Student Recommendation Letter

Many of us used to be students seeking academic grants for their education or applying for an internship. While some of our readers are still studying in college or university, others are teachers who communicate with students every day. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a person whose interests do not lie in the field of higher education, you might have heard about a specific form called the letter of recommendation for a student.

Another name for this form is a “reference letter” for a student. This brief review touches on such letters and explains what to write there and how to prepare an outstanding letter for your apprentice if you are a teacher. However, students can keep reading the article because we will also give some handy tips about the form for those in universities and colleges.

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Why Students Need Recommendation Letters for Students

There are plenty of reasons for students to ask for reference letters from their lecturers. We have highlighted four main cases when students may approach their professor and request such a form from them. The list does not end here, but these are the most common situations:

  • Application for an Internship Position

It is rather popular among students to search for internships during their studies. Internships allow you to get the experience desired by your potential employers. In turn, these employers seek candidates who are passionate and energetic and can boast skills and solved working tasks even though they are still students.

So, the closer your graduation is, the more you may think about a great internship to boost your skills and give you experience in your field of work. Of course, some employers find it hard to trust students; others just do not want to deal with inexperienced youngsters. What can you do? Well, asking your lecturer for a student reference letter sounds like a good plan.

  • Application for a Grant or Subvention

Many students in the United States and other countries worldwide try to reduce costs tied to their education. Many governments provide students with various opportunities like grants, subventions, and scholarships. As a student, you can get one to cover all expenses you have borne while studying or implementing a project.

  • A Student Wants to Improve their Education Level

When applying for a master’s degree, postgraduate, or Ph.D. course, an applicant may submit a reference letter with details about their skills, character, and behavior.

It is considered that many universities and other educational institutions in the US use a “holistic” approach when making decisions about applicants willing to study. This basically means that the accepting personnel and decision-makers perceive every candidate as a whole, not by understanding peculiarities of their character and nature, success on previous educational programs, grades, etc. Thus, a student recommendation letter is a crucial form to submit when applying to any university.

  • A Student Looking for a Job

It may sound weird, but a reference letter may be useful for students who have already graduated and are looking for a job—it is especially needed for those trying to get a job in their university or college.

Employers normally ask for references from previous employers; however, if you are a fresh graduate, you may not have any references, and this is the case when one of your professors can help you.

These are the most typical situations when one may require a student reference letter. Keep reading to find out what items should be added to each letter, how to write it, and other useful hints on the topic.

Mandatory Details to Include in Recommendation Letters for Students

Like many other legal forms, student reference letters have compulsory items that every signatory should add. These items include:

  • Names of the lecturer and the student

As a teacher and an author of this letter, you must introduce yourself and the apprentice you are recommending. We will show you how to do it properly later in this review.

  • The student’s characteristics

Then, you describe your student’s pros and mention all things you want to say about the student, so the recipient gets a general idea of the student’s skills and behavior.

  • A message saying that you are ready to answer all questions

After describing the student, you should insert a phrase saying that you do not mind answering any questions that a recipient may have.

  • The signature and date of signing

You must sign the letter and insert the date when it is signed.

  • Contact details

Remember to write your email address and phone number because the recipient of your letter may need to contact you later.

If any of these details are lacking in your letter, the person you send may consider it invalid, leading to problems for your student.

How to Create a Student Recommendation Letter

Now that you know what you should include in your letter, here is the general format of each such document:


Simply write “Student Recommendation Letter” on the paper’s top to show what the document is about. You can use the word “reference” in place of “recommendation” if you like. Highlight the heading in bold and make it a bit bigger than the content you type below it.


You should introduce yourself and the apprentice for whom you are writing this letter. It is also a smart move to tell how many years (or months) you know each other, so the recipient understands that you and the student have been in contact for a significant period. Besides that, you must write the educational institution’s name where you work and where the student attends or used to attend.

