, deductions, and other figures. The numbers in Schedule K-1 will be calculated using your IRS 1040, 8582, and other forms and schedules of them....Learn more
Businesspeople who are currently members of partnerships use the IRS Schedule K-1 Form 1065 to outline their income share, credits, and deductions that are related to the mentioned partnership. This schedule is an additional record to Form 1065; however, the IRS does not require you to send it. You have to prepare it and keep it in your forms’ archive....Learn more
Each shareowner of an S-corporation shall prepare the IRS Schedule K-1 Form 1120-S. This form will show the entity member’s income, deductions, credits, and other details vital for the US Internal Revenue Service. The S-corporation representatives will then file all the Schedule K-1 forms from all owners with the main 1120-S form....Learn more
The IRS Schedule M-3 Form 1120 is normally completed and filed by the corporations having over 10,000,000 US dollars of assets. This form is an add-on to IRS Form 1120. It allows filers to reveal details about their annual financial statements and check their rates (profits and losses)....Learn more
Schedule O is an official form that is required to be used if you need to provide amendments or corrections for Form 990 and 990-EZ. This paper is completed by an organization or an entity that has previously submitted the forms mentioned above....Learn more
IRS Schedule SE Form 1040 must be filled out and submitted by self-employed individuals to report their taxes. You have to complete this document if you have earned more than 400 US dollars per year or you are an employee of a religious organization and your income has exceeded 108 US dollars....Learn more

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) PDF Forms

USCIS Form I-130 is designed to help unite the relatives living apart in different countries. If you are a citizen of the USA, you may complete this petition and initiate your spouse, children, siblings, or other close relatives' moving to the US and getting a Green Card....Learn more
You need to file the USCIS Form I-134 in case you expect to support a non-resident alien financially during their short-term visit to the USA. This form must not be submitted unless you are a US citizen or resident holding a Green Card....Learn more
Use the USCIS Form-485 if you are a foreigner who wishes to obtain permanent residents. The following requirements (one or more) should be met to apply: you are a refugee, an asylee, have experienced being a victim of crime or abuse, and some others described on the official website in detail....Learn more
The USCIS Form I-589 is a document that allows non-US residents to request asylum in the country and postpone the process of their removal from the US territory (what also was called “deportation” in the past). There are two requirements for those who submit this form: they have to be non-residents and to be present in the US....Learn more
The USCIS Form I-864, also known as the “Affidavit of Support,” is filed by certain immigrants who live in the United States because they are employed or have family here. By submitting this form, they may demonstrate that they do not plan to use any financial support from the American public authorities....Learn more
All employers and workers in the United States are obliged to fill out and submit the USCIS Form I-9. This form lets the US public authorities verify each worker’s identity and check if they have a permit to work on the US territory. This form is compulsory for both residents and non-residents of the US....Learn more
With the USCIS Form N-400, people who live in the United States but are not the country’s citizens yet may request their citizenship through naturalization. The form contains 20 pages and demands a lot of data from each filer who needs or decides to prepare it. Before filing, one should check A Guide to Naturalization issued by the US authorities....Learn more
The USCIS Form N-648, or Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions, can be filed by people who apply for citizenship of the United States but are unable to pass the English test and meet some other legal requirements for certain reasons: mental impairment or disability (either physical or developmental)....Learn more

Veterans Affairs (VA) PDF Forms

Nurses and nurse anesthetists complete the VA Form 10-2850a if they seek job opportunities in the US Department of Veteran Affairs. In the template, they outline details about their education and work experience so the Department can make decisions about their potential employment and possible work in the US VA system....Learn more
Certain medical professionals (not nurses but physicians and their assistants, or pharmacists, or physical therapists, or some other specialists) may fill out and send the VA Form 10-2850c to the US Department of Veteran Affairs if they consider working for the VA Department and look for various medical jobs there....Learn more
A VA Form 10-5345 is a request for one’s medical or health-related information release. The Veterans Affairs organization should provide an official authorization for such confidential information to be released. The completed and signed paper will allow access to a veteran’s treatment records, but only once they are officially off duty....Learn more
The VA Form 5655 is also called a Report on Financial Status or, simply put, a waiver of collection action. Veterans may have indebtedness before the Veteran Affairs for various services. The agency issues these forms to determine a person’s eligibility for a collection exemption. You may also propose an offer in compromise to cover the debts....Learn more
The VBA VA Form 21-4138 is a letter in support of one’s claim for disability benefits or compensation. If you are a veteran and you have already submitted a claim to the VA, but you are not sure of the positive outcome, you should use this form. Write out all the essential information you would like to bring to the VA’s attention....Learn more
The VBA VA Form 21-526EZ is an application form by using which you can apply for veteran’s disability benefits (including tax ones) and related compensations. The form should only be used by veterans and service members. You may supply a letter of support to ensure a positive outcome....Learn more
The VBA VA Form 26-1880 is a form one should use to claim eligibility for a housing loan provided by the Veteran Affairs Department. The loan is guaranteed by the government to eligible categories of veterans. Fie the request for an eligibility certificate using this form....Learn more
VBA VA Form 28-1902w is a form type that helps veterans. They can use it to demand employment-related benefits and professional rehabilitation. Veterans are eligible for many of these types of government programs, for which they need to complete and submit this document to the US Department of Veteran Affairs....Learn more

