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IRS Form 943

Paying taxes on time is vital. Everyone knows that if you are a work provider, you will have to deliver certain contributions levied from your staff members to the government. Failing to pay federal income taxes may result in punishment for all individuals deemed accountable for nonpayment, which is compensating the government a total hidden amount of dollars.

The taxes depend on some key factors, including your employee’s total annual income. Not to lose any important info you must submit, the IRS has developed different tax return forms for employees performing service in different job sectors.

IRS Form 943 — Who Needs It?

Form 943 will be used by agricultural employers. File this document in case you paid monetary funds to one or more farmworkers last year (those who perform household services on the territory of your farm are not considered agricultural employees).

Some More info

It is best for the filer to submit the paper within January of every calendar year, as the deadline is February 1. Your form will probably be processed if received a bit later, though the envelope should be postmarked before the due date. To avoid undesired returns, opt for online form submission. In case this method is unavailable, you may choose to send the document by US mail or private delivery service.

Finding a relevant form will probably not take a lot of your time, though completing it can. Seek professional assistance in case you consider any requirements unclear. To obtain a personalized Form 943, do not hesitate to use our form-building software, designed to make completing documentation simple and quick.

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The IRS sets different requirements for businesses from various business spheres. Learn more about forms devised for specific categories of employers.

Filling-Out Procedure

Complete Introductory Section

step 1 complete introductory section filling out an irs form 943

One has to type or print their full name, EIN (apply to get one if you still have not), company name (if applicable), and a complete mailing address. Do not forget to check the box on the right in the event of having your previously mentioned address changed.

The last box in this section is only checked if you no longer intend to continue submitting this form annually (resume filing if you restart paying wages).

Specify How Many Workers You Have Had

step 2 specify how many workers you have had filling out an irs form 943

Insert a number of employees who have been providing you farming-related services during this tax year.

Attention! All amounts you will write next to a particular line below cannot be rounded to whole dollars. Never skip cents, even if you will write “zero.”

Enter SS-Taxed Wages

step 3 enter ss taxed wages filling out an irs form 943

There are two types of leave wages herein you must indicate. Remember that work providers must pay at least 66,7% of employees’ regular pay rate for every hour the latter have not been performing work duties due to an acceptable excuse.

Count the SS Taxes

step 4 count the ss taxes filling out an irs form 943

Follow the instructions on both lines to calculate the numbers.

Insert Medicare-related Data

step 5 insert medicare related data filling out an irs form 943

First, enter the payment amount you have transferred to your farmworkers, which is Medicare-taxed. Compute the levy. Then, if your employees are obliged to pay some additional health insurance contribution, indicate that as well, and count the withholding.

Input the Federal Income Tax Withheld

step 6 input the federal income tax withheld filling out an irs form 943

This is the amount of money you do not deliver to your employees at all, as it is the employer’s responsibility to provide a correct sum to the government.

Adjust the Totals

step 7 adjust the totals filling out an irs form 943

Consider the minor changes introduced by the IRS last year and enter the total taxes you have already submitted above.

Indicate the Credit For Research Processes Stimulation

step 8 indicate the credit for research processes stimulation filling out an irs form 943

Check whether you have to complete this section or not. If such is the case, use another form mentioned on line 12a to submit the correct numbers. Then, enter the nonrefundable portions and add them up to see the final amount. To learn more about this part of the document, study the complete set of instructions on the official IRS web page.

Recalculate the Totals

step 9 recalculate the totals filling out an irs form 943

If your company is qualified to complete lines 12a-d and you have provided appropriate data there, you will need to recount the total taxes again herein.

Enter Total Deposits

step 10 enter total deposits filling out an irs form 943

Complete these lines with deposits, deferrals, and refundable credits info.

Indicate Tax Debt

step 11 indicate tax debt filling out an irs form 943

You may not have one — and this will be excellent. However, it is not always possible to avoid calculation mistakes. Employers do not have to pay in case this sum is less than one dollar. If the sum is larger, consider managing your finances that way so you can pay the tax you owe. The agency allows work providers to split the payment in the following situations:

  • You prove to be able to pay the debt within two calendar years;
  • Your debt does not exceed 25,000 US dollars;
  • You objectively are not capable of delivering the required amount ASAP.

Confirm to Have Overpaid

step 12 confirm to have overpaid filling out an irs form 943

The opposite may take place as well — if, according to the data you present in this paper, you have transmitted an excessive amount of taxes, enter the exact number in US dollars. Express your wish — whether you prefer to receive the sum as a refund or leave it until filing the next return.

Check the Boxes

step 13 check the boxes filling out an irs form 943

Before you proceed to the next part of this form, if appropriate.

Complete Monthly Summary of Federal Tax Liability

step 14 complete monthly summary of federal tax liability filling out an irs form 943

Input required info next to each month unless you are a semiweekly schedule depositor.

Insert the Credit Amounts for Sick and Family Leave Wages

step 15 insert the credit amounts for sick and family leave wages filling out an irs form 943

The employees’ retention credit is provided in this section as well.

Designate a Representative

step 16 designate a representative filling out an irs form 943

Processing tax forms is relatively difficult and time-consuming, even though it is done by professionals. The IRS staff might contact you to clarify some information you have input. If you, according to any reason, do not wish to communicate with the agency about the filed Form 943, you can always opt for appointing a designee. To do this, check the “yes” box here, provide this individual’s full name, daytime telephone number, and PIN. This number may contain any digits the appointee chooses to use for further identification.

No notices or communications will be delivered to your representative, though this person will be authorized to answer those notices you receive concerning this report. The appointee is allowed to refuse to perform this function. Otherwise, they will remain accountable until one year from the due date.

Sign the Form

step 17 sign the form filling out an irs form 943

In the USA, any filer who has willfully provided misleading information in this declaration will be considered guilty of a felony. By printing your name, signing, and dating the report, you confirm to have checked that the document, to the best of your knowledge, consists of true and correct data.

Depending on who or what the filer is from a legal point of view, the following individuals may append their signatures:

  • Individual Entrepreneur;
  • Someone Authorized to Represent a Corporation;
  • A Member of Partnership (Or Chosen Representative);
  • The LLC’s Owner;
  • Fiduciary of a Trust (Estate).

Complete the Preparer’s Info

step 18 complete the preparer’s info filling out an irs form 943

Due to the document’s complication, an individual may want to ask a legal professional to fill it out. In such a case, this paid preparer has to sign and date the paper, indicate their full name, PTIN, and define whether they are working for a company or represent themselves. If they are a member of a firm, provide its name, address, EIN, and telephone number.

If you are making a payment with Form 943, use Form 943-V to submit the data about this transaction.

Post Scriptum

You must complete all applicable lines in this form, and the data you are submitting is confidential. However, sometimes the law may require to have this info disclosed. The IRS notifies the applicants that they may reveal certain private information to assist in civil or criminal litigation or to fight terrorism.

The agency states to have estimated the approximate amount of time one might spend filling the form out and declares that the completing procedures will not take longer than three hours. Still, if you believe that certain document improvements can be made, approach the IRS staff to share your ideas.