Descriptive Details (Main Part)

Then comes the main part where you describe the student’s characteristics and skills. Be honest here; do not lie or tell fishy details about the student.


Here, you have to insert a sentence showing that you are available for contact. The recipient of the letter may need to find out more information about the student in question. You can write something like “Do not hesitate to ask questions.” Check the samples below.

The Signature and Date

Every student recommendation letter must be signed and dated by the author. You will also see it in our templates given below.


As you already know, you have to leave your contact details. It would be best if you enter a telephone number and an email address. Remember to check your mail and phone, so you do not miss any messages or calls regarding the matter.

The majority of such letters take only one sheet because they don’t include too many details. Most likely, your letter will be only half a sheet. Do not worry; it is absolutely fine.

Also, bear in mind that you should include all the compulsory items listed above. Once you write your first student reference letter, it will become much easier to create such documents.

What to Do and Not to Do

Before we demonstrate a couple of samples of student recommendation letters, here are a couple of tips on the letter’s content.

What you should not do:

  • Write untruthful or incorrect details and characteristics
  • Give a negative review on your student
  • Delay in submitting the letter
  • Ignore the recipients’ inquiries about the student

What you are recommended to do:

  • Write in a sophisticated and official manner
  • Be ready to communicate with a recipient who has concerns.

Remember that your apprentice relies on you and has a dream that they can fulfill with the help of your letter. Using our tips and recommendations, you will create the letter successfully and make your student happy.

Your letter should be “honest, accurate, and complete,” according to the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Samples of a Student Reference Letter

We have developed two samples for your convenience that will help you create your own letter. Use them to prepare the form effortlessly and quickly.

Sample 1

Student Recommendation Letter

To whom this may concern,

My name is _____________ (enter your name in the line), and I work as a _______________ (teacher, professor, lecturer) at ________________ (enter the school’s name here). I have known _______________ (insert the student’s name) for ___________ (insert the period).

_______________ (insert the student’s name) has demonstrated wonderful communication skills throughout all the years we have been in contact. The student has developed plenty of outstanding educational projects of the highest level. I highly recommend cooperating with the student because (he/she) has shown the greatest responsibility and care of all the tasks given during studies.

In case you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to text or call me. I leave my contact details below.

_______________ (your signature)                           _______________ (the date of signing)

E-mail: _______________

Phone number: _____________

Sample 2

Student Recommendation Letter

To whom this may concern,

My name is _____________ (enter your name here), and I would love to share my recommendation on the student named _______________ (insert the student’s name), who I have known for ________ (indicate the period). I am a teacher at ____________ (enter the institution’s name) and the student has been attending this institution from ______ to ______ (indicate the years).

During the whole period, we have developed various projects together, and ______________ (enter the student’s name) has demonstrated brilliant skills and character. The student is a responsible worker who also has excellent manners and is passionate about everything (he/she) does. You will not regret cooperating with the student.

I am ready to communicate further regarding this recommendation letter and answer all questions that arise. My contact details can be seen below.

_______________ (your signature)                          _______________ (the date of signing)

E-mail: _______________

Phone number: _____________

How Should Students Ask Professors for a Recommendation Letter?

Do not be afraid to approach your teacher and request a student recommendation letter if you are in a good relationship and the teacher has something to say about you.

It best to ask for a reference from someone who knows you well and for a long time than someone who does not remember you or has not had any massive educational projects with you. Try to think of every teacher you have had through your academic journey, choose several who can help, and ask each of them politely. For them, it is a regular practice, and it should not be hard to create a letter for you.

Summing Up

We have explained the basics of recommendation letters for students and have shown you a couple of samples to use. We hope you are all set to prepare a perfect reference letter for any student seeking your honest recommendation. Do not forget to add all the details mentioned above and use our tips to provide your student with a document in an appropriate format. Be sincere and always remember that you are taking part in your student’s success with the letter.

Published: Jul 15, 2022