United States Social Security Administration (SSA) PDF Forms

SSA 3373-BK is the document one should create to gain the disability benefit in case of loss of ability to work. Loss of performance can occur in the event of injury, injury, age-related changes, or a serious long-term illness. In all these situations, you can request benefits from the state....Learn more
The Social Security Administration may request an individual claiming disability benefits to provide Form SSA 3380-BK. This document is not completed by the applicant himself but by a third person who should confirm the difficulties of this individual and the legality of the requested status. SSA uses this paper to make a decision....Learn more
SSA Form SS-5 is used by individuals to obtain a social security card. Moreover, this form must be filled out not only for the first receipt of the card but also for replacing the existing one or replacing information in it. In the form, you need to indicate your personal data and information about the parents....Learn more
If due to a life-changing event, your income level has reduced, you can complete an SSA Form SSA-44 to inform SSA about this. This type of event includes the death of a spouse, the loss of a job or a reduction in the spouse's earnings, marriage or divorce, and others....Learn more
The SSA Form SSA-561-U2 is a legal form that senior or disabled people can submit if they disagree on conditions of the governmental support they have asked for. This document is accepted and reviewed by the US Social Security Administration (SSA). Claimants explain why their benefits should be reconsidered, providing a set of specific personal details....Learn more
If a disabled person in the United States seeks support from the government due to their medical state and their application was once declined, they can use the Form SSA-3441-BK to describe their problems and health conditions. The Social Security Administration (or SSA) will process their claim and possibly change its mind regarding the necessity of benefits....Learn more
The Form SSA-795 is used by third parties who describe the applicant’s situation: their salaries or wages, working schedule, and other items about their employment required by the Social Security Administration. Among the third parties who can fill out this template for claimers are coworkers, supervisors, employers themselves, or financial institutions that ensure wages transfers....Learn more

United States Department of Defense (DOD) PDF Forms

The Developmental Counseling Form, or DA Form 4856, issued by the US Department of Army, is a legal and confidential document created by counselors who work with the personnel from the US Army. Specialists consult soldiers on various matters, and while the counseling process is moving on, the DA Form 4856 is filled out with specific data about the course and the soldier....Learn more
The DA Form 5960 is filled out by soldiers of the US Army who want to notify about significant life events (divorce, marriage, childbirth) that may affect their living or housing situation and allowance for these matters. The form’s official name is Authorization to Start, Stop, or Change Basic Allowance for Quarters and/or Variable Housing Allowance....Learn more
Also referred to as a Travel Voucher, DD Form 1351-2 is a legal document used by government employees working for the US Department of Defense. With this form, an employee can refund their travel expenses by giving the list of trip-related charges according to the way the form is filled out....Learn more
A DD Form 149 is filled out and filed by the military believing they had been treated in a wrongful and unjust way or fell victim to any kind of error affecting their military record. A properly completed DD Form 149 must be sent to a Correction of Military Records commission....Learn more
A DD Form 2656 is used when a service member is retiring from the military. "Data for Payment of Retired Personnel" (the DD Form 2656) is a necessary legal document. Without it, a retired service member will not be able to receive the pension. The DD Form 2656 is also used for the Survivor Benefit Plan enrollment....Learn more
A DD Form 2870, also known as Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information, is a legal document that, when signed, grants its holder permission to provide protected health information to third parties. The shared information then is free to use for such purposes as insurance, school, retirement, separation, healthcare, personal use, etc....Learn more
DD Form 93 is utilized to assign recipients for the benefits of military people if they happen to be dead. It is also used to present the military’s command with the names and addresses of the people the military has to inform in case a military person is in an accident or is dead....Learn more

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) PDF Forms

The CMS-1500 form is a legal document utilized for invoicing for medical services provided. It incorporates data about the client, their respective insurance policy, diagnosis, and treatment plan. The form is also employed by non-institutional suppliers to charge Medicare carriers....Learn more
CMS L564-R297 is a legal document that was issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The form is used all across the States and utilized as proof of group medical care coverage based on one's current occupation. This data is required for the Medicare entry application....Learn more
CMS-40B form is a legal document used to record the enrollment in Part B of Medicare (Medical Insurance). If one already has already enrolled in Part A of Medicare and wants to enroll in Part B, then the completion of such a form is compulsory....Learn more
Completion of Form CMS-176 is required to record one's voluntary request to terminate from Premium Hospital or Supplementary Medical Insurance. The form is used by the Medicare enrollee who wants to cancel the use of some kind of medical organization....Learn more

Department of State (DS) PDF Forms

DS-11 US Passport Application is a common form used by US citizens in a wide variety of cases. An individual submits an application if the passport is lost, its validity period has expired, as well as in the event of a full or partial change of name....Learn more
One parent submits Form DS-3053 to confirm their consent for their minor child to receive a passport if they cannot be present when the document is issued. Both parents and guardians can submit the form. Treatment, travel to work, and similar cases are considered a good reason for absence....Learn more
US citizens use Form DS-82 to extend the validity of their passport. The document allows them to submit an application online on the official website. You need to attach several attachments to the form, including a photo and a scan of the current valid passport....Learn more

