Two-Week Resignation Letter Template

A two weeks’ notice letter is an official document, which is being widely used to inform a work provider about your intention to leave. There are different types of resignation letter templates and the conditions you state therein — a standard two-week notice letter and a resignation email. Normally, you will have to continue to perform your work services for two more weeks until your employer finds a new staff member. However, an employee must be aware of the probability that your boss wishes to stop your employment contract on the day you present the resignation letter because company policies are very different. Therefore, one should possess some savings large enough to live on after leaving their job position.

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Why Do I Need A Two Weeks’ Notice Letter?

Human resources are always the most crucial element of any company. You may have a well-developed business plan, a substantial amount of money earned, a formed list of pretty loyal clientele, and lose these all because your staff members lack professionalism and cannot maintain the company’s success. Losing an employee who has shown impressive results at their work is never easy, and finding a replacement may take quite a long time. It is apparent that the competencies, personal characteristics, and soft skill are vial for a new member. This is why it is respectful towards the person you have been working for to give two weeks’ notice.

How Should I Write a Two Weeks’ Resignation Letter?

  • Remain a Professional

No matter what your grounds for resignation are, do not make the two weeks’ notice resignation letter too informal or rude. Keep to a very neutral style and make sure that the letter serves to perform its main function — a written notification.

  • Explain Why You Are Leaving

Your work provider deserves to know the reason why you are serious about your departure. If this has nothing to do with the job conditions, describe the situation as it is. However, if you have concluded that your workplace is not the one you wish to stay at, do not keep it in secret either. The employer might review their staff members’ working hours, payment, or managing style. Remain polite even if you are leaving very disappointed.

  • Work Until the End of the Following Two Weeks

Unless your boss considers this unreasonable, get ready to keep your word and stay at your workplace during the indicated period of time. This will help find a decent professional, help them immerse into your working atmosphere, and get things going without a rush.

  • Try Not to Make Enemies

Finishing a milestone might be stressful for all of those who are involved. However, this does not mean that you and your employer will be offended because of ruining each other’s plans. An open and polite conversation can help you stay in an amicable professional relationship. Moreover, never forget that if you have not been offered a new job position yet, the manager who has been observing your work for all this time may prepare a reference letter. This letter will definitely be an extra advantage when you are interviewed in a new company.

Do’s and Don’ts

You may want to quit the company for various reasons. This decision will likely not come to your mind instantly. One of the most reasonable things is avoiding matter-related discussions with your coworkers — you definitely do not want your employer to find out about your resignation from somebody else.

There are certain situations that make you leave a current workplace quite unexpectedly such as family circumstances, change of location, or health issues. If you are thinking about resignation because of other things, make sure to take some time and take care of your future workplace. Job searching is very unpredictable — you may spend months looking for a better job opportunity.

Use a resignation letter sample to save time. There are various templates all over the internet.

This will be a wise decision if you write a resignation letter in advance. After having done so, you will have an opportunity to edit or rewrite your two-week notice. It is also essential to give two weeks’ notice letters yourself. Prepare this document in advance and deliver it to your employer in person.

Two Weeks Notice Letter Format

A two weeks’ notice letter should be a brief and straightforward notice for your employer about the reasons why you have understood you need to quit and the last date of your work. A two weeks’ notice resignation letter should not exceed one A4 page. It is reasonable to find a resignation notice letter example before writing your own one. This will be a typical table of contents when it comes to a notice letter template:

  • Header

Career experts advise beginning by indicating personal information (company name, address, the name of the employer or employee, email address, mobile phone number) of both parties and the current date. Place this in the top left corner of the page.

  • Main Body

This part will consist of the information about the date you are going to finish performing your work responsibilities. You are also advised to give a quick explanation about the reasons behind your decision and write some thank yous to maintain positive about the experience you have had in the company.

  • Final Words

Do not forget to establish that you are ready for an open conversation in case your employer wishes to discuss something. Provide your full name and job position at the end of the resignation letter.

Two Weeks Notice Letter Samples

When it comes to resignation, the best idea is to talk to your employer and hand the letter in during this face-to-face conversation. However, depending on your boss’s availability, sometimes it will be better to send a two weeks’ notice letter through email.

You will find two samples of resignation letters hereunder: a resignation email and a standard two weeks’ notice template.

Sample 1

__________ Your Name and Last Name

__________ Address

__________ City, State, Zip Code

__________ Phone Number

__________ Email

__________ The Date

__________ Your Boss’s First and Last Name

__________ Job Position Name

__________ Company Name

__________ Company Address

__________ City, State, Zip Code

And here is an example:

Dear sir or madam,

I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation as Marketing Manager of Marketing Solutions Inc. The last day when I will perform my job duties will be on September 15.

I have to stick to this decision due to the fact that my wife received an offer at a company located in another state, which she has recently accepted. I am grateful for the experience I have had during three years in Marketing Solutions Inc. and appreciate the investment you have put into my career.

If there is anything I can do to assist in finding a replacement, or you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach me — I have included my contact information above.


__________ Your Name and Last Name

Sample 2 (Resignation Email)

Here is another example:

Subject Line: A Letter of Resignation – Your Name and Job Position

Dear __________ (Name of Your Employer),

This letter is a notification that I have to resign from my position of Junior Designer with the LaBelle company. My last working day will be December 22.

I have recently received an invitation to become a Senior Designer at another company, which I believe is a marvelous opportunity to develop my skills. I intend to change jobs in two weeks so that you are able to find a replacement.

Let me express my gratitude for this job opportunity and everything you have done for improving my skills.

Please reach me through my email or telephone number. I am leaving below as contact information in case it might be helpful to find a new staff member. I promise to wrap up my duties and train my coworkers’ potential colleagues over this two-week period.

Best regards,

Jane Sanders

Junior Designer


987 North Blvd.

New York, NY, 10022


Final Words

It is not always easy to make a decision and leave the company, especially if you have been working there for quite a long time, made friends with your co-workers, dreamed about a possible promotion, and got used to the place. However, moving forward is not only risky and unpredictable but also hopeful and promising. Be wise enough to prepare a decent edited two weeks’ notice letter for your employer to ensure that all parties involved minimize stress and remain in a good relationship.

Published: Apr 1, 2022