Not Renewing Lease Notice and Letter Templates

A notice that ends the renewal of the lease, also called a “notice of non-renewal of lease,” notifies a landlord or tenant in advance that they are not renewing a rental agreement. This is given toward the final days of the lease term and should have a guide on where to send the security deposit. A proprietor or tenant may decide to not reestablish a lease under any conditions aside from prejudice or retribution.

Notice of Non-Renewal Form

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When to Use

This is given to a resident with the goal that they will move out as opposed to remain when their lease ends. It guarantees the property owner will get ownership back toward the end of the lease so it could be re-let to another person.

When ending a lease, tenants or landlords may have their own reasons. Here are some common causes:

  • Change of owner
  • Management change
  • Property overhaul
  • Intensive repairs
  • Late lease payment or non-payment
  • Unresolved violations to the terms of the lease

How to Use

State laws vary, but here are some guidelines and information about ending leases:

  • Sending the notice a number of days before the non-renewal is crucial so that tenants can secure a new lease at a different apartment. Typically, there must be at least 30 days’ notice or more before ending the current lease.
  • Make sure to include instructions on where to return the security deposit.
  • Let the property manager take photographs of the apartment or unit. If there is anything missing or damaged, the tenant must solve this before leaving. Otherwise, the security deposit may be withheld.
  • Likewise, the tenant must refer back to the lease agreement terms to check who is responsible for the upkeep of the apartment.

When you know about the proper measure of notice that must be given, the forms below will be useful additions to address issues and complete the requirements of ending a lease.

Steps to Preparing a Non-renewal of Lease Letter

Step 1 – Always check the original lease agreement

It’s ideal to confirm when the current lease is supposed to end. Also, it’s a smart practice to audit what furniture and appliances were from the lessor to guarantee it stays on the premises after moving out. Furthermore, any refundable charges to be given back to the occupant ought to be noted in the written notice.

Step 2 – Write and send the letter

The written notice can be sent by means of standard mail or email. However, there is no lawful commitment for the landlord to give this toward the end of a lease term.

The lessor isn’t required to write detailed explanations for ending the lease except if they feel the need. In the event that the lessor does write to them, they should ensure it’s not oppressive or retaliatory. If not, they might wind up in a legal mess. To be safe, follow state law guidelines on giving notices for leases.

Step 3 – Inspect the leased premises

Before the tenant leaves, it’s best for the lessor or the property manager to inspect the premises in detail. A move-out checklist is a good tool to use for both landlord and tenant, noting any damage on the premises. After the review is finished, both parties should sign the move-out checklist.

Step 4 – Send the security deposit

After the tenant has moved out and the lessor has gotten an estimation for the damage discovered, the occupant will be sent their leftover security deposit. The lessor must send the deposit to the occupant’s address within the State return limit. If not, the lessor can be penalized and fined.

Not Renewing Lease Notice Form Details

Document Name Not Renewing Lease Notice Form
Other Names Notice to Not Renew Lease, Lease Non-Renewal Letter
Avg. Time to Fill Out 12 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 38
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Create a free high quality Not Renewing Lease Notice online now!

Filling Out a Notice to Not Renew Lease

Use the template below to formalize the written notice. You may also add negotiation results with your lessor, which you may detail in writing.

Step 1— Download the letter template.

Choose the file that is compatible with your computer:

  • No Renewal Notice Template – Open Office Format (.odt)
  • No Renewal Notice Template – Microsoft Office Format (.docx)
  • Sample Letter (Filled out)– Portable Document Format (.pdf)

Step 2— Fill out the details of each party involved in the lease.

filling out a notice to not renew lease step 2

For the first part of the letter, type the following:

  • Blank 1: Date when the letter will be sent
  • Blank 2: Full name of the landlord
  • Blank 3: Full name of the tenants who will no longer renew the lease
  • Blank 4: Complete address of the premises (including the unit number, house number, street, county/city, state, and zip code).

Step 3— Complete the body of the letter.

filling out a notice to not renew lease step 3

For the next part of the letter, input the following:

  • Blank 1: Write the date of the lease.
  • Blank 2: Indicate the last date of the lease. Take note that most contracts and states require a notice of 30-60 days before the tenant vacates the premises.
  • Blank 3: Add the landlord’s contact information (landline phone number, mobile number, and e-mail).

Step 4— Sign the letter.

filling out a notice to not renew lease step 4

In the last part of the letter, write the following:

  • Blank 1: Supply the landlord’s complete name (if the property is privately owned) or the company (if the property is owned by a business entity)
  • Blank 2: Full name and signature of the Landlord or the company’s representative.
  • Blank 3: The position (e.g. President) of the representative (if applicable).

Step 5— Print and use the “Certificate of Service”.

Print a copy once you have fully edited the template, and make sure that you ask the landlord or the tenant to sign a copy as proof that you have submitted the notice. If you will not deliver it personally, you can use a “Certified Mail” service.

To further make sure you have done your part legally, you may fill out the “Certificate of Service” form below:

filling out a notice to not renew lease step 5 1

On the first blank, write the date when you have filled out the letter.  Then, choose the box that applies to your manner of letter delivery.

If you had it hand-delivered, identify the person who delivered the letter on the second blank.

Next, list all recipients of the letter by writing the following:

  • Blank 3:  Name of the first recipient (usually the name of the primary tenant or landlord).
  • Blank 4: Complete address (usually the leased premises)

If there are any other people involved, write the same details on the other spaces provided.

Lastly, sign the form (blank 5). You may leave the succeeding parts blank for the notary public.

filling out a notice to not renew lease step 5 2

Even though ending a lease can be a touchy circumstance; this document gives a delicate yet direct approach to achieve this task. It even gives suggestions to the occupant to remove all possessions, ensure everything is spotless and requests a forwarding address.

Published: Jun 10, 2022
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