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IRS Form 1040

In our review, you will get all the essential information regarding form 1040, understand why you require to file this document, and learn how to create the IRS form 1040 correctly. Also, in this article, you will find a detailed step-by-step guide to filling out IRS form 1040, with a detailed description of every step of making the document.

Form 1040 is one of the regular papers that American taxpayers submit when reporting their gross income and total income. This paper is also used to estimate the tax that the compiler must pay for the preceding tax year. Drawing up IRS form 1040 is a mandatory step in creating an income report, so it is worthwhile to approach this process responsibly.

What Is a Tax Form 1040?

A US Individual income tax return form is a regulation paper that taxpayers prepare each tax year. This tax form contains info regarding the taxpayers, standard deduction and itemized deductions, the amount of taxable profit, any tax credits, and tax returns.

This document will also help taxpayers estimate the amount of tax that they must pay in this tax year.

This same tax document is used to calculate the tax refund, which any United States citizen can expect to receive. A tax refund will help you return your money towards paying taxes next year. This feature of this form can save you funds.

Form 1040 is the most common and standard document used to create a tax return. That is why the accurate preparation of this paper is an important condition while paying taxes. If you understand that you cannot cope with this form yourself, you can use our form-building software or seek professional help.

Are the Tax Return Form 1040, Form 1040 SR, and Tax Return Form W2 Similar?

It may seem that Form 1040, Form 1040 SR, and Form W2 are the same documents, but they are not.

These documents have a lot in common, so it is quite easy to get confused. All those papers are drawn up when assessing taxes for the tax year. Both papers contain information about taxable income for the year, the estimate of tax returns, tax credits, and tax refunds.

But there is a difference that distinguishes Form 1040 from Form W2. Form 1040 is created by taxpayers, and IRS Form W2 is created by the employer. At the same time, when creating IRS Form W2, the organization must indicate all the worker’s income for the year and calculate the taxes that the worker is obliged to pay or can return.

As for Form 1040 SR, it is for taxpayers over 65. By applying Form 1040 SR, your total tax may be significantly reduced. You can additionally apply your standard deduction on this document.

Why Do I Need a US Individual Income Tax Return Form?

You may find an IRS individual tax return form useful for a variety of reasons, but in any case, this document is required when creating your annual tax return. Below you will see a listing of the central reasons for creating an IRS individual tax return form, in which each reason will be described.

  • You Can Calculate Your Taxable Income

This form is designed to figure your taxable income for the tax year. Taxable income is the money you get in a year that falls under the classification of a subject to income tax.

  • You Can Calculate Your Tax Liability

Tax liability is how much income tax you need to handle this year. When determining the taxes you owe, you can deduct all taxes you have previously handled this year. In the same step, when creating a 1040 form, you can specify all your tax credits and anything that will help you recalculate your income tax.

  • You Can Indicate Whether You Have Paid Part (or all) of Your Taxes This Year

One of the goals for creating a 1040 IRS form is to recalculate your income tax. If you have any tax breaks, tax credits, or overpayments, you can cover up to 100% of your yearly income tax with them. On IRS Form 1040 SR, you will find a segment where you can specify how you will earn funds that set out to be an overpayment for this year. It implies that you can get some of your funds back using this IRS form.

  • You Can Estimate Deductions

You can estimate your deductions and thereby decrease your taxes. You can deduct interest, mortgage interest, sales taxes, and even charitable contributions. Also, when deducting taxes, include all dependents, it will also help you significantly reduce the number of tax payments for the year.

How Do I Get a Tax Return Form 1040?

Any taxpayer in the United States can obtain and create a Form 1040 SR electronically or on paper.

The computerized creation and filling of papers of this type are considered more reliable and convenient as it is easier to correct errors in electronic format if any. You can download the form on our website, choosing any format that suits you.

If it is more convenient for you to use the printed version of the document, it is also possible to do this. You just need to print the form from the official IRS site. Then fill out the form in writing.

You will find directions on how to fill out form 1040 in the next segment of the review. This guide is suitable for both electronic filling and manual filling.

Other IRS Forms for Partnerships

If you have already filed the Form 1040, you might need to file more forms, depending on the complexity of your finances. Check what IRS forms are often filled out by our users along with the standard tax return form for individual taxpayers.

What Do I Need to Fill Out the Form 1040?

Of course, you can compose form yourself; this is not quite realistic. Correct filling of the 1040 form will guarantee that you correctly draw up the paper, and therefore the correct taxes. When filling out the 1040 form, you will need to present a lot of data, take many steps. For best results, we advise that you use our form-building software. If you have any doubts concerning any of the phrasing, it is better to seek professional legal advice. Below you will find a detailed step-by-step guide on how to build and fill out a 1040 form.

