Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter

Eagle Scout status is the highest achievement in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSOA) and the dream of many children across the country.  To obtain this status, you must provide the commission with an Eagle Scout letter of recommendation. There is no need to be intimidated by this. Think of this requirement as your training to apply for letters of recommendation for college or future work.

In our article, we will provide you with the information you should consider for an Eagle Scout recommendation letter:

  • What is this paper used for, and how to use it
  • The main parts of the letter
  • List of the required information in the letter
  • Tips on how to ask for an Eagle Scout reference letter
  • Two examples of an Eagle Scout reference letter from a parent and a teacher
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How to Use the Recommendation Letter?

The BSOA requires a recommendation letter to consider your candidacy for the Eagle Scout title. Undoubtedly, this status is very prestigious and desirable; therefore, the need to provide recommendation letters was also added to the rest of the requirements. A total of 5 or 6 such letters are required (6 if there is a previous employer).

Once the candidate completes a special application (it can be found, for instance, here, as well as details about the application), they should send the application and recommendation letters to the Eagle Scout Board of Review for evaluation.

What Should Be Included in the Letter?

The primary purpose of this letter is to show that the candidate is worthy of such a high rank, meets the main requirements of scouts, and supports their values.

There is no strict form of writing this type of letter. What is important is to arrange it neatly and clearly.

  • The Date. In the left top corner of the page, write the letter compilation date so that the commission knows that the indicated information is up to date.
  • Usually, the author of this letter does not know the specific person to whom they are contacting. Thus, they can write, “Dear Eagle Board of Review.”
  • The Introduction. The letter author should write the candidate’s name, relations, and how long they have known each other in the introductory part. It is also worth mentioning why the author is writing a positive review of the candidate.
  • The Body Paragraph. In the main part of the letter, you need to develop ​​what was said in the introduction. It is best not just to list the good character traits of the candidate but to give examples. Concrete examples are best to demonstrate that the candidate is eligible for the requested status. Examples may relate to how the Boy Scout displayed his high moral character.
  • The Conclusion. The conclusion should lead the letter to a logical end. The author summarizes all of the above and once again speaks of their intention to support the candidate.
  • The Author Details. At the end of the paper, the author affixes their signature, indicates their full name, address, and contact phone number. It is more of a formality, but if the commission has any questions, they can contact the letter’s author.

Who Should Write This Letter

You should choose a person close to you who knows you well, your moral qualities, and your hobbies to write an Eagle Scout reference letter. All of your references must confirm your compliance with the Scout Oath and the Scout Law principles. It would be best if you asked someone on the following list to provide recommendations:

  • Parents
  • Teachers or school counselors
  • Religious figure
  • Employer (if any)
  • Two more additional authors of your choice

It is worth mentioning that there is no requirement that the author of the letter must be of 21 years. So, you can get the last two recommendations from your friends or relatives.

How to Ask for a Recommendation?

Be polite! Think about who can say good things about you, someone who knows your life. Contact them in person and explain why this status and this letter are important to you. If your contact agrees to write the letter, provide them with all the information they need. You can also send our article to understand what exactly to specify and look at our Eagle Scout recommendation letter samples.

Few people will refuse you to fulfill your request. Once the person agrees, send them the information. It is best to do this immediately, or at least within 24 hours so that the person does not forget about their consent.

Template Preview
Create a free high-quality Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation online now!

How to Write the Letter

1. Tell about Your Relationship

Make it clear to the readers of your letter that you know the candidate well. Narrate how you know this scout and how long you have known him.

2. Describe the Candidate’s Personal Qualities

The main purpose of this paper is to show that the candidate has qualities that are important to scouts. You can familiarize yourself with their vows to better understand what you need to write. Show how the candidate combines leadership, hard work, honesty, and decency.

Illustrate your words with examples. For instance, you can say that a candidate has started an environmental movement or a low-income family evening at their school. A letter with examples is much more interesting to read than dry information of the same type.

