Fill out forms and add text

You can easily add any text and fill out form fields using our online PDF editor. Use the import box above to start editing your files right away.

Edit PDFs on any device

You can use our editor on Windows, Linus, and macOS devices. You can also use it to edit PDF files on any mobile device because our tool is browser-based. And, you do not even have to install anything or register.

Encrypted PDF editing

Your data is completely safe as we have multiple security measures in place. Our site and any file operations are protected with advanced encryption algorithms.

PDF Editor

Our free PDF editor is your efficient assistant in PDF editing. You can change and edit PDF files as you like without having to convert them to a different format. You are free to add text, images, and other contents, highlight and annotate text, as well as fill out and secure PDF forms. Our online PDF editor is designed to make your work as easy as possible. You don't need to use any special software or download the tool to edit PDFs. It's possible to edit PDF files online via your preferred web browser. Our editor also works with different operating systems, like Windows and Mac, and mobiles.

How to Work with Our PDF Editor

To start edit PDF documents, you need to upload your documents first. You can upload them from your computer or any storage you want or drag and drop PDF files to the page. The uploaded PDF files are well-secured and will be deleted from our online PDF editor after you finish your work. With our secure editor, you can also edit fillable PDF forms. You need to click the necessary form field in the PDF document and start typing. If there are no fields in the form, you can easily add them with our tools. The guide below will explain how to use these PDF editor tools and features to edit PDF documents quickly.

How to Edit PDF Files

After you've selected and uploaded your PDF file, you can start the editing process. The guide below describes all the PDF editor functions—from editing PDF documents to filling out PDF forms. Follow the next steps to edit PDF files with no problems.

Add text to PDF

If you need to add text to your PDF documents, click the "Text" button in the top toolbar. The text box will appear for you to type in. You can choose its formatting features, such as font family, size, and color, and set its style to bold or italic. The text may be added anywhere in the PDF document.

Edit text in PDF

You can edit the existing text in your PDF document as well. Click the "Redact" tool in the toolbar and select the text you need to edit. You can edit the font, its size, and color. If you want to delete any part of the PDF page, click the "Erase" button and cover the chosen contents with white space. Use the "Highlight" tool to highlight or annotate the necessary part.

Add images to PDF

If you need to add images to your PDF files, select the "Image" tool and upload the necessary images to your list. You can upload them from your computer by clicking "Choose Image" or using the drag-and-drop interface. Once they are uploaded, click on a relevant thumbnail from your list to insert the image into the PDF file. It's possible to move images throughout the document and place them where you need, as well as resize them.

Add symbols to PDF

You can add different symbols to your PDF documents, such as checkmark, cross, and circle. Select the respective tool in the toolbar and add the symbol to a PDF page. Note: You can edit text boxes, editing boxes, images, or symbols and place anywhere you need in the document with your mouse and resize them by dragging the frame's corners. If you want to delete any of the mentioned items, click the red trash button on the top of it.

Move PDF contents

If you want to change how things are arranged in your PDF files, use the "Move" tool in the top menu and move PDF contents as you wish.

Rearrange PDF pages

Our online PDF editor allows you to rearrange pages in the document. Select the "Rearrange pages" tool located at the bottom left corner and choose the necessary option—change your pages' order, remove pages, or add new ones. Select "Apply" after appropriate changes are done.

Edit forms in PDF

With our free PDF editor, you can quickly fill out PDF forms online. After you've uploaded the form, select the necessary form field and type in your text.

Find in PDF

You can easily find all occurrences of words or phrases in your PDF file and edit them if needed. Click the "Search" button at the top right corner of the page and type in your word or phrase. Note: You can cancel or repeat your actions by clicking the "Undo" (left arrow) or "Redo" (right arrow) buttons. These tools are located at the top right corner of the file page.

Simply View the PDF

If you need to view your PDF file, you can use our tool just for that. You can also rotate PDF pages to view them from a different angle, zoom in and out, change the width fit, etc.

Write on Your PDF Pages

With this PDF editor, you can quickly write on your PDF files. Just click the "Text" button, click anywhere on the PDF, and start typing. You can customize the text by changing its font family, style, size, and color.

Sign your PDF file

To create the signature for your PDFs, use the "Sign" tool. There are three available signing options. After selecting your desired method, click "Add Signature" and sign your PDF file. The signing options are the following:

When you finish editing PDF files, you can secure PDF changes by clicking the "Done" button. You will only have to export your PDF documents and forms either by downloading them with the "Download" button or sending them via email.