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Business and Employment Documents

The articles of incorporation is one of the legal documents that business owners use when creating a corporation. It consists of all sorts of data about the business. This legal form must be completed correctly, meeting all the specifications of the state where the organization is being registered....Learn more
A business plan template is a legal document of primary importance for people willing to establish their own businesses. This form itself represents a comprehensive overview of the main lines of development for the established entity, its owners, the staff crew, the investors, and the potential partners....Learn more
A cease and desist letter is a document you should create if you are dissatisfied with the way you are treated by another individual or legal entity. This document is meant to warn the other party about your intention to initiate a legal process unless they stop any unwanted activity....Learn more
A consignment agreement is a legal form that officially authorizes a particular person to sell a commodity that the filler legally possesses or produces. The consignment form is required among manufacturers and sellers of products. It regulates the relations of the transaction participants, the terms of cooperation, and the amount of the commission of the second seller....Learn more
Corporate bylaws are essential legal documents that include the main rules and principles of operating a business. Most states require corporations to have a legal basis or bylaws that help the company and its managers create a plan of activities and develop strategies and goals....Learn more
Employment forms are essential legal documents regulating relationships between an employer and a new hire. They outline the parties’ rights, responsibilities, and payment terms specific to each type of employment. Depending on the type of employment, these forms can be an employment contract, independent contractor agreement, and subcontractor agreement....Learn more
An employee handbook is used by companies as a legal set of manuals defining the company’s policies. These legal documents describe the rules of employee behavior, including ethics, benefits, and deductions for violating local laws. The handbook introduces employees to the company's values and is meant to create a strong business culture....Learn more
An employment verification letter is typically issued by the current or former employer to confirm the employee’s effective dates of employment, position, and salary. The request for such information may come from a potential employer, be it a federal agency, bank, or any other office....Learn more
A hold harmless agreement is a legal document in which one or both parties are absolved of any liability for possible harm or injuries caused to the signatory(ies). Such agreements are used in production connected with health risks or banking to prevent legal liability for financial losses....Learn more
A job description template is a form that provides particular skill and personality requirements an applicant needs to fulfill to be hired for the designated position. The document establishes the scope of responsibility and enlists the final goals, everyday duties, and tools used when performing the role....Learn more
A job offer (letter) template is a document typically delivered to successful candidates for a job opening. The potential employer confirms their intention to hire selected applicants by sending a job offer. Thus, the parties can agree on specific terms and conditions concerning further employment....Learn more
A letter of intent (LOI) form is a formal declaration of preliminary commitment. It may concern any arrangement between the parties to do business together. The letter should outline all the primary conditions of the deal to come. Similar to term sheets, these letters are commonly used in significant business transactions....Learn more
A meeting minutes template is a form used to record the board negotiations. The document proves that an organization followed the essential procedures and laws established in the state’s territories. The meeting minutes appear to be lawfully powerful forms that can serve as evidence at the request of authorities if any issue regarding the organization’s property arises....Learn more
A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a formal agreement between the parties expressing their goodwill and intention to align their actions. Such arrangements are commonly known as “gentlemen's agreements” and may be either bilateral or multilateral. Parties can resort to such methods if they do not require any legally enforceable commitment....Learn more
A non-compete agreement is a legal contract that ensures an individual contractor, an employer, or an entity will not pursue self-profit and disclose sensitive data to business rivals. As a rule, new employees are offered to sign the covenant that restricts them from managing a similar business or enrolling as a member of a competing organization. Typically, these limitations operate within a particular state or region and have expiration periods....Learn more
Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are legal documents that protect sensitive or commercial information from being exposed to the public. They constitute an essential part of the legal framework and are used during negotiations, employment, and for the author’s rights protection. Typically, the information recipient gets to sign this form....Learn more
An operating agreement for a single member is a statutory document regulating the operation of a limited liability company (LLC) with a sole owner. Such legal documents help establish the company’s legal status as a business unit, set forth the owner’s liability framework, and distinguish between personal assets and those of the LLC....Learn more
An operating agreement for multiple members is a document designed to create a limited liability company (LLC) with multiple owners. Once the agreement comes into force, it will determine the membership conditions, shares, basic company management rules, the extent of mutual liability, and board meeting procedures....Learn more
Releases are legal documents that exclude one party from legal liability or obligation before another. Such forms are commonly used as a permit to participate in certain activities. The document states what rights exactly the signatory is willing to give up....Learn more
A resignation letter is a printed or electronic document issued by a former-to-be employee to notify the current employer about their intention to resign. Once you have decided to leave your job, use this form to formalize your decision. Such letters are a written confirmation that parties agree to terminate the employment....Learn more

Real Estate Documents

An eviction notice is a legal document needed to inform the tenant that they should vacate the premises. Eviction notices are constructed if the lessee has violated the terms of the rental covenant. However, there are cases when the landlord decides to terminate the agreement due to personal reasons. All states advance particular requirements to protect each party from illegitimate actions. ...Learn more
A lease termination letter is one of the legal forms used for breaking up a short-term lease agreement. The form is applicable when the landlord and the tenant have agreed to terminate the contract or if one of the parties has unforeseen circumstances that prevent the lease from being renewed. If a house becomes unlivable, it may also be the reason to terminate the lease....Learn more
A quitclaim deed is a legal form used to transfer property rights. It is used mainly to transfer ownership rights between relatives, close acquaintances, and ex-spouses or transfer the property to a living trust. The document applies to both individuals and legal entities....Learn more
A real estate purchase agreement determines the cost of the subject property and sets forth the conditions of the sales transaction. It supplies the parties with legal protection and also provides legal characteristics of the real property....Learn more
Rental and lease agreements cover the conditions under which the owner provides movable or immovable rental property for long- or short-term use. The basis for these conditions is the law of the state where the contract is concluded. This legal form has several types that are selected depending on your needs....Learn more