3. Show How the Candidate Has Grown During their Time as a Scout

Personal growth is an excellent display of human evolution. You can point out how the scout movement has benefited the candidate. Describe the changes that have occurred in the person. For instance, if they became more proactive, courageous, and prepared.

What to Do and Not to Do


  • Do not worry that you write an unsuccessful letter. The main requirement is to be honest and write in simple language about the candidate’s qualities. No need to invent complex examples; simple life situations best show us all from the outside.
  • Do not write about events of ten years ago. Best of all, give examples that happened in the last year or more recently. So you will show that being a scout influenced the person and helped him show his best human qualities.
  • Do not lie when reporting achievements. First, it is easy to check. Secondly, lying is useless. We are sure that you have something good to say about the candidate without embellishing reality.


  • Be Laconic. The Commission does not expect 10-page letters from anyone. One page with laconic and simple thoughts will be enough. It will make your letter look livelier and more enjoyable.
  • Give Examples. Examples will illustrate your words about the candidate’s good character. Thus, the author should reflect reality in their own words and not just listing all the good things they know about the candidate.

Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter: Samples

To make it easier for your referees to write you a reference letter, we have prepared two examples of such letters:

  • From parents
  • From a teacher

1. Sample of an Eagle Scout Reference Letter From Parents

Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation


(Write the date)

Eagle Scout Board of Review,

I am happy to write a letter in support of my son ___________________ (insert son’s full name) and his application for the rank of Eagle Scout. I consider it my privilege to be his parent and watch him grow up and grow into a wonderful adult. I can confidently say that this is largely due to his participation in the BSOA.

My son’s stay in scouts has seen him develop into a more sociable and proactive young man. He even came up with the idea of ​​organizing a charity evening for the victims of the recent flood. He managed his friends, and they made a fabulous event, raising a substantial amount. Of course, all parents are proud of their children. But I am thrilled to note how my son respects the scout code and tries to be better every day.

As his parent, I would like to recommend my son ___________________ (the name) for this Eagle Scout rank as we believe in him and his desire to help others.

Best regards,


(Your name)


(Your signature, address, and contact number)

2.  Sample of an Eagle Scout Reference Letter From a Teacher

Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation


(Write the date)

Eagle Scout Board of Review,

I am honored to write a letter in support of my student ___________________ (insert candidate’s full name) and his application for the rank of Eagle Scout. ___________________ (insert candidate’s name) has been my student for ___________________ (insert the number of years) years here in _____________ (the name of the school). In my lessons, I constantly observe how he shows his leadership qualities, while not forgetting about kindness and care for others. ___________________ (insert candidate’s name) shows an excellent example of a young person’s behavior not only for other students, but also for adults.

In my lessons, ___________________ (insert candidate’s name) shows a special curiosity and passion for knowledge. He volunteers to organize out-of-class activities and even organizes other boys for this. ___________________ (insert candidate’s name) is an active boy, but I am happy to note that he uses his energy for good. It is a special pleasure for me to see that ___________________ (insert candidate’s name) helps those who are less fortunate in life. He always offers his help to our disabled student and does not insult those who are weaker. ___________________ (insert candidate’s name) sets a great example and inspires many to do kind things.

I would like to recommend  ___________________ (insert candidate’s name) for this Eagle Scout rank as I believe in him and his desire to help others.

Best regards,


(Put your name)


(Put your signature, address, and contact number)

To Sum Up

Never be afraid to ask for a recommendation. Believe us, so many people have something good to say about you and your merits. Treat this as a practice in collecting letters of recommendation before college or work.

Our article presents a set of basic guidelines for writing an eagle scout reference letter. You do not have to adhere to our specific samples. The main thing is to be honest and show the candidate from the good side.

Also, you should know that perhaps none of the scouts were turned down because of unsuccessful letters of recommendation. Having them already works for you.

Good luck!

Published: Jun 17, 2022