Other Fillable and Editable PDF Forms and Templates

Those who want to plan a healthy lifestyle schedule can use the 2B Mindset Tracker for self-organization and control. The timeline is designed for three months and includes three modes for transition to a new state of the body. The program assumes daily entries that encourage the user to reflect regularly....Learn more
Acord 50 WM is an insurance card of an individual or legal entity that has insurance in this company. The document is issued in accordance with the aspect of insurance, such as commerce, real estate, car, liability, and so on. The card is certified with the official seal and company symbols....Learn more
Asurion F-017-08 MEN is a form used by Asurion Insurance Company. It must be submitted in the event the insured item has been stolen, lost, or damaged and one wants to receive compensation. This paper is also distributed under the name Sworn Affidavit & Proof of Loss Statement....Learn more
ATF Form 4473 is a form used when buying or trading firearms with an authorized dealer. The document describes the weapon and its origins and also confirms the legal ownership of the firearm. The form also involves the details of the weapon’s potential owner....Learn more
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​is a nonprofit organization that consumers can file complaints with about the poor provision of goods or services and their quality. To do this, the consumer must fill out the BBB Complaint Form, indicating all the necessary data....Learn more
Pregnant women fill out the Birth Plan Form to let their doctor know about their wishes regarding the birth process. Also, this document helps to draw up a realistic plan that suits both the woman and her doctor. This is important as it removes the possibility of any disagreements or misunderstandings and helps the woman to familiarize herself with the process in advance....Learn more
Blank Coordinate Plane is a two-dimensional system formed by two lines. This plane is widely used in completely different fields. With its help, one can make a system of geographic coordinates, diagrams, and graphs, a map of the game “Sea Battle,” a map of the cinema with the distribution of seats, and much more....Learn more
When registering a marriage, the newlyweds must be issued a Marriage Certificate. It notes information about who was married, when, and where and also marks the witnesses of this event. A blank Marriage Certificate can be used to compose such a document....Learn more
Bravecto products are the best solution for pet owners who want to protect their cats and dogs from various types of parasites and give them a happy and healthy life. Fill out the Bravecto Rebate Form, and you will be able to purchase quality products for your pets with significant discounts....Learn more
Bulletproof Diet Roadmap is a great way to improve your health and lose a few extra pounds without tormenting yourself with endless diets. Completing the roadmap will help you identify which foods make you feel worse and which ones make you feel better, and identify which foods are good for your physical and mental health....Learn more
Canada IMM 5257 or CTR is a temporary visa allowing people to visit their relatives and friends, travel, or have a business trip in Canada for a short period of time and support them on the territory of the country. After the approval of the claim, the candidates receive official permission to visit Canada for education, business, and tourist purposes....Learn more
CBP Form 6059B is a document that everyone who arrives and enters the territory of the US must complete no matter what citizenship, nationality this person has, and mean of transport they use. This form requires basic information about you, including your name, date of birth, nationality, address, and so on. The process of filling out is very simple and doesn’t take much time....Learn more
CDC US Standard Certificate of Death is an important legal document proofing that an individual passed away and describing the circumstances of this death. This form is required for social science matters and for family affairs, so you need to know how to complete this paper correctly....Learn more
The CDC US Standard Certificate of Live Birth is the very first document a newborn receives. It is usually completed by a doctor or healthcare professional, but in some situations, it is also completed by those who were present when the newborn arrived. The document contains information about parents, birthplace and gives the newborn’s health information....Learn more
The Coat of Arms Template is used to design a unique coat of arms. The Template consists of a shield and a piece of ribbon for a moto. The Coat of Arms is now used for decorative purposes rather than identification purposes, but it is a good way to preserve your family's legacy....Learn more
Community/Volunteer Service Verification Form is widely used in non-commercial organizations. Subsequently, this document can be used by the individual who received it for additional points when entering college or for work, as it contains information about the performed work....Learn more
The Costco Cake Order Form makes ordering easier for both buyers and sellers. The client notes their wishes regarding the ordered cake, provides the contact information and determines the date when they want to pick up the finished product. The form simplifies the process of communication between employees and customers....Learn more
DirecTV Channel Lineups contains information about all packages provided by this American direct broadcasting service provider. Using Channel Lineups, users can compare packages and quickly find the channel they want. Also, there is information about other alternatives and networks available in the client’s area....Learn more
When a person is absent from work or school due to illness, one must provide the institution with confirmation of the statement about the illness. This document is Doctors Excuse Note. This is an official medical paper that the doctor fills out and includes information about the period of absence and the reasons....Learn more
The Eagle Scout Project Workbook is a must for scouts who are ready and willing to earn the Eagle Scout title. In fact, this is a whole collection of various forms that a candidate must fill out in the process of preparing and implementing his Project, the essence of which is in collecting funds to help a mission or hospital....Learn more
Increasingly, animals are being used to support human mental and emotional health. Emotional Support Animal Letter allows you to bring these animals with you on airplane flights and keep them in your apartment, even if the rules of residence prohibit it. This paper is provided by the licensed professional specified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual....Learn more
A Fort Bend ISD Family Access Request form allows parents or official guardians to monitor their children’s learning process and results. The document covers grades, attendance, home assignments, curriculum, and other inherent school-related data and events. You can operate the system via Skyward Family Access downloaded on the preferable device....Learn more
A Gift Certificate Template is a stylish way to express respect and goodwill neatly and elegantly. The gift allows the receiver to make their own choices and obtain something they cherish and dream about. Make use of these aesthetic means to delight your colleagues and customers....Learn more
ICE Form I-983 allows F-1 students to participate in STEP OPT programs. One of the inherent criteria advanced by the STEP OPT extension is official employment and the student’s attestation during the training course. The form contains the participant’s data, the training plan, the progress, the employer’s info, and certification statements....Learn more
Lyft inspection form collects essential data regarding the Lyft participant’s vehicle. The platform appears to be an affordable alternative to other taxi services and demands the driver-participants have a proper inspection procedure annually. The form contains the driver’s name and contact data, the vehicle’s disclosure, the inspector’s info, and the certification sections....Learn more
Medical Assisting Workbook Answers are designed to help candidates applying for the MA accreditation prepare before passing a qualification test. As the healthcare field demands high intelligence, brilliant knowledge, and experience, we recommend using various sources during the education to be entirely packed with valid information by the time the examination starts....Learn more
MyAcuvue Rewards Submission form is designed to appeal to new customers and delight the existing ones. Acuvue has adopted a privilege program that offers the clients receive rebates and participate in discount programs. To enter the MyAcuvue Rewards plan, the interested person should complete and file the submission form....Learn more
The obituary template is designed to assist people who have recently lost the loved ones to recite the data about the deceased. It is a neat way to inform the friends and family members about the sorrowful event and read off the funeral details....Learn more
Online Graph Paper template offers users to generate and download the needed graph instruments online. You are empowered to use the form for creative needs, schemes, and math purposes. Our PDF graph papers have a wide range of patterns required for various types of work....Learn more
To buy many medications you require a special prescription from your doctor. Doctors issue them in the form of a Prescription Label. For their convenience, they can use the Prescription Label Template, which will include the patient's and doctor's names, the name of the pharmacy, and information about the medicine itself....Learn more
Pre Trip Inspection Checklist is used to check the condition of a vehicle that carries passengers and goods. This is necessary for the safety of both the transported things and the driver themself. The checklist contains a list of all vehicle parts to check if they are in order....Learn more
If you changed your address and did not have time to inform the postal service in advance, you need to complete PS Form 3575. Practicing this form, you can temporarily change your postal address for a period of 15 to 365 days. All your correspondence will be forwarded to the address specified in this document....Learn more
To obtain temporary custody of a child, an individual must complete a Temporary Custody Form. This practice is often used during the divorce of the parents of a child when there are no time or proper conditions to look after the children during the active stages of divorce. The temporary guardian is usually a grandparent, relative, or close friend....Learn more
T-Shirt Order Form is used for large T-shirt orders, for instance, for some events like a party, conference, or as merchandise of a company or band. This document specifies the required quantity of each type of T-shirt in the form of the table and contains the contact details of the buyer and the distribution plan....Learn more
Utility Bill Template is a form that plenty of US citizens receive every month. This document describes the monthly usage of water, gas, electricity, and other resources applicable to one’s living space. It is vital to pay such bills on time, so the living place’s owner or renter always has access to all the resources and does not face any fines....Learn more
When couples get married, they want their wedding to be perfect, and the Wedding Ceremony Script is an essential paper for the whole ceremony. With this form, the ceremony’s host knows what to tell and when, when is the moment for the rings sharing and saying vows, and other event’s significant points for the newlyweds....Learn more
Welp Hatchery is a chicken hatchery that is situated in the state of Iowa, and the Welp Hatchery form is used by the hatchery’s potential customers who consider purchasing chickens for breeding, meat, eggs, or feathers of high quality. One can apply to get the products for both private and commercial aims....Learn more
Willie Lynch was a person who owned slaves in the eighteenth century, and the Willie Lynch Letter: The Making of a Slave is Lynch’s speech made on the James River bank where he tried to popularize his methods of enslaving people. Nowadays, this document is not considered appropriate by many people and serves mostly as a historical fact....Learn more
YMCA Member Cancellation Letter allows applicants to stop being members of the Young Men's Christian Association. If you are a member, you may access the organization’s sport and wellness facilities and services. If you feel like moving out from your area, cancel your Subscription due to your financial situation, or stop using it for any other reason, submit this letter to your YMCA branch....Learn more


