Resignation Letter Due to Job Dissatisfaction

People resign from their jobs for various reasons: finding a new job, relocating to another city, and career change, among others. However, there is also a common and unpleasant reason: poor working conditions and dissatisfaction with management.

This informative review will explain the basics of resignation letters due to dissatisfaction with management and provide you with a sample. We will also give handy hints that you can use if you have no idea how to quit a job that no longer makes you content. Understanding that you are no longer happy at work and launching your departure process is an extremely unpleasant procedure. We hope that after reading our guide, you will be more confident and calm about the future.

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Create a free high quality Resignation Letter Due to Job Dissatisfaction online now!

We will start with the reasons for writing and sending the letter, then outline what you should write and to whom you should submit the letter. Then, you will get a clear structure with all letter parts and a sample. Lastly, we have a couple of steps for making the leaving procedure smooth and painless for both you and the company.

Even if you cannot stand your colleagues or your work conditions, your departure may cause various emotions, including nostalgia, sadness, and regret. So, our first recommendation would be to think again about your decision to resign. Then, if you are still sure about it, follow our guide about the letter and related steps.

When to Write

First, consider the letter preparation period. In the United States, the law does not oblige you to notify your employer about the departure in advance. Therefore, you can arrive at work in the morning, have a talk with your manager, pass the letter, and leave right away.

Although this is possible and you can save time this way, we strongly recommend tendering your resignation at least a week or two in advance. Yes, we understand that it may be unbearable, but we advise you to be an intelligent person who gives people some time to find a solution and a substitute.

So, your plan regarding the resignation letter template may look like this:

  1. Decide that you really want to quit
  2. Prepare the letter
  3. Announce that you will quit in a week or two and pass the note to the concerned parties.

Why Should I Submit the Document?

Some people consider it unnecessary to serve a resignation letter if the reason for leaving is unbearable terms or colleagues at work. Instead, they prefer to explain their grievances verbally or even leave without any explanation.

However, there is a whole set of reasons why it is much better to provide a decent and well-structured letter:

  • It Shows You are Polite and Civil Even When the Situation is Bad

To prove your excellent manners, you should submit a decent note that does not offend anyone. You may be suffering from the current conditions or facing daily conflicts with your coworkers. However, the best thing to do is to rise above it all and say goodbye to everyone with due respect.

  • You Can Quit Without a Scandal

Clearly explain what bothers you and what you consider wrong in written form without writing outrageous things. That way, the chances of quitting on friendly terms are high. You may think that you will never interact with your ex-colleagues ever again, but life is unpredictable. You may have to meet and work together again.

So, it is advisable to leave a chance for normal relationships in the future. In the document, you can also say that you are grateful for the work period in the company and wish everyone luck. That will leave a good impression overall.

  • The Management May Hear Your Complaints and Re-evaluate Your working Conditions

Well, we cannot promise that it will happen, and in many cases, people leave their positions, and nothing changes afterward. However, if there is a tiny chance to improve things, why not use it? For example, in the letter, you can explain everything that you do not enjoy at work and tell your bosses why it has become impossible to keep working together. Then, maybe they will accept your argumentation and improve the terms.  Besides, many examples prove that you can deliver the message, discuss it with your supervisor, and win by getting a bigger salary or reducing your working hours.

  • It Can be a Formal Requirement

At most workplaces, you must provide a document stating that you intend to quit on a specific day. It can be a brief note indicating your departure date. Also, if you are asked about the reasons for resigning, it is more convenient to list them in a letter instead of telling them verbally.

What to Write

Before we give you a plan and a sample of the letter, here is a list of what to cover in the resignation letter due to management dissatisfaction:

  • The Last Day of Work

The general idea behind any resignation letter is to state that you will stop working with the company on a specific day. So, remember to include this information.

  • Reasons for Leaving

As you already know, when you leave because of displeasure with what happens at work, it is a great idea to list the reasons. Be honest but soft because you do not want to raise a scandal or offend anybody. Remember that your work period will probably end soon, so be patient, calm, and respectful.

  • Plan for the Following Days (or Weeks)

It is pretty rare to leave quickly without any unfinished projects or partners communicating with the company through you. You will have to delegate all your responsibilities to someone. The letter is a great chance to provide your boss with a plan of how everything will be transferred.

Regardless of how much you dislike the company and your colleagues, you must pass all the tasks and needed contacts to someone. Just imagine that it is your business; how would you like your employees to leave? Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

  • Sincere Best Wishes to Your Coworkers

It cannot be all wrong, especially if you have spent a couple of years in your current position. So, please mention that you have enjoyed all the good times you have had in the company, but it is time to move on. It is essential to wish everyone luck in their career.

How to Create the Form

In the end, it is up to you what format to choose: brief and formal or a longer one. Naturally, we would opt for the second option in your place, but you can check out the document plan below, stick to it, and decide what to include and omit.


This is a formal requirement for every legal form or letter, and this document is not an exemption. You have to add a heading: your name, address, and phone number; your boss’s or HR department representative’s name, company name, address, and the current date.


Use the form’s first part to explain what this document is about and when you intend to quit. It can be just one or two sentences. Then, to be even more polite, you can apologize for all the inconvenience the company gets after leaving.

Main Part

In the main part, outline your departure details: what happened and why you have made this decision? You can also tell who will take your tasks and duties and when.


When ending the letter, wish everyone the best and write your name at the very end.

The plan is rather simple, and your letter will probably not require more than one page. See our sample below. You can transform it into a great note that will satisfy you and your colleagues at the same time.

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Job Dissatisfaction


[Your name here]


[Your address here]


[Your phone number here]


[The recipient’s name here]


[The entity’s name here]


[The entity’s address here]


[The date when you prepare this form]


Dear Mr. (or Ms., or Mrs.) __________ [The recipient’s name]

I regret to inform you that I will terminate my work in ___________________ [enter the entity’s name] on____________ [insert the date when you quit]. Unfortunately, I have to say that in the past few months, the conditions at my position have become extremely difficult, and I cannot perform with due results anymore.

Among the reasons it is impossible to continue on the same grounds is the new schedule set a month ago. I started to feel immense pressure, and almost all the tasks I had during this period went incomplete. I would recommend but not insist that you try reconsidering the schedule, so no one needs to stay after hours every day. I hope that it will be possible to reach the balance between work and life for everyone. But, of course, it may be only my problem, so I do not insist on this fact.

In a few days, I will complete transfering all my tasks, and the company will not lose any of its clients or partners.

I wish you all the best in the future; I hope the company will bloom, and everything will be brilliant for you. Thank you very much for all the fantastic moments we had together while I was working here. Good luck!


__________ [enter your name here]

How to Leave Respectfully

This may be the first time you are resigning from work and have no clue how to undertake the process. We have got your back. Here is a brief plan of what to do to end all the suffering at work:

Make a List Of Pros And Cons

This is an ancient method, but it still works. Think again about what you will gain and lose after leaving. If there are much more cons than pros and your work is troublesome,  you really have to go.

Create the Form, Print it, and Sign it

You should have your document at hand before announcing your resignation. Remember to check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling before you print the form.

Organize a Conversation With Your Supervisor

Before passing the letter talk to your boss. They might have no idea at all that you are planning to quit. On the other hand, it may be a shock for them. So, the first thing you should do is talk, not send the document. If talking is impossible, you can skip this step; however, it is better to talk first.

Submit the Letter

If the conversation did not satisfy you, send the document to the boss and finalize your departure.

Published: Jul 29, 2022