Minor Photo Release Form

A Minor Photo Release Form is a commonly used document in the United States when third parties require permission to take pictures of a child from the child’s parents or guardians. Parents give their consent to approved individuals to use photographs of their youngsters for different purposes. When signing this photo release form, a parent or guardian confirms that they are not going to receive money for the use of the pictures.


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Create a Personalized Minor Photo Release Form online in under 5 minutes!

Some parents may object to not only someone’s taking photos of their loved children but also making videos or recording their voices. Thus, there are several variations of the release of liability form for children in the United States:

  • Minor Photo Release Form (used when only photos of minors are involved)

It ensures the safety of the one who takes photos and that all actions of a photographer regarding the use of children’s photos are legal. To create the document correctly, one must include the following information: the child’s name, details of the person who grants the permission (the full name and the type of relationships with the minor), the name of the organization or person who obtains the permission, the signatures of the parties giving the consent, the date of signing the document;

  • Minor Appearance Release Form.

This form is usually used when a child participates in shooting a film. After the document is completed and signed, the film producers have a legal right to record any action of the child in the film and his or her image. They are also allowed to use the material in promotion and advertising. Besides the details mentioned above that are universal for all media forms for minors, one must add the working title of the film, the date of the release, and the location of the production.

  • Video or Audio Release Form for Minors.

These forms can be used either separately or together (sometimes along with a photo release) when a minor participates in an event or project where the recording of their voices or likeness is required.

When to Use Minor Photo Release

As a photographer, if you want to take and publish photos of a child, you should sign the minor photo release form to avoid copyright violation issues. If you don’t want to be sued by the child’s parents or guardian for illegal actions, obtain the template and let the other party complete and sign it.

If you don’t have a signed photo release form, you are prohibited from using or publishing the minor’s photos for private, advertising, or promotional purposes on a website or any other platform available for the public, use them as illustrations in a book, magazine, newspaper, any other paper edition, and so on.

Minor Photo Release Form Details

Document Name Minor Photo Release Form
Other Names Model Release for Minors, Photo Release for Minors
Avg. Time to Fill Out 8 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 19
Available Formats Adobe PDF

General Steps to Create a Minor Release Form

  • Specify Photo Shoot Conditions

Although the form does not specify the period during which the permission remains valid, it is recommended to discuss it with the other party. For example, let the photographer know if you grant permission for a one-time event or the whole school or summer camp period. If there are other conditions you want to add, do it in writing or explain them to the photographer.

  • Define How Photos Will Be Used

When completing the form, you, as a parent, do not need to be specific about the use of photos. However, when a photographer meets the child’s parents, they are advised to explain to the guardians for what purposes (commercial or private) the taken pictures will be used. It will help to avoid any kind of confusing situation between the parties.

  • Complete and Sign the Template

Once the two parties have discussed their plans and have agreed on all conditions, they can proceed to sign the form. Before signing the form, let the parents provide their ID cards or any other documents verifying their identities. You should sign the document Only after you have made sure that they have the authority to complete the form on behalf of the minor. Keep the original in a safe place and even make copies of the document to protect your copyrights.

Template Preview
Create a Personalized Minor Photo Release Form online in under 5 minutes!

Filling Out a Minor Photo Release Form

This release form is easy to complete as it contains only one page and does not require extensive answers. You need to enter only a few details. Read the comprehensive instructions below to find out what information is essential for you to include.

Make sure you use our form-building software to download the correct template.

Add the Parent’s Name

First, as a parent (or guardian), write your name in the first line of the statement, where you declare that you give consent to taking and using pictures of your child.
Step 1 to filling out a minor photo release form parent name

Write the Child’s Name

Insert the name of the minor who is photographed. If there are several children, use separate templates for each child.
Step 2 to filling out a minor photo release sample child name

Input the Photographer’s Name

In the next blank line, introduce the person or studio receiving your consent. You should verify the photographer’s identity and make sure that they have a legal right to work as such.
Step 3 to filling out a minor photo release example photographer name

Describe What Pictures are Allowed

In the last blank line of the statement, specify what types of photos the photographer is allowed to take. The list may include school album or yearbook photos, passport pictures, family photos, and other image types.

Sign the Document

Once all the details have been inserted and checked, the form can be signed by the party giving permission to take photos of the child. Also, insert the date of signing. Without signatures, the form cannot be considered valid. However, this is not the last step of the completing process.
Step 5 to filling out a minor photo release template signatures

Add Details of the Parties

Below the signature line, there are three sections in which you should enter the personal information of the parent (or guardian) and the minor. The first section requires you to enter your legal name once again. In the second one, write the name of the youngster. In the third section, provide the phone number that the photographer can use to contact you.
Step 6 to filling out a minor photo blank release form parties details

Published: Jun 17, 2022