If you want to make your driving license accepted worldwide, you will highly likely need to submit the AAA International Driving Permit Application to the nearest AAA office. It will take around two weeks to get such a permit after you file the mentioned form with all the needed documents and required fees....Learn more
When spouses have made their final decision to get divorced and terminate their matrimony, they have to create their own Application for Divorce where they enter various details about themselves and their marriage. This document initiates the divorce procedure. When the form is ready, the couple brings it to the local court and starts a time-consuming divorce process....Learn more
AutoZone is a famous business in the US that specializes in services for vehicle owners after their purchase. Among all their services, one may discover and use business crediting on certain conditions. The Autozone Credit Card Application allows an individual to claim credit from the organization quickly and easily....Learn more
If a man wants to show serious intentions to a woman about their romantic relationship, he may send her a Boyfriend Application Form, where he will tell essential details about himself, from his name and birthdate to weight, eye color, and hobbies. The lady will then approve or decline the form and either start a relationship or finish an odd period of communication between them....Learn more
Companies leaders fill out the business credit application template when they want to request a loan from a financial institution. The form provides the lender with information about the firm, such as the name, address, type of activity, profit and debt, purpose, and amount of the loan....Learn more
Chick Fil job application is used by candidates for a position in the field of fast-food restaurants. The form requires you to fill in your identification and contact details, as well as specify convenient working hours. Also, the applicant must provide a brief CV, filling in the sections on education and work experience....Learn more
The core of the College application form is academic performance data, including test data and achievements. Information about volunteering and work experience, as well as additional activities, is also included in the form. To identify the submitter, the paper requests personal data, including information about parents and ethnicity....Learn more
The Cuddle Buddy application is used to register with the National Cuddle Buddy Association. Although it looks like a strict form, its content is rather informal. Describe yourself, tell the reader what cuddle means to you, and rate your hugs on a scale of 1 to 10....Learn more
The Dekalb County Water Application is used by county residents to apply for water supply or sanitation. An application can be submitted by a tenant, owner, or representative of the management company. The need to fill out the form occurs if the house has been disconnected from the water supply or it is a new building....Learn more
Nurses use the DHSR/HCPEC-4515 Form for employment in North Carolina. The document requires detailed information about your education, work experience and also asks for personal data. The form is a comprehensive, complete report on your previous work, as it shows all the places and positions....Learn more
Eagle Scout Rank Application is submitted if you feel worthy of this title, being an American scout, or you are nominated by a team or council. The form requires the data of the applicant and the list of guarantors. The document goes through all the steps of the hierarchy of the American scouts association, so it is worth filling it out honestly and accurately....Learn more
Employment Application Form is a common template that employers use to learn more about a job candidate. Unlike a CV, this form is issued by the employer and contains a request for specific information that is important for a particular business or organization. In addition, the employment application can be more complete and expanded....Learn more
A Girlfriend Application Form is a type of document for establishing clear relationships between partners. Through the form, you can communicate your intentions and set the desired direction for the development of a romantic relationship. In addition, the form reveals to the girl's partner her character traits and inclinations, which makes her more familiar....Learn more
Drivers submit an International Driving Permit Application when they intend to travel outside the country, whether in their own car or in a rented one. You fill out the form and submit it to the AAA, and soon receive a document that will save you from a fine or arrest by the traffic police for driving without an international license....Learn more
Colorado residents fill out the IML-4 Leap Application when they want to get heating benefits. The paper helps to get financial support from the state, which partially covers the cost of heating. The applicant's success depends on a number of factors, including financial status, physical and mental health, and ability to work....Learn more
The Rochdale Village Application is useful for those who want to become a resident of the Rochdale Village area in New York City. Since the residents want to have an idea about their neighbors, you are encouraged to fill in family and employment data. Next, you specify which apartment you would like to rent. The application is a form of acquisition and is intended for the selection of future neighbors....Learn more
Shark Tank application is necessary for those who want to participate in the self-titled reality series, where startups meet with investors in the expectation to get support for their project. The applicant can be a U.S. citizen aged 18+ with no criminal record....Learn more
The Tanzania Visa Application is completed upon arrival at the airport or on the official website of the Immigration Department. There are several types of visa, student, tourist, business, and others. Be ready to attach the documents to your application, whether you are applying online or at the point of arrival....Learn more
The Tennessee DHS Family Assistance Application is designed for certain categories of the population, such as people without jobs, the elderly, low-income families, and the disabled. The applicant can receive medical, health, business, children, education, or other support. The form works under two-state assistance programs....Learn more
Trader Joe's Application is useful for anyone who wants to get a job in this network of grocery stores. The application exists for different vacancies. The form includes personal data, information on education, and work experience and also contains an important column of the terms of hire....Learn more


