Resignation Letter for Health Reasons

Sometimes, people have to quit their jobs not because of a change in the financial condition or career change but because of their deteriorating health. In this case, your departure must be accompanied by a resignation letter for health reasons.

In our article, we will tell you about the process of writing such a letter, what items to include, and what you’d rather keep silent about. In addition to the tips, we are pleased to present you with two samples of this type of letter.

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How the Resignation Letter for Health Reasons Is Used

If your health deteriorates or you become seriously ill, you may decide to leave your job.

People do this for several reasons:

  • It is too hard to fulfill your professional duties
  • You get a long-term treatment that needs your full-time commitment
  • In the case of an incurable disease, it may be wise to devote more time to yourself, your dreams, or your loved ones.
  • To request health benefits.

Some diseases can be cured in the initial stages if you give them sufficient attention and time. But it is not known how they will affect your further abilities. Therefore, people decide to suspend their employment.

To begin your resignation process, you must serve your supervisor with a resignation letter for health reasons. You should state the reasons for your departure from work in the resignation letter template, specifying the last working day. It is better to submit the letter in person after having a conversation with the management to support your words with a document. This letter is considered your official resignation document from your job position.

Details to Include in the Letter

Since the letter is an official document, you need to consider its preparation carefully.

Use polite and respectful language and be sure to include all important parts of the letter:

  • Your name and address
  • Date of writing the letter
  • Name, title, and address of the addressee
  • Respectful appeal
  • Purpose of the letter
  • Date of your last working day
  • Gratitude to colleagues and management
  • Expression of willingness to assist in the transition period
  • Conclusion of the letter
  • Your name and signature

If you are sending a copy of your letter by email, be sure to insert the appropriate subject line. For example, it is best to write “Resignation_____________ Your Name” to engage your manager’s attention to the letter.

How to Write the Letter

1. Describe the Reason

Write that you are leaving your workplace for reasons related to your health. If you can and want, then open your diagnosis. But some people prefer to make a note to keep this information confidential between you and your employer.

2. Reveal the Date of Resignation

The more advance you warn your boss about your resignation, the better. The company will have to find a qualified employee in your place and bring them up to date. The minimum recommended time to notify your employer about the resignation is two weeks. Of course, there are unforeseen situations, especially if the reasons are related to health. But if your situation allows, then it is better to warn your manager in advance so that they can start looking for a replacement.

You will also benefit from your willingness to participate in interviewing and onboarding a new employee. Again, be sure to indicate this in the letter.

3. Resign

By sending or providing a resignation letter for health reasons in person, you will initiate the process of leaving your work. It is usually also necessary to contact your company’s Human Resources department. An authorized employee will tell you about all further actions on your part and the part of the organization.

Letter Format

This letter is an important document that informs the management of your resignation and is attached to your file. Therefore, when writing it, adhere to the generally accepted format.

1. Start With the Header

In the upper corner of the letter, start filling in the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your mailing address
  • Contact number
  • Date of writing the letter
  • Name of the recipient of the letter
  • Their position
  • Address of the recipient

Skipping the space after the header, you should insert a respectful appeal to your addressee (“Dear Mr/Mrs”).

2. Write the Body of the Letter

The body of the letter should not be very long. It is better if the whole letter is no more than one page. Therefore, the body of the letter usually contains 3-4 paragraphs, no more.

Here you should specify:

  • The purpose of your appeal
  • The date of the last working day in the company
  • The reason for your departure from the position
  • Thanks to your management for the position and colleagues for their cooperation
  • Plan for remaining job
  • Willingness to help in the transition period

The top tip is to always be polite. Your life circumstances may change. You may want to return to your position, but this will not be so easy with an ugly departure. Do not cut all ties. Stay professional. Write concisely and respectfully.

3. End the Letter

At the end of the letter, thank the management again and affix your signature and name.

Dos and Don’ts

Below you will find tips on what experienced HR employees recommend and discourage people who wish to resign for health-related issues.


  • Give notice of resignation as early as possible. Management will thank you for giving them the time to find and train a new employee.
  • Be polite during the termination process. Politeness will assist you to end your working hours with this company on a positive note. There is no need to create scandals.
  • Offer your help with the transition if you get the chance. This will help both the company and yourself. Psychologically, preparing a new employee will help you part with your job.
  • Thank the company and management for their trust and the work provided.

Do not:

  • Do not burn bridges. You may want to return to your position after a while. It will be easier to do this if you leave on good terms.
  • Do not express your grievances or dissatisfaction with the company in the letter. This is a completely unfortunate place for this. The letter may be attached to your file, but there is absolutely no need for such information.
  • Do not spread rumors before talking to your boss. You must first inform your management and only then speak to your colleagues or clients about your resignation.

Samples Resignation Letter for Health Reasons

Please find below a few letter samples that our HR consultants have developed for our readers. You can use them as great examples of resignation letters.

Sample 1


(Your name)



(Your address and contact number)


(The date)


(Head’s name)



(Company’s name and address)

Dear Mr/Mrs _________________ (Head’s name),

It is with deep regret that I inform you of my intention to stop working as _________________ (your position) at _________________ (name of the company) starting from _________________ (insert the date).

My doctors diagnosed me with _________________ (name of the disease). My doctor advised me to devote all my time to treatment if I want a chance at recovery. Furthermore, it has become difficult for me to carry out some of my duties due to rapid fatigue.

I want to thank you personally and all my colleagues for the time spent in the company. Working here has brought me joy and positive emotions. The experience gained while working is invaluable, and I am grateful for every minute of my work.

I have prepared a plan for all my unfinished projects to help the new employee adapt faster. If you need my help in this matter, I’d be happy to assist.

According to my employment contract, I can claim a part of the cost of my treatment. Therefore, I am asking for your assistance in this matter.

Thanks again for your support.



(Your name)

Sample 2


(Your name)



(Your address and contact number)


(The date)


(Supervisor’s name)



(Company’s name and address)

Dear Mr/Mrs _________________ (Supervisor’s name),

With all regret, I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation. Starting from _________________ (insert date), I will stop working for the company as _________________. The reason for my decision is severe deterioration in my health.

I was diagnosed with _________________ (indicate the disease). It is difficult for me to cope with my tasks with such a diagnosis, and I need more time to recover.

I express my deep gratitude to the company for the opportunity to work in an excellent team. I can call my work here one of the happiest periods of my life. However, I am deeply saddened by the fact that I have to suspend my professional activities.

During my next three weeks (my last) at the company, I’ll be honored to provide my assistance in training and handing over to a new employee.

According to company policy, I am entitled to a partial refund of my medication costs. Therefore, I would like to exercise this right, if possible.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do while in my position. Finally, I would like to thank you personally once again for the work provided.



(Your name)

To Sum Up

Leaving work due to an illness is perhaps one of the saddest and most difficult reasons. However, do not give in to despondency. Instead, try to leave on a positive note and leave only a good impression of yourself as a professional. Warn your superiors and devote your time to health recovery.

Read your contract carefully before writing a letter. Your company may have adopted policies to support critically ill employees. Check if you are eligible for such assistance and financial support.

We advise you to leave your workplace in good relations with colleagues and management. This will benefit your state of mind and leave the opportunity to return to your place after recovering.

Published: Jul 6, 2022