1) Download The Form 

First, you need to download the paper. You can do this on our website by choosing a format convenient for you. Once downloaded, you can fill out the document online using our form building software. You can also print the document and fill it in manually if you prefer.

2) Indicate Your Marital Status

In the very first part of the document, you need to determine your marital status. You will have five options to choose from: single, married (joint filing), married (separate filling), head of household, widower (widow). Based on the choice of one or another option, you will need to fill out the subsequent parts of the document.

step 2 indicate your marital status - filling out an irs form 1040

3) Enter Your Name and Contact Info

To get started, enter your first name and the initial of your middle name, and in the next box, enter your last name. If necessary, write your spouse’s name under your name. Under the name(s), enter your contact info. First, enter the street, then the building number, and then the apartment number. After indicating the street, house, and apartment, enter the state and your zip code. If required, you can also indicate the address of a foreign country at this stage.

step 3 enter your name and contact info - filling out an irs form 1040

4) Enter Your Social Security Number

You will see two fields under the social security number to the right from the fields for the name and contact data. Print your social security number first, and below it, print your spouse’s social security number (if applicable).

step 4 enter your social security number - filling out an irs form 1040

5) Define the Presidential Election Campaign

If you or your spouse are willing, you can tick the box by participating in this fund. This field is optional and will not affect your final tax amount.

step 5 define the presidential election campaign - filling out an irs form 1040

6) Answer Whether You Have Used Cryptocurrencies

At this step of filling out the form, you need to answer whether you have practiced virtual currencies this year. Just check “yes” or “no” according to your answer to this question.

step 6 answer whether you have used cryptocurrencies - filling out an irs form 1040

7) Check Standard Deduction

Choose one of three options for who can claim. That can be your spouse, you, or you (your spouse with dual citizenship). Below you will see the “age or blindness” column. In this column, it is important to note if one of the form’s compilers is over 65 years old or a blind taxpayer. Termin “blind taxpayer” means someone whose vision makes them blind. These taxpayers can qualify for special deductions, just like individuals over 65. It can affect the result of your income tax.

step 7 check standard deduction - filling out an irs form 1040

8) Specify Dependents

At this step, you need to file all the dependents (family members). If there are five or more dependents, check a box. So, to enter information about each of the dependents, you need to fill in four fields: name, social security number, relationship, “is suitable for a child tax credit or is suitable for another tax credit.”

step 8 specify dependents - filling out an irs form 1040

9) Enter Income Info

Provide info about all your income, including dividends, support, and other returns. During the same step, enter gross income information, standard deduction, or itemized deductions. After filling in all the columns, indicate the total income.

step 9 enter income info - filling out an irs form 1040

10) Specify Taxes and Credits

At this step, you need to file your total gross income, as well as all your tax credits, self-employment tax included. This step is very important because tax credits can change the amount of your total tax.

step 10 specify taxes and credits - filling out an irs form 1040

11) Enter Payments Info

At the same step, list all your payments, including federal income tax. After filling in lines 25-32, you need to add lines 32, 26, 25d. The result of this addition is all of your payments for the past tax year.

step 11 enter payments info - filling out an irs form 1040

12) Calculate Your Tax Refund

Here you need to enter the amount of the overpayment you want to return and the amount you want to spend on paying taxes in the next year to get a tax refund. This move can significantly reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay this year and the next. Sometimes the recalculation can cover about 100 percent of the tax payments for the year.

step 12 calculate your tax refund - filling out an irs form 1040

13) Calculate How Much You Owe

At this step, you need to estimate how much taxes you should pay this year, taking into account all deductions and credits. It is quite easy to do so, and it is enough to deduct all your payments from your total tax.

step 13 calculate how much you owe - filling out an irs form 1040

14) Enter The Third Party Info

Fill in the designee’s name, contact phone number, and personal identification number (PIN).

step 14 enter the third party info - filling out an irs form 1040

15) Sign The Document

Enter your name and your spouse’s name, place the date, enter your locations, and enter your identification number (if any). Do not forget to include your contact phone number and email. You will find the fields for recording your contact info under the fields for recording names and addresses.

step 15 sign the document - filling out an irs form 1040

16) Enter the Paid Preparer Info

It is necessary to enter the paid preparer’s name, sign the form, and date it. If you have filled out the paper via a company, you must record the company’s name and data.

step 16 enter the paid preparer info - filling out an irs form 1040