Employers use the ADP Pay Stub Template to calculate their employees ' salaries, taxes, and benefits. The form allows them to clearly define the amounts of income and deduction so that the employee understands the factors that shape their salary. The employer fills out the document and sends a copy to the employee....Learn more
The doctor gives the patient an Advance Beneficial Notice of Non-coverage when the medical insurance of the treated person does not cover the current treatment. This means that the patient must pay for this medical service themselves. The form is used if these are experimental methods, non-essential or dangerous services, and in other cases....Learn more
If a person has their car broken, they usually bring it to repairmen immediately and ask how much they will pay for services. In most cases, it is impossible to tell the exact price for all services and vehicle parts right away. The Auto Repair Estimate Form exists for such situations: repairmen use it to indicate approximate sums clients will pay in the future....Learn more
The Bill of Lading is a form given to a carrier by the one who owns the cargo. The document proves that the carrier has taken the goods and is obliged to transfer and deliver them. Also, the Bill of Lading confirms the previously signed contract and serves as a list of items that will be shipped by the carrier....Learn more
An invoice is one of the most commonly used documents in businesses of any type and size. In the form, a vendor lists the goods sold or services rendered. The Blank Invoice Template allows you to create any invoice you need, regardless of the number of goods sold, what services were provided, or other info you have....Learn more
If an organization uses a cash drawer day by day, it is critical to fill out a special form every working day, also called the Cash Drawer Count Sheet. In this template, a cashier lists all the coins and notes received throughout the shift, counts net sales and withdrawals, and collects info about payments by cards....Learn more
A Cash Receipt is an important form for merchants who often deal with clients preferring to pay with cash. This document provides proof of payment for both the business and the client. Besides, it helps to avoid tax problems. It is vital to show the price to pay, the date of payment, and the parties’ names in such receipts....Learn more
The Citibank Direct Deposit form is a form that permits a Citibank client to demand immediate and regular payments to their bank account from their employer. It is very helpful in many ways: one will save time and money. Additionally, one will not lose checks and won't need to go to the bank anymore....Learn more
The person uses the Credit Report Dispute Form to challenge the content of the credit report. If successful, the applicant can increase their credit rating, which is important for obtaining a loan in the future. The credit report provides information about (not)timely payments, failed credit requests, and shows other loans....Learn more
The form 1957 or even trade bill of sale is the official Missouri MDR document that can be used to trade one used vehicle for another in a private transaction. The buyer's vehicle can either cover the price in full or partially....Learn more
A donor of items to the non-profit charity Goodwill Industries fills out the Goodwill Donation Receipt to confirm their contribution. The donation is tax-free, so the form can be requested by the IRS. The paper identifies the donor, describes the items and their cost....Learn more
The Independent Contractor Pay Stub Template is in demand among self-employed workers when they want to keep records of their earnings. The records are convenient both for your own understanding and for tax reporting. The form identifies the employee and employer, indicates the period of work, salary before and after deduction, and taxes....Learn more
Order Form is a simple and very common form that is used to confirm the purchase and sale of a variety of items. The form is aimed at tracking the delivery of goods and the receipt of payments, especially if both occur in parts. The basic version of the document contains information about the parties, the characteristics and cost of items, and signatures....Learn more
The Payroll Check Template is a form used by employers as one of the methods to pay salaries to their employees. The document is prepared for each worker and contains info about the sum to pay, the payment recipient, the organization that pays, and the date when the check was issued....Learn more
Many businesses create the Profit and Loss template once in a certain period (a quarter or a year). This form allows organizations or sole proprietorships to understand how much their business has gained or lost throughout a specific timeline. All the expenses and earnings are included in the template, together with other vital details....Learn more
When an entity sells its goods to a customer, sometimes the Purchase Order Form appears among other documents. In this form, one may usually find info about the merchant and buyer, quantity and price of products, the date when all the goods will be shipped, the shipment conditions and period, and so on....Learn more
When an entity needs to buy various goods for their operations (like stationery and other essential products that help in work processes), its responsible representative usually fills out a Purchase Request Form. This is a list of goods needed at the moment that is delivered to a supplier....Learn more
Customers who seek the services of repairmen when they reconstructed their roofs get the Roofing Estimate Template showing how much they will approximately spend on materials and personnel’s work. With this template, servicemen evaluate all the costs that clients will bear; after the work is done, clients get a final receipt with exact figures....Learn more
Almost any time a freight owner appoints a carrier to deliver the goods, the bill of lading form is issued. In this document, one may see what is being delivered and when. This form has several types, including the Straight Bill of Lading Form. This form type means that the shipment is covered prior to delivering the freight....Learn more
If there is a bankruptcy case in the United States, the court makes a final decision providing the US Courts Form 271, also called a Final Decree. This form is a sign for creditors that the case is over and the debtor’s properties are administrated properly. It is filled out by court clerks....Learn more
A form called US DoL WH-347 is a legal record utilized for payment purposes by the Department of Labor. This record is usually written out for entrepreneurs who want to submit their weekly hours and the amount they are owed. This document has space for more than one employee to be placed under an entrepreneur....Learn more
Let's say you need to make a money transfer to someone in another country, but the recipient does not have a bank account. One of the world's greatest networks, Western Union, can help you solve this problem via their service....Learn more


