Board Resignation Letter

Imagine you are a board member of an organization. If you wake up one day and decide that it is time for you to leave, the board resignation letter is the document you should prepare to complete the procedure correctly.

The letter pursues a couple of aims simultaneously. First, it allows you to clearly state that you are resigning on a particular day and describe why you are doing so. This resignation letter template also shows other board members that you are thankful for everything that has occurred while you were a member. It is a grand gesture that people usually enjoy, and the letter can help you quit on friendly terms.

While resignation letters must be delivered to a boss or HR specialist, the letter we discuss today should be passed to every board member in writing and signed by the author. Moreover, it would be best if you organize a meeting where you tell everyone about your decision. We will explain more details on how to quit the board later in this review.

Apart from tips on the leaving process, you will understand how to prepare the letter from its beginning to the end, describe it, and get a sample that will help you create your own form with ease. Keep reading to get the full info.

When to Write

The answer is easy: when you decide to leave the board and stop being its member. Another recommendation is to choose a relatively calm moment when the board is not suffering from overwhelming tasks, and your departure will be painless for your colleagues.

Regarding legal terms, in the United States, you can leave “at the moment,” meaning that you do not have to wait for a couple of weeks after calling for resignation. So, it is possible to announce your departure, deliver the letter, and quit on the same day. However, other board members may find this inappropriate. Furthermore, doing this could leave them with an unpleasant impression of you. Therefore, we would advise you to notify them about your plans and pass the letters at least a couple of days or weeks before your resignation.

This additional time you give to the board will enable them to find someone to replace you. You may think that your quitting from the board is not much of a catastrophe, but your colleagues may have other opinions in this regard.

Why Deliver the Board Resignation Letter

If you are still unsure why you need to submit the letter, here are some reasons. We hope you will find them convincing enough.

  • It is Part of a Formal Procedure

It is highly advisable to write and submit the letter. This document supplements other forms stored in the company and attached to you as its ex-member. So, it is highly likely that your colleagues or the HR department will require you to submit one.

  • To Specify the Last Working Day

One of the main reasons for writing board resignation letters is to declare that you are leaving on a specific day. Of course, you should specify this date in your form. However, if you have massive tasks or unfinished projects that require your intervention, your colleagues may ask you to postpone your departure. Even so, the letter will give other board members an idea of when you intend to go.

  • You Get a Chance to Be Polite and Thankful

Passing an official letter to your fellow board members is much better than say declaring your intention by word of mouth. It is also a sign of courtesy. Apart from being polite, you can also express how grateful you are and wish them all the best in the future. Finally, do not forget to mention that you wish loads of success to the company you are quitting.

  • You “Leave the Door Open” (Figuratively)

Quitting politely leaves a chance for you to cooperate with your ex-coworkers; you never know when you may need them even after quitting. Good and trusted contacts are always a must regardless of the sphere of your work. Every board resignation letter should contain your contact information and encouragement to board members to reach out to you if they need anything. If you do so, you can always count on them.

What to Write

There is a set of standard topics to cover in such letters. They work for almost any resignation letter, whether it is a letter for board members or your coworkers and bosses (if you are a regular employee). The topics are the following:

  • The Date When You Plan to Finish Working

You must state when you plan to resign: today, tomorrow, or on a specific day. This information usually comes at the very beginning. Please ensure that you specify the date in the first or second sentence, as shown in the sample below.

Even if your fellow board members consider the date too soon, or you have some tasks to complete, they will still take note of your departure, and you will then have a discussion to rearrange the departure date.

  • Why You Are Quitting

You should explain the reason for this decision in all honesty, especially if the reason is not tied to your relationships with co-members of the board. For example, people quit jobs because of various causes: getting another job, moving to another place, being tired of the position, and so on. All of these are absolutely normal.

However, if the reason is a conflict between you and someone else who is on board, try to politely explain that you are leaving due to “irreconcilable differences” or omit this information. The key point here is to be polite and kind without telling the details or telling the truth softly.

  • What Will Happen in the Next Few Days Before You Go?

You have to determine an action plan to transfer your responsibilities to other people. Highly likely, you will have unfinished tasks you have to finish. Just ensure that you explain everything to everyone concerned and that your responsibilities are delegated elsewhere. Someone must complete the tasks after you.

  • Best Regards to the Board Members

Regardless of your relations with other members, wishing good luck to everybody is essential.

  • Contact Details

As you already know, it is a smart move to mention that you are open to consultation and add your contact details at the end of your letter.

How to Write the Letter

Let’s go through the structure of your letter in detail. Remember to cover the following points:


Before writing the main text, you should identify yourself and the letter recipient. On the top-left corner of the page, write your name, address, and phone number. Then, enter the recipient’s name and address. Remember that it is essential to create an individual letter for every board member. After that, write the current date.

If you are busy and have no chance to write a personal letter to every member, you can use a general salutation “To whom it may concern.” However, we don’t recommend this. Instead, try to find some time and personalize all your letters. You can even use the mail merging feature.


The introduction is where you specify when you are going to leave. Start with “Dear …” or “To whom it may concern” (choose the phrase applicable to your case), mention the reason why you are writing this letter, enter the departure date, and maybe say that you are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Main Part

Here, you should say why you have decided to resign, explain what will happen with your responsibilities, and express your gratitude to the recipients. Do not write a long letter because no one likes receiving too much information these days. Remember to check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation (this relates to all letter parts).


This part requires contact details and encouragement to the recipients to contact you if a need arises. You can choose what contacts to leave: email address, phone number, or even a link to any of your profiles in numerous social networks and messengers.

As you can see, the structure is relatively simple; the only thing you lack now is a sample board resignation letter. Use this sample to prepare your own letter that covers all your needs. Remember to read the last section.

Sample Board Resignation Letter

[Your name] __________

[Your address] __________

[Your phone number] __________


[The recipient’s name] __________

[The company] __________

[The recipient’s address here] __________


[The date of writing this letter] __________


Dear Mr. (or Ms., or Mrs.) [The recipient’s name here] __________

This letter aims to state that I intend to resign as a board member of ______________ [insert the company’s name] on the ________________[enter the date when you will leave here]. I hope that it will not cause you much inconvenience, and I am sorry for such a decision.

The reason why I am quitting is because _____________________[explain why you are quitting]. I want to honestly tell you that the experience I have gotten here while cooperating with you and other board members is precious. I have enjoyed all our moments together, and I hope that we will have a chance to cooperate in the future. I am thankful for every single day I have lived as a board member of _________________ [enter the company name].

I have tried to complete as many tasks as possible; however, some of them require transferring to other board members. Therefore, tomorrow [or enter another date], I will inform the board on who will be responsible for these tasks after leaving the board.

I hope that everything will be amazing with you and the company in the future! I wish you lots of luck with your career! Again, thank you for our excellent cooperation during the past [indicate the period]. __________

Whenever you want to reach out, here are my contact details:

Email: __________

Phone: __________

I will answer with pleasure.

Best regards,

[Write your name] __________

How to Quit Properly?

There is a couple of irreplaceable steps you have to accomplish to quit the board correctly:

Prepare the Letter

Before you say something about your resignation to anyone from the board, write the letter draft. Thus, you will have a chance to re-read and correct it before delivering it to your colleagues.

  • Call for a Meeting

It would be best to meet all your co-members in person before sending all the letters to discuss your resignation. Be ready to answer various questions and discuss the matter.

  • Finalize and Deliver Your Letter

Once the meeting is over, and everyone knows everything, prepare the final draft of your letter. Print all copies, sign them, and deliver them to every member of the board.

Published: Aug 28, 2022