USCIS Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support)

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USCIS Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support)

USCIS Form I-864, “Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA,” is a document by which a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident sponsors an immigrant applying for a U.S. green card, thereby agreeing to support the immigrant financially. This form is a legally enforceable contract meant to ensure that the immigrant does not become a public charge while in the United States. The sponsor must demonstrate the ability to maintain an annual income of at least 125% of the federal poverty line to fulfill the support requirements.

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Steps to Create the Document

The official template provided by the USCIS is ten pages long. Therefore, some people may think that it is very challenging to complete it. Although the form seems rather complex, the instructions provided in it are quite clear. All you need to do is to read them carefully and follow them diligently. Our guidelines will help you save even more time and reduce the risk of questions arising. If you still have any doubts or questions, you should seek legal advice.

Besides, creating a template can become very easy if you make use of our advanced form-building software. The form must be completed only in black ink. It can be printed and filled out in handwriting.

1) Leave the First Sections Blank

At the beginning of the document, you are provided with several sections. You do not need to write anything in there as they are completed by official agents (a USICS agent and an attorney).

step 1 leave the first sections blank filling out a uscis form i 864
2) Introduce Yourself

Start completing the affidavit of support form by writing your full legal name in the statement claiming that you are the sponsor who is ready to support the immigrant. Below the statement, choose your status: indicate whether you are the person who files the petition, a joint sponsor, or a family member either desiring to hire the relative or a five-percent owner in the entity who files it.

step 2 introduce yourself filling out a uscis form i 864
3) Include the Immigrant’s Name

In Part 2, introduce the immigrant. Start with writing their full name, including the middle name.

step 3 include the immigrant's name filling out a uscis form i 864
4) Add the Mailing Address

In Part 2, you are also required to add the full physical address of the principal immigrant. The address should include the street number and name, city, province, county, ZIP code, and postal code.

step 4 add the mailing address filling out a uscis form i 864
5) Provide Additional Information 

Apart from the name and address of the person seeking a green card, the petitioner must insert the country from which the person comes from or their nationality. Do not forget to mention their date of birth and phone number. If the immigrant has an alien registration number, it should be included in the form as well. If the petitioner has submitted petitions earlier, they are welcome to provide their USCIS account number.

step 5 provide additional information filling out a uscis form i 864
6) Add Info About Other Immigrants

Part 3 of the affidavit of support starts with several boxes, among which you need to choose the necessary one. Specify if you have provided financial support only for the person mentioned in the second part or for other family members coming to the United States with them. Fill out sections for each relative. Include their full names, dates of birth, and former registration number. Specify what types of relationship you have with this person (if it is your spouse, child). In one template, you can add five additional family members.

step 6 add info about other immigrants filling out a uscis form i 864
7) Specify the Number of Immigrants

In Part 4, state the exact number of relatives you are going to support for years. Read the information about cases carefully when you do not need to include the principal immigrant.

step 7 specify the number of immigrants filling out a uscis form i 864
8) Add Your Details

The next part is dedicated to you, as the petitioner. The basic requirements for this part are similar to those in Part 2. Enter your name, mailing address, and state if this address differs from your physical one. If it does, input your physical address as well.  Specify the date and place of birth and enter your SSN (Social Security Number). Select the appropriate box stating if you are a citizen, a national, or an LPR. Fill out the Military Service section.

step 8 add your details filling out a uscis form i 864
9) Add the Numbers

In the next part, you need to count all the members who are to be included in your household and occupy the home on a full-time basis and write the numbers in the blank sections.

step 9 add the numbers filling out a uscis form i 864
10) Provide Info About Your Employment Background and Earnings 

In Part 6, you are to enter information concerning your working experience (including self-employed activities). Check the suitable box and enter the most relevant data into the affidavit of support. Insert the income (in dollars) that you have got during the past year.

step 10.1 provide info about your employment background filling out a uscis form i 864
If your family members you have included in the household receive income, indicate how much money they make within a year. Write the total amount in the blank section for the USICS to decide whether the income is insufficient or not.

step 10.2 provide info about your employment background and earnings filling out a uscis form i 864
11) Provide Tax Details

State if you have submitted tax forms for the three recent tax years and enter the amount of money earned each year.

step 11 provide tax details filling out a uscis form i 864
12) Add Info About Your Assets (If Necessary)

The part is completed only if your total income is considered to be insufficient. Here, you are to enter the value of all assets in possession (stocks and bonds).

step 12 add info about your assets filling out a uscis form i 864
13) Select the Box

Indicate whether you have knowledge of the English language and have understood the form completely, have used an interpreter’s services, or have appointed another person to complete the form on your behalf.

step 13 select the box filling out a uscis form i 864
14) Include Your Contact Data

You should enter your email address and contact phone number. Ensure your availability if some questions arise, and some information about your case is to be delivered.

step 14 include your contact data filling out a uscis form i 864
15) Sign the Paper

Read all the paragraphs in the affidavit of support carefully. Make sure that you understand every detail of the document. Only after you have read and checked the information you can sign it. Place the date of signing.

step 15 sign the paper filling out a uscis form i 864
16) Introduce the Interpreter

If an interpreter helped you complete the form, provide their full name, address, and interpreter’s certification. Let them place their signature.

step 16 introduce the interpreter filling out a uscis form i 864
17) Introduce the Prepare

In case the form was filled out by an attorney or any other representative, add all the necessary details about them.

step 17 introduce the preparer filling out a uscis form i 864
18) Insert Additional Info

If the space in the form was not enough, you are allowed to write additional details (for example, if the full name is too long to fit in one box) on the last page of the affidavit of support document.

step 18 insert additional info filling out a uscis form i 864

Once you’ve completed Form I-864, you’ll submit it along with the green card application. Keep in mind that there might be additional forms and fees involved in the process, so it’s always a good idea to double-check the USCIS website or consult with an immigration attorney for the most up-to-date information.