CDSS Form SAR-7, also known as the Semi-Annual Reporting template, is a legitimate record utilized to get money support and CalFresh benefits in the state of California. The document has to be renewed every six months to reveal new information concerning CalFresh....Learn more
Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School Transcript is a form that is submitted by former or current students with an aim to request a transcript of educational accomplishments: grades, GPA, and so forth. The form includes personal information such as names and contact data of the student and school employer....Learn more
Florida workers fill out a DWC 250 Notice of Election to Be Exempt to claim compensation from an employer. The form is simple enough and mainly contains details about both parties so that the service can identify them....Learn more
EDD Form DE 2501 is in demand among workers who have lost their earnings due to a work injury and are currently unemployed and unable to get a job. Most often, the form is used when the employee has received a physical or psychological injury. If the disability is proved, the applicant receives cash governmental support....Learn more
Form DL-43 is used to restore or replace a driver's license in case of loss or expiration of the document. This is relevant if the driver has lost their license, changed their last name, the license is outdated, and so on. Be prepared to provide additional relevant documents in each case....Learn more
Kern County Sheriff Restraining Order Form can be claimed by any person assaulted in this county. The victim fills out a document and attaches a package of papers to apply to the state services with a request for protection from physical or mental attack....Learn more
LADBS NEC Standard Electrical Load Calculation is used to measure the total electrical load in your home and the distribution of electricity between all devices. The form is useful when rebuilding and renovating a house, as it allows you to avoid overloads in the power grid, as well as a lack of voltage....Learn more
If one lives in Louisiana and wants to give ownership of some item of theirs to another party for completely free and receive no type of payment, then one must complete the Louisiana Act of Donation. It is a form that records the process of free ownership transfer....Learn more
Sometimes contractors in California who work in the field of construction may face delays in payment caused by their customers. In such cases, it is possible to use the California Mechanics Lien that will push the debtor and request obligations fulfillment. The form contains info about the debt and the works provided by the unpaid contractor....Learn more
If an individual who is over 21 years old in the state of New Jersey plans to obtain, hold, and use firearms legally, they are obliged to fill out and submit the NJSP Form STS 033 to the local police. Besides, this form can be used by those residents who already own firearms of various types....Learn more
New York City is a place with disastrous traffic, and looking for a parking lot sometimes turns out to be a hard quest. There are various privileges for some categories of NYC residents: for instance, disabled people can get special permission to broaden their parking abilities by requesting the NYC Disability Parking Permit from the local Department of Transportation....Learn more
The Texas Law Help FM-DivC-100 Original Petition for Divorce Set C is an official legal document that is needed to make the divorce procedure more bearable by providing additional information concerning the detail of the marriage in question. The paper covers essential terms of a divorce process and sets the conditions appropriate to both parties. It also contains information about the spouses....Learn more
The Texas Nurse Aide Registry Form 5505-NAR form is an official document that comes in handy in situations when an individual is applying for becoming a nurse aide. Even if you have obtained a valid certificate, you will have to fill out the form in accordance with your registry status: revoked, expired, suspended, active. You should ensure to have the current version of the template to fill out....Learn more
The TMRS Direct Deposit Authorization is a legal paper that is used for the purpose of authorization the financial institution you use to get payments concerned in a digital form/electronically. With the help of the official document, you will be enabled to perform transmissions of your funds onto any specifically designated account....Learn more
The TREC One to four-family residential contract is an official legal document that is used in the process of reselling duplexes, single-family households, triplexes, etc. However, the form does not apply to the operations concerning condominium reselling, as well as the selling of new houses sold by the builder. Farms and ranch items are not included....Learn more
In Texas, in order to climb the career ladder in the sphere of plumbing, candidates need to pass the TSBPE Plumbing Inspector Examination. Both independent contractors, as well as those governmentally employed, have to meet the requirements of the examination. There exist certain eligibility conditions that an applicant is to fit in. The form includes data about the candidate's identity, other personal and professional information, as well as a set of questions the candidate needs to answer. Of course, the candidate's signature is required....Learn more