Financial Documents

A loan agreement is a legal contract used to outline the terms and conditions of a loan between a lender and a borrower. Some institutions might call this form a "note," but it differs from a promissory note and is far more complex....Learn more
A personal financial statement provides information about the income and expenses of the document holder for a certain period. The form is required when requesting a private or business loan and is intended to confirm the financial situation stability of the individual or legal entity filing for the loan....Learn more
A promissory note is a written document that guarantees payment of a debt by one party to another (lender and borrower) within a specified period. This paper contains the agreed conditions, payment schedule, interest agreements, and penalties in case of violation of the terms of the contract....Learn more
Receipt templates are legal tools that a company can use to generate reports on completed transactions. The receipts display crucial data about the amount of payment, products or services received by the buyer, the payment date, and sometimes about the payer....Learn more
A stock purchase agreement is a document typically used to legally confirm the transfer of rights to shares for a certain amount of money. The form contains the details and peculiarities of the transaction term and provides the parties with legal protection....Learn more

Personal Documents

Affidavit forms are used when an individual needs to provide information to the court confirmed by an oath. A notary public or other legally authorized person may also act as a certifier. An affidavit has many variations and is widely used during divorces, filing monetary claims, probate, etc....Learn more
A bill of sale form is widely used in everyday life to record the details of private deals. In essence, the document captures specific data on the condition and nature of the object being sold, as well as its cost. The parties can adjust the contents of the document to their personal needs....Learn more
A consent form is a legal document that confirms your agreement to do something with a full understanding of its nature and potential risks. This document can be used in various spheres, including medicine, education, entertainment, and business....Learn more
A durable power of attorney (DPOA) is created to assign an attorney-in-fact responsible for certain decisions in case the one who created the DPOA becomes incapable of making decisions themselves. This document is especially important for those who suffer from a terminal illness and expect their health to deteriorate fast....Learn more
A last will and testament is an extremely important document used to establish one’s preferences about the way their property should be divided and inherited in the event of their passing. Without a last will, the property of the deceased will be distributed by the local court....Learn more
A notary acknowledgment is a sworn statement verifying the identity of an individual who signs the document to which this acknowledgment is attached and the authenticity of their signature. The notarization is crucial and required for a large number of legal documents, including power of attorney, divorce documents, and last wills. ...Learn more
A power of attorney form is completed and signed by an individual to establish their official representative (agent) and grant them certain powers. Depending on your needs, the agent will be granted certain rights to handle financial, healthcare, or other issues described in the document on your behalf....Learn more
Recommendation letters are formal documents that, depending on the situation, will contain information about a candidate for a job, scholarship, grant, etc. Usually, they are written by a direct supervisor, who has been observing the individual’s work and is able to provide a detailed description of their professional strengths and achievements. ...Learn more
A vehicle bill of sale is a form that serves as legal proof that you have transferred your motor vehicle to another individual. Typically, vehicle buyers need it for further registration and titling procedures. It is also advised for the seller to keep a copy of the bill of sale in case any problems arise....Learn more
A sales contract, also known as a sale of goods contract, is a legal document outlining the essential details of the transaction between a buyer and a seller of goods or services. The document helps to establish successful relationships between the parties and serves as a record of the transaction. ...Learn more

Marriage Documents

A divorce settlement agreement is an official document that helps both spouses protect their interests in case their marriage is being terminated. The paper includes a detailed description of how marital property should be divided, whether any ex-spouse should support the other party, and other issues, except for the custody matters....Learn more
A marriage separation agreement is a form used to regulate finances, common property, and debts, as well as custody of children when a couple decides to legally separate. Legal separation is not the same as divorce. According to the law, the spouses remain married even if they live in different places....Learn more
A prenuptial agreement is a voluntarily concluded contract between future spouses expressing their common decisions in the event of divorce. Decisions can concern property, real estate, financial accounts, etc. Such an agreement allows them to agree in advance upon all the nuances and be on the same page....Learn more

Health Documents

A do not resuscitate order form is a document used up by a person who refuses to get any form of CPR. It is highly recommended to additionally consult before drawing up such a paper, as this has a direct impact on the life and death of the signatory. The document is often written for religious or medical reasons....Learn more
A living will is a legal document that reflects one’s wishes and decisions regarding their end-of-life treatment and related medical procedures. Often, this form displays one’s prescriptions about actions in the event of a prolonged coma or vegetative state, as well as one's desire to maintain life with life-support devices....Learn more
Medical power of attorney (MPOA) is a document used to appoint a person who will make important medical decisions in case the MPOA’s creator cannot express them themselves. Depending on the State, the capabilities and duties of such an agent differ. This form is especially important and gives confidence when the closest relatives are absent....Learn more
A medical release form is used to allow an individual or an institution to access someone’s medical information. The form is used to provide access to medical records to close relatives and friends, as well as to hospitals and clinics for the exchange of information about patients between different institutions....Learn more

Miscellaneous Documents

A job application template is a form that will supply you with all the information you are required to include when applying for a job position. The template sets forth the tone and format of your application. You can use the template as a checklist to ensure you have included all the required personal data. ...Learn more
A privacy policy template is designed to outline how a website collects the personal information of its users. The document also provides a complete description of the reasons the website administration might use and share your information. Most jurisdictions require online services to have such a document on display....Learn more
A terms and conditions template represents a document that comprises all the essential regulations applied to particular website usage. The document will let the visitors know if there are any issues or concerns they should take into consideration when using the online recourse. Most commonly, the paper describes the privacy policy, personal data security, using cookies, registration process, or intellectual property rights....Learn more