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USCIS Form I-130

A USCIS Form I-130, also recognized as the Petition for Alien Relatives, is accomplished by the US domiciliary citizens to empower their out-of-state relatives to move to the US and obtain a Green Card. The process of getting the relevant permits consists of several steps, and the respected Petition is the entering procedure.

The USCIS approves or rejects the form, following the contents and the data submitted. Once petition I-130 is accepted, the beneficiary relative obtains a chance to apply for lawful permanent resident (LPR) status.

To lawfully prepare the petition, the US citizen should follow the requirements and can only file the document for these categories of family members:

  • the spouse
  • the children
  • the married children
  • the sisters and brothers
  • the parents

The last two cases demand that the petitioner is at least 21 years old.

The US LPR’s can file the I-130 document for these categories:

  • the spouse
  • the children

Make sure you complete all recommendations while filing the respected paperwork. Here are the general directives and requirements the petitioner should submit:

  • I-130 Form authorized and accurately completed — use handwriting to append signatures and do not stamp or print the name in the signature slots.
  • Biometric services charges and the filing fee — the amount of money needed should be detailed at the official USCIS website.
  • All the required documentation and legible copies
  • Translated documents — in case the petitioner files the documents in a different language, they should provide a relevant translation and authorization.

Below you will find a thorough guide on how to build and fill out the Petition for Alien Relative.

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Filling Out the Form I-130

The Petition for Alien Relatives I-130 Form contains 12 pages and includes comprehensive information about the petitioner, the beneficiary person, and many other factors. Therefore the paperwork might seem a little intimidating. We recommend using our advanced software to tailor a relevant PDF file. We empower you to follow our comprehensive, illustrated guide to fill out the documents effortlessly.

  • Create an I-130 PDF File

The first section of the paperwork comprises data filled out by the USCIS representatives. Skip this section.

step 1.1 create an i 130 pdf file filling out a uscis form i 130
The form contains a specification section accomplished by a legal representative. If you have someone who will complete the form on your behalf, let this person fill the unit.

step 1.2 create an i 130 pdf file filling out a uscis form i 130
If both afore-mentioned sections don’t apply to your situation, skip to the “Start here” sector and proceed to complete the I-130 form. Make sure you fill in the info in black ink.

step 1.3 create an i 130 pdf file filling out a uscis form i 130
You will find extra space in Part 9 that might be useful while completing some units of the I-130 template. The section appears to be the last page of the document.

step 1.4 create an i 130 pdf file filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Complete the Relationship Part

Specify your relationship with the beneficiary and select the appropriate variant among the given alternatives. Answer the four questions stated in this part.

step 2 complete the relationship part filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Enter the Petitioner’s Info

Part 2 covers the petitioner’s personal data. The section starts on page one and extends to page four of the respected I-130 paperwork. To correctly execute this section, the petitioner should submit these data:

  • Alien Registration Number
  • USCIS account Number
  • SSN of the US citizen

Please, note that this specific information might be absent. Apply the data if it is applicable.

step 3.1 enter the petitioner’s info filling out a uscis form i 130
The upcoming sections require personal information about the petitioner’s identity and contacts. Please include the following:

  • Full legal name, including last, first, and middle initials
  • Names the petitioner used to have, including maiden name, nicknames, and other related data.
  • Birth data

Here, one should specify the date and place of birth and indicate the sex. Select one of the alternatives.

step 3.2 enter the petitioner’s info filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Full mailing and physical address

Make sure you accommodate the requirement and provide relevant mailing and physical addresses. If your physical place of residency differs from your mailing domiciliary location, include appropriate info in questions 12.a-13.b of the Part 3 section.

step 4 full mailing and physical address filling out a uscis form i 130

  • The Petitioner’s address background

Here you should specify the domiciliary history for the last five years. Make sure to include the residences both inside and outside the US. You are empowered to enter your physical location first if it differs from the mailing one. The template offers a place for two locations, however.

step 5 the petitioner’s address background filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Marital status

The I-130 form suggests that the petitioner fills out the marital status data and, in case they are married, the marriage location and the spouse’s personal info. There are alternatives to complete the data about the current and the previous spouses if there has been more than one marriage.

step 6 marital status filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Parents’ info

The petitioner is welcome to enter their parents’ personal data. Use the corresponding slots to accomplish the section.