The AQHA Transfer Form is a document designed for those who are keen on horse breeding. The paper includes information about registered horses in the USA and their owners. The form is designed to prove the transaction of a horse has taken place, and the designated sum has been paid. The creator of the form should input info if the horse is Gelded, its identity, the sale's date, and the purchaser's details....Learn more
The Construction Proposal Form is a reliable tool, a special form designed for marketing or bid proposals, which is used to convince potential customers and service users to work with your company. Also, bid proposals are more specific, as they should include the info concerning a specific project. Such documents help clients to choose the most reliable company, and service providers can benefit by having a chance to convince prospective clients....Learn more
The Gift Letter is a special document that proves the right of its creator not to pay back the money for a mortgage when a gift has taken place. The document includes the name of the donor, the context of the donor/receiver relationships, the amount of the gits, dates, and signatures of both parties of the gift procedure....Learn more
The HUD-1 Settlement Statement is a creditors-oriented official document, and it is needed for the deal to be closed. In some cases, both parties of the deal should submit the form. The paper includes basic data about the creator, the summary for the Loaner and the Seller, and includes loan conditions and settlement charges info. The form helps avoid misconceptions and is created for the end of accuracy....Learn more
The SBA Form 413 is a really useful document utilized by small businesses in the USA to prove that a loaner-to-be is capable of paying the fees required. The document is required by lenders to ensure the loaner can pay, and it contains personal information, individual's assets, stock-related data, estate ownership, life insurance details, and a sign of the applicant....Learn more


The BioData Template is a part of the hiring process. The resume should include a broad range of information suitable to mention in order to boost the chances of successful job interviews. The provided biodata will promote beneficial communication with an employer-to-be. It contains valuable information about education, courses, training, work experience, which will be assessed by HR and can impact their decision....Learn more
The Blank Resume Template is a special document including information about the creator of the form, education details, job-related experience, and skills worth noticing for the employer. The form provides a broad picture of an individual's characteristics needed for an HR to make the right choice of a candidate....Learn more
The Employee Availability Form is an important document that provides information about the periods of time a certain employee is available and can fulfill their work-related duties, as well as the times when they cannot engage in the workflow. The creation of the paper is immensely beneficial for businesses who want to keep track of their performance and be able to take measures to prevent failures and misconceptions overall....Learn more
The Employment Verification Form is a special document designed for the end of providing proof of employment in situations when a person creating the form needs to verify the info either to landlords, financial institutions, or a new employer. The paper can prove if the income received by the form creator is present, which in turn proves the individual's capability to pay rent, loan interests, etc....Learn more
The Fillable Pay Stub paper is a very helpful document that employees in the USA tend to use. The role of the paper is hard to overestimate, as it provides the full picture for the employee of the salary they receive, with a detailed description of factors impacting the amount of the salary. It also helps figure out some misconceptions related to salary issues arising between the employee and the employer....Learn more
The OPM Optional Form 306 is an official legal paper that the government can require from a candidate during the entire period of hire. The document is designed and filled out to find out if a candidate fits in the specific requirements designated for the position they apply for. The document provides certain benefits for the creator, as well as responsibilities....Learn more
The OPM SF-15 Form is a document filled out by individuals who want to claim Veteran status to receive certain benefits from the government, including employment-related ones. Those retired from the military in the USA tend to create the document to get assistance or preferences from the country for their service....Learn more
OPM SF-182 forms can be required in situations when one needs to provide information about the costs of the courses and training taken, besides those which are internal to NRCS and USDA. The paper captures the price for the courses completed and should be submitted when Authorization, Agreement, and Certification of training is concerned....Learn more
Statement of Intent to Employ Minor is a specific document submitted by the youth in the USA in situations when they want to be officially employed. Minors in California tend to use paper quite often. The paper is crucial because one cannot get the job permission if one does not have the document filled out and signed properly....Learn more
The Time Card Template is a great HR helper. The document consists of one paper, and it includes information about an individual's names and personal info, work hours spent at work, overwork hours, the start and end of their working day. The chart helps maintain further assessment of an individual and teamwork, providing data concerning multiple metrics, which increases the company’s productivity....Learn more

