Personal Recommendation Letter

Letters of recommendation are authorized forms that contain specific comments on the individual’s employment background, performance, unique characteristics, leadership qualities, merits, achievements, and other contributions.

Reference letters include job recommendation letters, personal reference letters—also known as letters of recommendation for a friend—credentials for a scholarship, immigration, and more. Most spheres in life require a candidate to provide a relevant portfolio complemented by a reference paper.

The letter of recommendation is prepared and authorized by someone the candidate has collaborated with before. The focal point of these papers is to provide positive feedback and prove that the applicant authentically deserves the grant, the chance, or the position.

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When are Personal Letters of Recommendation Needed?

Various spheres require reference letters to disclose why the candidate is worthy of the benefits and prospects offered. In many cases, these papers are submitted to meet the demands of college and other educational programs, employers, rental and immigration purposes, and more.

The following purposes and situations may require a professional reference notice from someone reputable and heavyweight.

Letters for a friend can be divided into two categories: personal reference letters and character reference letters.

  • A personal reference letter aims to reinforce one’s claim for employment, rental position when planning to share a house or entering a condominium, or applying to participate in an association or organizational activities. This document usually has a summary memo structure and appears to be additional proof of the candidate’s characteristics. It is created to ensure either a potential employer, co-tenants, renters, or an association board that the applicant has enough experience and is worth the chance.
  • On the other hand, character reference letters are more heavyweight and are often required during court situations and immigration purposes. In both cases, court judges or immigration system representatives are presented with written evidence that the challenger has high moral qualities and is trustworthy.

Regardless of the personal letter type, a colleague, a partner, or a friend can write the document. Personal reference letters should be constructed following certain standards that we review in this article. Read on to learn more important facts about the documents.

What Do Personal Letters of Recommendation Contain?

Reference Letters are free-form documents. However, the presentation matters and the candidate needs to be sure that all inherent components are included to put the best face forward. Consider the must-have list below and always keep it in mind while preparing your support or completing a sample character reference letter for a friend.

  1. The current date of reference and the receiver should be defined in the heading of the reference letter. If the receiver is unknown due to the document’s general nature, the preparer can enter a universal addressee.
  2. Identification of the person been recommended. Here, it is enough to indicate the candidate’s name and occupation (if applicable).
  3. How the referencer relates to the candidate, defining the relationship nature—a business partner, a family member, or a friend.
  4. Personal qualities and achievements presenting the candidate as a successful person. In this section, the advisor is supposed to list the candidate’s attributes, performance, and any essential accomplishments. This is the most vital part of the document and should be created with commitment and accuracy.
  5. Conclusion. Provide a summary of why the person you provide the reference for should be benefitted.
  6. Advisor’s contact data. Traditionally, the recommending person should disclose their email or phone number for contact purposes. They are also required to sign the letter and place the date.

How to Select a Reference Advisor and Ask for Recommendations?

Candidates who need positive and accurately constructed reference letters should consider the below-listed ideas to get an impressive document with authentic endorsements.

  • Prepare a template

It is always a good idea to have a pre-arranged template. As they say, no one knows you better than you do. Remain consistent and place your traits and achievements in order. The advisor can always use the template or rely on the information presented when tailoring a personal reference letter.

  • Select a dependable person

Choosing the right person is an important step. Make sure the person providing references has a reputable position in society and at work, and their characteristics can serve as a criterion the organization or institution can rely on.

  • Ask for assistance

Kindly ask for a favor and have the patience to wait for the finished paper. You can avoid delaying by providing correct instructions regarding when the document is needed and its primary purpose.

  • Review the Recommendation Letter

Once you get the letter of reference, ensure you read it. All details should support your personality and professional skills and qualities if needed.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Reference Letters

If you are asked to provide references for someone you know, or you are the candidate selecting the right template, ensure you know what to include and what should never cloud your recommendation notice.

What to omit:

  • Falsification

No matter how much the candidate desires to get the position or acquire the new status, the person providing recommendation should never stoop to lies and falsify the applicant’s achievements and qualities. In fact, all information provided can be easily checked, and personal qualities will give out sooner or later. Eventually, the candidate’s reputation will be questioned, and your authority will also shutter.

  • Negative feedback

The applicant’s focal purpose is to reinforce and display their image positively. Negative feedback should never land on the letter. Try to focus on positive things and strengths.

  • Chummy manners

It is vital to compose a personal reference letter for a friend or relative in a neutral manner. Back-slapping introduces negligence and incompetence.

  • Delay in providing recommendation

As a rule, letters of recommendation are required by a certain date. Ensure you do not put your friend or colleague on the line.

Recommendations to observe:

  • Keep an open mind

Sometimes, the institution or organization for whom the applicant collects the recommendation letter may wish to contact the adviser. If you agree to prepare such a reference document, please be open to conversation and discuss the details and recommendations you have provided if needed. It is vital for the candidate and the organization to understand that the advisor is trustworthy.

  • Be accurate, positive, and consistent.

Personal letters of recommendation for a friend should be informative, well-structured, and present essential information eloquently. Find inspiration describing the candidate’s achievements and attributes. Commitment is vital.

Sample Templates

We encourage you to select a preferred sample template prepared by our specialists and generated by our PDF file generator. Simply create a document, fill in the essential data, and print out the completed form.

Sample 1

Character Reference Letter

Date: ____________________

To Whom It May Concern,

I, ________________________, [enter the full name] am honored to provide a reference for ________________________ [person’s full name] who appears to be one of the dependable people I have known personally as  ____________________ [indicate the type of relations, for example, a friend, a colleague, other].

My interactions with  ____________________ [individual’s name] have always been full of responsible care, high regard, and confidence.

That aside, ____________________ [individual’s name] has always treated other people with dignity, respect, and commitment.

Please do not delay contacting me should you require more details.

Kind Regards,

Name and Signature ______________________________

Date ______________

Contact Phone ____________________

Email Address ____________________


Sample 2

Personal Letter of Recommendation

Today, on  ____________________

To __________________________ (enter the addressee’s name) and everyone Whom This May Concern,

I, ________________________, [enter the name] am privileged to provide a recommendation notice to ________________________ [candidate’s name] who from all appearances, is one of the reliable and decent persons I have known personally.

__________________ [candidate’s name] appears to be my considerable ____________________ [indicate the type of relations, for example, a friend, a colleague, other].




[Use the offered space to list the person’s important achievements and honors].

My personal interactions with  ____________________ [individual’s name] have always prospered with delight, high regard, and confidence.

That aside, ____________________ [individual’s name] has always treated other people with dignity, respect, and responsible care.

Please be encouraged to reach me if you need further details and additional information.

Best Regards,

Name and Signature ______________________________

Date ______________

Contact Phone ____________________

Email Address ____________________

Published: Aug 6, 2022