step 7 parents’ info filling out a uscis form i 130

  • The petitioner’s additional personal info

Complete the data about your citizenship and naturalization (if applicable). The section starts on page three and continues on page four, covering questions 36-41.

step 8 the petitioner’s additional personal info filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Job Background

This section requires that the petitioner enters relevant data about their working background, starting with the current employment. Suppose you are not engaged in any business activity at the moment. Please, answer “unemployed” to question 42. The Employment section covers questions 42-49.b.

step 9 job background filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Provide Data About the Petitioner’s Biography

You should specify the petitioner’s ethnicity, race, height, weight, eye, and hair color in Part 3. Every subsection provides several alternatives. You should select the relevant one to describe your biographic appearance.

step 10 provide data about the petitioner’s biography filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Collect the Beneficiary’s Personal Data

Part 4 is dedicated to the beneficiary you are applying the I-130 form for. It comprises several pages and includes questions 1-62.c. The info required is similar to the petitioner’s directives and covers the following questions:

  • Alien Registration, USCIS account, and SSN numbers
  • Legal and other names
  • Birth info and sex

Pay attention to question 10 and render the needed info following the requirements of the form.

step 11 collect the beneficiary’s personal data filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Physical address and contact data
  • Marital status, spouse’s info, and family information, including the beneficiary’s children
  • Entry info

If the person you favor has ever visited the US, include these data. Follow the directions of questions 45-50 and submit the demanded documents.

  • Employment background
  • Immigration proceedings data

The subsection contains questions 53-56.

  • Submit the Beneficiary’s Name in Their Native Language 

There might be cases when the beneficiary’s native language differs immensely from American English and doesn’t contain Roman letters. Therefore, use this subsection to indicate the beneficiary’s name and residency in the native language.

step 12 submit the beneficiary’s name in their native language  filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Provide the Marital Living Address

If you, as the petitioner, file the application for your spouse, indicate whether you have lived together and where. Provide the location’s details in the appropriate slots. Should you never share a living unit, please confirm “Never lived together” in the 59.a. slot.

step 13 provide the marital living address filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Specify the US Embassy or Consulate

Should the beneficiary resign in the US and apply within the state, please, designate the appropriate embassy and specify the city and the state where the person will apply for the immigrant visa.

step 14.1 specify the us embassy or consulate filling out a uscis form i 130
Suppose the beneficiary will apply for the immigrant visa in an out-of-state Embassy or Consulate. Designate the city, province, and country to apply for and collect the documents.

step 14.2 specify the us embassy or consulate filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Submit Information About Other Cases of I-130 Petitions (If Any)

Part 5 of the respected document reveals other cases when the petitioner files a petition for alien relatives. If this is your case, make sure to provide the necessary data about any matters in the past or running currently. Complete the section if applicable.

step 15 submit information about other cases of i 130 petitions (if any) filling out a uscis form i 130
The section starts on page eight and continues on page nine. Consider the warning paragraph seriously because the penalties for submitting false data are severe.

  • Complete the Petitioner’s Statement Part

This part starts with the Statement Section, where you should indicate whether you have read and prepared the document yourself or turned to an interpreter for translation and assistance. Select the appropriate variant.

step 16.1 complete the petitioner’s statement part filling out a uscis form i 130If you require the assistance of an interpreter, you should complete Part 7 of the I-130 Form and collect the following:

  • The interpreter’s full name and domiciliary location
  • Contact info
  • The interpreter’s acknowledgment, including the certification and signature

step 16.2 complete the petitioner’s statement part filling out a uscis form i 130
If you ask someone else to prepare the Petition for you, make sure to provide the preparer’s necessary data in Part 8. You need to enter their legal name, address, contact data, and collect their statement, certification, and signature acknowledgment. The section covers pages 10-11.

step 16.3 complete the petitioner’s statement part filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Provide Your Contacts

After you have specified the statement details, proceed to the Contacts paragraph. Include actual phone numbers and an email address.

step 17 provide your contacts filling out a uscis form i 130

  • Read the Declaration Section and Sign the Petition

Prior to appending your signature, read the declaration attentively, and check all the submitted data to avoid mistakes and false statements. By signing the paperwork, the petitioner confirms their consent to the info provided.

step 18 read the declaration section and sign the petition filling out a uscis form i 130