Charts and Tables

52 Week Money Challenge Chart is a kind of a tracking list that is used to motivate the filler to save more money in the form of a game-like challenge. While there are many ways to save money, this one is really demonstrative and gives a sense of control, as well as the pleasure from completion. The chart is a great motivator for those who want to save money effortlessly....Learn more
The 64 Team Double Elimination Bracket is a system designed mostly for racquet kinds of sports, and it includes information concerning the defeats of a team in a tournament. The teams are divided and made to compete with each other. The purpose of the paper is to register which team has failed to win the game and has to leave the tournament....Learn more
The 96 Well Template or a microplate is designed to be used during certain chemical experiments in a laboratory. It is a great tool for planning experiments, and it includes correlations of various pieces of data to make the entire process more controlled and efficient. The paper includes all info about a specific experiment, projections, and results....Learn more
The Check Register Template is a special document containing information concerning financial transactions of businesses. The data must be stored and provided when required, and it grants certain benefits for the business owner. The records can be easily tracked and checked, and the process of filling them out is straightforward. You can use special online software for the purpose, as well....Learn more
The DnD Character Sheet is a specific paper that you can use in the Dungeons and Dragons game. The form contains all information about your game character. Special features, strengths, and traits of character can be included in the paper before your character sets out on another adventurous journey....Learn more
The Eco Map is a specifically filled-out official paper that contains information about a person's individual life and their attitude to the spheres. The paper should be shared with doctors, nurses, practitioners. It can contain answers to specific questions needed to increase the level of trust between the doctor and the patient and provide the full information that might be needed....Learn more
The Electrical Panel Schedule Template is a form including essential information concerning the laying of wires. Factually, an electrician can utilize the form as a manual for their work with multi-channel circuit diagrams. Above that, the paper provides info about the power supply, crucial to maintaining the appropriate work of many electrical devices....Learn more
The Estimate Template is a specific paper that includes a projected cost of the job to be done. The document is submitted by the job provider to the customer in order to clarify the price issues beforehand and avoid problems after the job has been completed....Learn more
The High School Transcript is a really important document including all the score marks a student has received for all the courses completed in high school. The paper serves to summarize the record a student got and should contain only trustful information. The papers are usually submitted several times after graduation and should include data concerning parent or homeschooling teacher-taught courses....Learn more
The Medevac Request Form GTA 08-01-004 is a form designed for situations when medical evacuation is needed. Hence, the name of the form. The teams engaged in the evacuation operation should work by the filled-out form. The paper must be filled out by a professional, as it contains info about chemical contamination, weather conditions, etc....Learn more
The Myers Briggs Compatibility Chart is designed to help an individual understand and evaluate their strong and weak sides of the character. The purpose of the chart is to increase the level of your relationships with you own self. The chart is represented in the form of a test with no right or wrong answers; it is only a test on the type of your personality. It boosts self-evaluation and helps figure out personal issues better....Learn more
The NCAA Bracket is a form that is filled out by a fan of the Bracket Challenge who includes there their predictions for the future matches: the two lines of the form contain info about the team involved and the projections as to the particular matches. Basketball fans can take part in the challenge between their favorite teams by submitting the form prior to the game only....Learn more
The Packing List serves a beneficial function to those who use it, as the entire production process or a construction site and an individual consumer can be seriously impacted by the issues with transportation arising. The delivery goes securely completed with the document filled out. All the detail concerning the particular delivery is included in the form....Learn more
Called by many, 'A family tree,' the chart displays a retrospective view over the family lines. Traditionally, the paper serves as means of commemoration of the deeds of the ancestors; however, the form has law-related functions, as well. Namely, it is required when the legacy issues are concerned....Learn more
The Prescription Pad is a specific form that doctors fill out to prescribe certain drugs to their patients, the circulation and consumption of which is under control of the USA government. The record keeps info about the value and kind of the drug prescribed. The paper should be provided by the patient once they want to obtain the specific drugs....Learn more
A Yahtzee Score Card serves gamers in Yahtzee, a popular dice game that was created in 1956, as a printable form for inputting the score point players win during the round. The scorecard encompasses 13 category boxes, which must be chosen by the player each round of 13 rounds in total. There are two (the upper and the lower) sections in the card....Learn more