Two Weeks Notice Letter (Templates + Samples)

A two weeks’ notice letter is a formal document that is commonly used to let your employer know of your intention to leave. You are usually expected to perform your job duties for the remaining two weeks until a new employee can be found. Giving two weeks’ notice also allows your employer time to adjust and prepare for the transition.

Be aware that resigning from your job may mean that your employer will accept your resignation effective immediately. To prepare for this possibility, it is important to have enough savings that can sustain you after leaving the job position. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the terms of your employment contract and company policy can help you understand how your employer might respond to your resignation.

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Why Submit a Two Weeks’ Notice Letter?

Writing a two weeks’ notice letter is an essential step in transitioning gracefully between employers. A two weeks’ notice letter informs your employer that you are resigning and will be leaving your job in two weeks’ time. This allows your employer the time to hire a replacement for you, and gives the job more stability during the transition.

Submitting a two weeks’ notice letter can also be beneficial for you as well. It allows you to create a positive impression on your current employer, which can open doors for future employment opportunities. Additionally, it ensures that both parties have ample time to wrap up any unfinished business before they part ways.

Overall, submitting a two weeks’ notice letter is an important step in transitioning responsibly and professionally between employers.

How to Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter

Start by composing a formal resignation letter. Include all the following: date, your contact information, the employer’s contact information, and a salutation. For example:

August 4th, 2020

[Your Contact Information]

[Employer’s Contact Information]

Dear [Name of Your Supervisor],

In the first paragraph of your resignation letter, inform the employer that you are leaving and when your last day will be.

Template: “I am writing to provide my two weeks’ notice that I will be leaving my position as [your job title] on [date of termination].”

Example: “I am writing to provide my two weeks’ notice that I will be leaving my position as Customer Service Representative on August 18th, 2020.”

Continue with the body paragraphs that explain why you are leaving and thank them for giving you an opportunity to work with their company.

For example: “I have enjoyed working for your company for the past few years and appreciate the opportunities for professional growth it has provided me with.” Additionally, “I’m grateful for all I’ve learned while being a part of this organization.”

End with a positive statement about how this is a mutual decision or what you hope to accomplish next in your career. Finish with a polite closing phrase such as “Sincerely.”

For example: “This is an amicable parting, and I look forward to furthering my career in customer service.”

Sign and date the resignation letter below your closing phrase and send it to the appropriate person within your organization before the end of business on your two-week notice period.

For example:


[Your Name]

Two Weeks’ Notice Letter Samples

Regarding resignation, the best idea is to talk to your employer and hand the resignation letter in during this face-to-face conversation. However, depending on your boss’s availability, it is sometimes better to send a two weeks’ notice letter through email.

You will find two samples of resignation letters hereunder: a resignation email and a standard two weeks’ notice template.

Resignation Letter Sample 1

__________ Your Name and Last Name

__________ Address

__________ City, State, Zip Code

__________ Phone Number

__________ Email

__________ The Date

__________ Your Boss’s First and Last Name

__________ Job Position Name

__________ Company Name

__________ Company Address

__________ City, State, Zip Code

And here is a two weeks’ notice letter example:

Dear sir or madam,

I am writing to inform you of my resignation as Marketing Manager of Marketing Solutions Inc. The final day I will perform my job duties will be September 15.

I have to stick to this decision due to the fact that my wife received an offer at a company located in another state, which she has recently accepted. I am grateful for the experience I have had during three years in Marketing Solutions Inc. and appreciate the investment you have put into my career.

If there is anything I can do to assist in finding a replacement, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach me — I have included my contact information above.


__________ Your Name and Last Name

Resignation Sample 2 (Resignation Email)

Here is another example:

Subject Line: A Letter of Resignation – Your Name and Job Position

Here is another example:

Clear Subject Line: A Letter of Resignation – Your Name and Job Position

Dear __________ (Name of Your Employer),

This letter is a notification that I have to resign from my position of Junior Designer with the LaBelle company. My last working day will be December 22.

I have recently received an invitation to become a Senior Designer at another company, which I believe is a marvelous opportunity to develop my skills. I intend to change jobs in two weeks so that you are able to find a replacement.

Let me express my gratitude for this job opportunity and for everything you have done to improve my skills.

Please reach me through my email or telephone number. I am leaving below as contact information in case it might be helpful to find a new staff member. I promise to wrap up my duties and train my coworkers’ potential colleagues over these two weeks.

Best regards,

Jane Sanders

Junior Designer


987 North Blvd.

New York, NY, 10022


FAQs About Two Weeks Notice Letters

Should you submit your two weeks’ notice by letter or email?

Whether you should submit your two weeks’ notice by letter or email depends on what is required by the company. Generally, it’s best to follow the protocol set forth by your employer. If a letter is requested, include the dates of your notice and any other information that may be asked for. However, if an email is accepted, ensure that you provide the same details as in a letter. Make sure to keep copies of both the resignation letter and email for your records.

What's considered unnecessary information in a 2-week notice?

An employer doesn’t need many details in a two-week notice. Generally, the resignation letter should include the date of your resignation, the job title you are resigning from, and a brief explanation of why you are leaving. It’s important to thank your employer for their time and offer to help with the transition. You may also want to mention what you have learned or enjoyed about the job and organization.

Can an employer fire you for giving two weeks’ notice?

In most cases, an employer cannot fire you simply because you give two weeks’ notice. However, depending on the circumstances and your existing employer-employee agreement, there are scenarios where giving a two weeks’ notice can lead to termination. This could include performing below the expected standard of work or breaking any established rules or expectations detailed in the employee contract.

What if your employer provides a counteroffer?

If you receive a counteroffer from your employer after giving two weeks’ notice, it is important to consider your options carefully. While the offer may be appealing, evaluate all the pros and cons before deciding. Think about the impact that transitioning to a new job or staying at your current job will have on your career goals and personal situation. It can be beneficial to discuss the offer with someone you trust in order to gain another perspective and make an informed decision that aligns with what is best for you.

Can you resign without giving notice?

Generally, it is not recommended to resign without giving notice. Notifying your employer of your intent to leave in advance allows them time to find a replacement and may be beneficial if you plan to seek future references or referrals.

Published: Apr 1, 2022