Affidavit of Correction

An affidavit of correction is a document that is used when a person needs to fix a mistake in a legal form filed with a legal entity or governmental body.

Any person can make a mistake on the official record on accident, so there should be a way to correct it. An affidavit of correction is a tool to replace inaccurate information on legal papers such as motor vehicle registrations or titles, real estate deeds or liens, civil registries such as birth and death certificates, etc.

The process of bringing changes to official records depends on the state agency that handles the records that need changes. The state agency might set some preferred or required procedures for those who want to fix their official forms. This is why the procedure should always be checked with the respective state agency before bringing any changes.

It is common to use this affidavit form to fix issues on titles to motor vehicles at a state DMV.

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What Types of Mistakes Can an Affidavit of Correction Fix?

Among the most common types of mistakes that a document corrects are:

  1. Title to a motor vehicle being released by the seller on the wrong line
  2. Putting stamp by the seller in a wrong place
  3. Assigning title by the seller to themselves
  4. Assigning title by the seller to a wrong party
  5. Writing buyer’s name incorrectly
  6. Signing title by the buyer in the wrong place
  7. Putting incorrect date of title transfer
  8. Mentioning incorrect odometer reading
  9. Misspelling either seller’s or buyer’ name
  10. Making a typographical mistake

What to Include in an Affidavit of Correction?

An affidavit of correction form is easy to search and download on the internet. Or, you may use the form provided by Formspal without any need for further search. If you want to save even more time and have everything done for you, use our online document builder. It will create an affidavit of correction based on your answers to the questions made by the system. In just several minutes, you can download your printable form.

If you fill in the form yourself, first answer several important questions regarding the document.

  • How is the form containing an error called?
  • Why has the mistake appeared on the form?
  • What details should be included in the form instead of erroneous information?
  • In what place will you sign the affidavit of correction?
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How to Fill Out an Affidavit of Correction

With our clear instructions, you do not have to search for additional information.

Step 1 — Opening

After the name of the document, an affidavit of correction should start with the statement that you verify bringing changes to the specified documents. The wording like this can be used: “The undersigned hereby certifies to the following changes to the attached document.”
Step 1 to filling out an affidavit of correction form opening

Step 2 — Type of error

Next, identify what error you have made. Choose the line with your type of mistake and write down the proper way to spell the name/odometer reading/correct party or just tick the line with the mistake that you would like the change.
Step 2 to filling out an affidavit of correction example type of error

Step 3 — Signing

Your signature and print name should close the affidavit of correction.

On this webpage, you can download an affidavit of correction in just one click. There is no need to search for official forms — our printable template is attorney-verified and easy to download.
Step 3 to filling out an affidavit of correction form signing

Published: Jun 18, 2022