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IRS Form W-4

Form W-4 is a straightforward legal instrument applied in situations related to federal income tax payments and withholdings. The United States requires the appropriate tax to be subtracted from workers’ salaries. Employers adhere to that after their employees have specified tax withholdings that apply to them in their W-4 forms. Then they make the deductions by utilizing the details supplied with the forms.

A newly-employed worker is expected to complete the newest W-4 form whenever they get started on the current position and typically submit it before they have officially begun their employment period.

W-4 essentially helps in specifying the total tax that should be retained from the payroll checks. The present text helps the reader familiarize themselves with Form W-4 by explaining why it is necessary and what it should contain.

General Information

Tax withholdings must be conducted regularly and according to each individual’s situation. W-4 lets employers learn accurate information about the specific employee’s tax status. They then withhold the tax basing the total on the facts stated by the employee. It follows that if you have specified something wrong, you will either receive a refund (when too much money is retained) or receive a penalty for not paying enough in taxes.

What Is the IRS?

The IRS, or the Internal Revenue Service, is a governmental agency that exists to enforce tax laws in America. It was founded in 1862 and since then has been working on determining, calculating, returning, and collecting taxes in the United States. It also handles numerous benefits programs.

The IRS aids taxpayers in complying with the requirements of the tax laws in the United States. The IRS issues the new versions of the W-4 form every year.

Why Do I Need Form W-4?

You can declare specific allowances in W-4. Without the employee specifying this information, it would not be available to the employer. W-4 usually stays with the employer because the main purpose for this type of document is to assist the employer with calculating withholdings from the employee’s salary from the details they have provided in the form.

Who Does Not Have to Fill Out Form W-4?

The individual whose taxes are concerned has to fill out Form W-4 as nobody else can know the required personal information about their withholding allowances in full. The employer cannot create and submit this form for them. They would not be allowed to do that instead of you. All employees should complete the W-4 form themselves. It is different in cases when concerning independent contractors or business owners. They need to complete a different type of form.

Can I Refuse to Submit the W-4 Form?

Failing to submit the W-4 form may potentially result in the IRS, making your employer retain the money as if you have not had any adjustments. This is according to the official IRS instruction for the employers. An attempt to fill out and submit Form W-4 instead of the employee is illegal, so it should never be attempted.

When Do I Need to Fill out Form W-4?

W4 form will typically be sent to you together with other documents you need to submit when starting on a new position. It would be your employer’s responsibility to provide you with this form. You also need to complete a new W-4 form every time your financial circumstances change so that the information about your income tax can be updated and the tax return can be calculated accordingly.

How Much Will Be Deducted Through Form W-4?

Income tax withholding depends on each particular case. This will be determined upon how many allowances you claim. The more you claim, the fewer deductions will be made. You can use the special tool provided by the IRS on their website for calculating the deductions yourself.

What If I Have More Than One Job?

There is a specific step in the 2022 Form W-4 that you will need to complete if you hold multiple jobs. There is also a multiple jobs worksheet attached that you will need to use. The 2022 Form W-4 is very straightforward and self-explanatory, so you should not be confused when you fill it out.

Is Form W-4 Different From Form W-9?

There is a very important difference between these two forms. You need to make sure that you are filling out the correct one. You should not have a problem with distinguishing the two. Moreover, your employer will ask you to fill out the correct 2020 Form W-4 and check it. Form W-9 applies to independent contractors and business owners, while W-4 is for employees.

How Long Does It Take To Feel the W-4 Form Out?

It depends on how complex your tax circumstances are. The good thing is that you only need to fill it out once when you start on a new job. You may have to repeat the process whenever you decide to change how much is withheld from your salary. Your employer will most likely remind you that you may want to submit a new form when the time comes if you need to change your withholding allowances.

Tax Returns

The IRS is an organization that authorizes and issues tax returns. Every year, millions of Americans receive a tax return. The best thing an employee can do to receive their tax return as soon as possible is to properly fill out the Form W-4 (also called the employee’s withholding certificate).

Many other forms exist that have to do with the federal income tax and tax returns in the USA, such as the certification request, the child tax credit, the change of address, or the request for taxpayer identification number forms.

Tax Return Instructions

Before submitting your tax return forms, check the W-4 to make sure that everything is accurate, precise, and adds up. The common form for tax returns is called Form 1040 and is also issued by the IRS. The primary reason to use one of those is to ask for a refund for any income tax you may have overpaid. There are variations of this form. Choose the one that applies to your conditions the best. You can submit corrections to your W-4 if you have made a mistake when filling it out.

Income Tax Withholding Exemptions

If an individual qualifies for an exemption, they let their employers know through W-4. An individual would be exempted if they satisfy two conditions:

  • they did not owe federal income tax for the preceding year
  • they do not count to owe any in the following year either

Such an exemption will be valid for one year and must be renewed if necessary. To declare a withholding exemption, write “Exempt” during Step 4c while you are filling out W-4. Also, address Steps 1a, 1b, and 5 while skipping the others.


