Resignation Letter Template

A letter of resignation is designed to officially inform your employer about your decision to quit the company. This official document is not required when you leave your job (unless your employer obliges you to write it), but it helps keep friendly relationships with your former team.

A resignation letter is a good means to gently say goodbye to your current role. Writing the letter does not take much time, and with our resignation letter template, you will prepare it at once. To make the task even easier, we have prepared detailed guidelines and resignation letter examples for you.

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What Types of Resignation Letters Exist

Usually, the main difference in resignation letters is the notice about the date of your last day at work. There can be two or four weeks’ notice, short notice (less than two weeks), and immediate resignation letters.

Two Weeks Notice Letter

With two (sometimes, four) weeks’ notice, you provide your company with the opportunity to find or train a suitable specialist to perform your job duties. It’s a common and recommended practice to hand in a resignation letter with at least two weeks’ notice.

Short Notice Letter

Short notice means that you quit the job earlier than in standard two weeks. If your employment agreement or employee handbook doesn’t provide otherwise, you can define a shorter period after which you will be leaving, for example, a week or five days. It’s useful to check whether the employment documents have special requirements on the issue.

Immediate Resignation

An immediate letter of resignation means that you provide at least 24-hour notice about your departure. Sometimes, there can be circumstances beyond our control, such as health deterioration, or a person would like to change career paths or industries drastically. So, when you have to quit tomorrow, apologize and politely explain your situation to the employer.

What to Include in a Resignation Letter

Despite the type of resignation letter, usually, they consist of more or less similar content. If you look through some resignation letter templates, you will see that all of them have the following paragraphs:

  1. The heading with the date, company name, person’s name, and position.
  2. The statement of intent to quit and the reason for quitting.
  3. The date of the final day of work.
  4. Thanks to the employer and company.
  5. The intention to help during the transition period if necessary.

However, there are some things you should avoid while writing your resignation letter, such as:

  • Explicit information about the reasons for your resignation.

While it’s recommended to mention the reason, you should not go into detail and explain why you want to change your job. Going into all the details can lead to eventually stating the disadvantages of the current job.

  • Negative comments about your soon-to-be-former company.

Following the aforementioned, you don’t need to express all your dissatisfaction with the job you are leaving. It’s always better to keep on good terms with former employers.

  • Details about your new job.

Bragging about your new job may be interpreted as disrespect for your current company, especially when your future company is innovative and leading edge in the sphere.

How to Quit the Job Professionally

A resignation may be a hard process for you, especially if you have good relationships with your boss and team members. It’s recommended to follow the next steps to provide a smooth resignation.

Step 1. Inform your employer in person 

No matter when you will leave the company and why, talking to your boss in advance is never a bad idea. That’s how you discuss all the issues regarding your resignation—when and why you will quit, whether you can finish all the tasks and assist during the transition period.

Step 2. Write a resignation letter

Writing a resignation letter is not necessary, but you are highly recommended to prepare one. It will help to file the necessary documents after your departure. A resignation letter gives you the possibility to indicate your last day of work. Besides, it’s a good way to thank your employer for the opportunities and experience. You are recommended to explore some templates and tips before writing the letter.

Step 3. Finish all projects and tasks

If you give your resignation letter in advance, you will have some time to finish your projects and tasks. It will sustain a good impression of you as a responsible employee. It’s important to use this time to complete all tasks. In a resignation letter, you can mention your intention to help the company with the transition period as well.

Step 4. Hand over your duties

The final step to professionally end your resignation is to hand over your duties to a new employee and indicate the point where you have left your work. It’s a good idea to prepare everything in advance and hand over everything when the time comes.

How to Write a Resignation Letter

If the decision to resign is final, and you have explored all the necessary information, it’s time to write your resignation letter. Our resignation letter template consists of general information, and you are free to add to this template all the content you need. You can use a resignation letter sample below for inspiration as well. While preparing your document, try to keep an amicable tone and appropriate format following the next steps:

Step 1. Start with a heading

At the beginning of the letter, you should identify the company name, your name, and the position you are resigning from. It may seem obvious, but the letter is a document, and you should stick to the rules, even if you have friendly relationships with your employer. The same applies to the salutation—it’s better to use a formal one, that is, “Mr./Mrs.” and the first name of a person.

Step 2. Describe your intention to leave

The first paragraph of the letter always indicates your statement of intent to quit the position, including the date when you are leaving. It’s also possible to include a reason for quitting, but make sure that it’s described generally.

Step 3. Express your thanks

The next paragraph should be devoted to the appreciation and gratitude to the company and staff for all the opportunities. Try to be polite and thank your employer for the opportunities and experience. You can describe the things you appreciated most about working at that company.

Step 4. Indicate your determination to help

It would be great if you could find the time to help the company with a transition period. If you are really determined to help, do not forget to mention it in your resignation letter. It’s necessary to explain that you are willing to finish your projects and assist in training coworkers or new employees for the role.

Step 5. Finish your letter with the signature

As with every official document, you should end the resignation letter with your name and signature, whether hand-written for hard-copy letter or electronic for email (if applicable). You can also leave contact information (phone and email address) at the end of the letter, so it’s convenient to get in touch with you when needed. Note that you can also hand in your letter to the HR department to ensure that you will get your exit benefits after the date of departure.

Resignation Letter Sample

Resignation Letter With a Two Weeks Notice


Company A

Sales Manager

Mary Smith

Dear Mr. Andersen

With deep regret, I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position as sales manager for personal reasons. My last day at work will be 01/28/2021.

I want to thank you for your encouragement and support for my career growth. I really appreciate you being my mentor and such a great leader. I am also grateful for the opportunity to work with such a powerful team. I have had a wonderful and fruitful time working at Company A.

I am determined to finish all my projects and complete all the current tasks. I understand that it can be hard to find a specialist in this position, so I can train the person who will take over my duties. Please, let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist during the transition period.

I wish the company its well-deserved success and look forward to staying in touch!


Mary Smith


Immediate Resignation Letter


Company B

Assistant Manager

John Smith

Dear Mrs. Perkins

Please, accept this letter as a formal notification of my immediate resignation from the assistant manager position. I sincerely apologize for not providing notice. But due to the sudden deterioration in my health, I won’t be able to perform the work properly. My last day at work will be tomorrow, January 15, 2021.

I am very grateful for all the career opportunities you have granted me during these several years. I will never forget the time working at Company B and our support team. Thank you for encouraging me to pursue my business and career goals. I appreciate the opportunity to work with such professional colleagues.

Unfortunately, under the current circumstances, I cannot assist in the transition and hand my current tasks over to the next employee. However, please let me know if you have any questions. I will do everything in my power to help you.

I hope to stay in touch!

Kind regards,

John Smith


Published: Jul 6, 2022