Add Text to PDF Files

How often do you use PDF files? We assume that working with PDFs might be a daily occurrence for you. You might be using them for studies or work, but regardless of how often you use PDF documents, Formspal has your back. With our tool, you can add as much text to your documents as you need!

Adding Text to a PDF File: 3 Simple Steps

Here is how you can easily and swiftly add pieces of text to your PDF file:

  1. Upload the file you want to bring some changes to.

  2. Click the "Text" button in the toolbar at the top of the menu. By doing that, you will open a text box that will let you type text in. You are free to add text in any place in your file. You can also choose its formatting features, such as font family, size, and color, and set its style to bold or italic.

  3. Add text to your PDF file. Use our various tools to put comments, notes, spreadsheets, or even drawings to perfect your PDF document.

  4. When you are done altering the text, download the new PDF.

Can I Use This Online PDF Editor from My Phone?

No worries! If you are in a rush and need to add text to PDF files on your phone, be sure it will be effortless. There is no difference in your operating system; just make sure you have a stable internet connection. No need to download apps - the Formspal editor works smoothly and efficiently in the web version.

All you need to do is choose the PDF file from your phone storage, add text to your PDF document, make sure to do all the highlights, and put all the comments you need. Download the ready PDF document and enjoy working with it!

How to Edit Text in a PDF

A lot of free online editors only let you add text to your documents and don't let you edit the original text in the document. However. this is not the case for Formspal - with this free tool, you can add text to PDF, remove typos, format text, revise sections of your text, and much more!

Explore everything you can do with Formspal to keep edits easy and workflow moving.

Unbeatable Benefits of Adding Text with the Formspal PDF editor

  1. The basis for Formspal's operation is cloud servers which means that the tool is available 24/7 from any location! You shouldn't worry about using a specific browser - the editor works equally well on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

  2. This online editor for PDFs quickly adds text to a PDF and completes forms. You can easily add text to a PDF from your PC, Google Drive or Dropbox by importing a file into the toolbox above.

  3. Creating documents in the program is easy, thanks to a streamlined user interface. Adding text is the only option currently available through the simplified interface, but users can edit their documents by adding drawings and shapes.

  4. Our advanced level of security is guaranteed to protect your data 100%. Both our website and file transfers use trustable SSL encryption.