W-4 acts as an essential legal tool and is utilized in communication and dealings with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and their requirements by the employers. Employees, when they step into another job, are always supposed to submit one. Expect the employee to request you to return the 2020 Form W-4 as soon as possible after you have confirmed the offer and got a document pack from them.

W-4 is an IRS template that is very important for every employer or worker in the United States. Filling it out correctly is very important for the appropriate tax information to be stored correctly and, subsequently, income tax withholdings to be organized properly and accurately.

Other IRS Forms for Individuals

Employees in the US might need to file much more IRS forms than just one. Learn what other IRS forms might be required by the Internal Revenue Service.

Filling Out the 2022 W-4 Form

The IRS regularly issues updated templates. Go through the 2020 W-4 template as slowly and carefully as possible to avoid making mistakes in the new form. The employer should check that you are provided with a correct template because altering the template will lead to its refusal.

Step 1. Personal Information

As one may expect, firstly you are supposed to specify your details. That is how many forms start, so this part should be fairly self-explanatory. Note that in addition to your full name, including the middle name, and contact address, you will also have to include your social security number.

Remember that you have to include your full contact address with the ZIP code when providing your address. Note that your name should match your name on your social security card. If they do not match, you are advised to contact the Social Security Administration (SSA). The required contact details are provided for you.

step 1. personal information filling out an irs form w 4

The last paragraph is incorporated to identify your status. The first response is either for single individuals or for those who are married filing separately. You could also be married filing jointly. Finally, you could be a widower or widow. Read carefully the definition of being the head of household and check only if that legal definition applies.

step 1.1 identify your status filling out an irs form w 4

Step 2. Multiple Jobs or Spouse Works

Fill out these boxes if these concern your current circumstances. This would be so in the following cases:

  • if you hold several jobs at the same time,
  • if you are married filing jointly with a spouse who also works

Individuals who have two jobs that they hold in total should check the appropriate box, as shown below under letter “c.” If not, either use the tax estimator through the link provided to you or use the multiple jobs worksheet in the appendix.

step 2. multiple jobs or spouse works filling out an irs form w 4

Step 3. Claim Dependents

If you have dependents, you should calculate the money amounts as suggested in the form, depending on how many dependents you have and whether these are your children. Remember to include the total in the last box.

If you apply for the child tax credit, you should know that the child should be under the age of 17 by the end of the year and live with you for more than six months. They should also have a valid social security number. There could be other dependents who are not underage children, too, such as qualifying relatives.

step 3. claim dependents filling out an irs form w 4
Step 4. Other Adjustments (Optional)

This step would not apply to everyone, so only go through it if you know that you need to. It will be in case you want tax withholding for some other income not related to jobs, or if you claim deductions of a specific, non-standard nature, or if you want to add some extra tax withholding. Otherwise, feel free to skip this section entirely.

If you are demanding withholding exemption, simply put “Exempt” in this section.

step 4. other adjustments (optional) filling out an irs form w 4
Step 5. Provide Your Signature

Make sure that all the information you have stated above is correct. This is extremely important because by providing your signature, you confirm that all you have specified is correct and true, to the best of your knowledge.

In addition to your signature, you will need to state the date when you filled it out.

step 5. provide your signature filling out an irs form w 4
When the employer receives the form from you, they will need to complete it by filling a special ’employers only’ box at the end of it. This will notify the IRS of when you started your work and will allow them to identify your employer with their name, address, and identification number.

step 5.1 filling a special 'employers only' box filling out an irs form w 4
The appendix incorporates the general and specific instructions for you to read through and follow, as well as the multiple jobs worksheet. If you have chosen the corresponding variant of response during Step 2, then you should use this spreadsheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a New Form W-4 For 2022?

Yes, there is the new form 2022 Form W-4. The IRS issues these forms regularly, and the relevant ones should be used every time for the appropriate year. It is unlikely that your employer would provide you with an incorrect version, but you may want to make sure that you are filling out the 2022 Form W-4. The new W-4 is not very different from the previous ones and is built with similar principles in mind, but it is expected by the IRS that the correct forms are submitted every year.

What Should I Claim On W-4?

The new W-4 form, similarly to the previous issues, exists for employees to use an opportunity to claim any withholding exemptions that they legally can receive during their tax return. If you have claimed fewer withholding allowances than how much you are entitled to, then you will get more money withheld in your payslip. This means that your pay will be lower. In case you do not claim anything, which is called claiming ‘0’ on the new W-4 form, then you may accidentally ‘save’ some money for the future. You will be able to declare the withholding exemptions later and get a refund.

Is There a Tool That Can Help Me Estimate the Deductions?

Yes. The IRS provides a very convenient tool on their website that can help you estimate how much tax will be withheld from your payment. This is a useful way of seeing how much tax should be retained from you. You can use it to quickly and easily estimate your income tax for 2022. You will answer some questions about your financial situation, and it will give you the output with the calculations you need.

Do I Have To Fill Out the New 2022 Form W-4?

Yes. Every tax year, there would be a new W-4 form put together by the IRS. Employers should keep track of these changes and always obtain the new form applicable to the ongoing year. The new Form W-4 always comes with instructions, so even if there are some significant changes to how it should be filled out, there should be no confusion over it.