View PDF Files Online

Looking for a functional PDF viewer that would work smoothly and efficiently at no cost? You have found one. Formspal lets you experience all the best features of PDF tools for free. It makes scrolling through PDF files when you want to read the text thoroughly or just quickly find some information as easy as possible.

Regardless of your device and operating system, you can enjoy the consistency of your PDf reading. Your PDF files will look equally readable on a laptop, monitor, or smartphone screen.

Zoom in on text and images in your PDF, rotate the orientation of the PDf file, and compare several documents if you need to. In case you need to change your file, use the variety of tools from our PDF editor.

How You Can Benefit from Using Our Tool

PDF files are widely used in different spheres, so the need to open and view PDF files might happen at any time. There are many PDF readers on the net, but we offer you one of the fastest and most efficient online tools. Use it to open your files and comfortably scroll through them.

It is convenient as you do not have to download any extra software. All you need to do is open Forspal's webpage, upload your PDF file, and enjoy the reading. The PDF viewer is totally free and is equally handy for tablet, desktop, and smartphone users. All you need is just an Internet connection.

How to View PDF Files in 3 Quick Steps:

  1. Upload the PDF file you want to read. You can choose it from your device's folder or use the Drag or Drop option.

  2. View the uploaded document with the help of our online PDF viewer.

  3. Download your PDF file.

Unbeatable Benefits of Formspal's PDF Viewer

You can swiftly view your PDF documents.

Our free PDF reader lets you easily achieve your goal - find a reader that would provide a smooth and accurate viewing and reading experience.

Enjoy the simplicity of the PDF reader.

What can be simpler than opening the website with the necessary tool and using it straight away without the need to download any additional programs? It is exactly what Formspal PDF reader offers - no downloads, no extra actions. Just immediate viewing and editing of your PDF file!

Don't worry if you get caught up with the need to read a PDF file on the go.

Formspal tool is designed to let you easily read and edit your PDF files even if you are in a hurry or on the go using your smartphone (as long as it has a stable internet connection). The experience will be the same as if you use a computer or laptop. All platforms are supported!

Be sure about the security of your files.

We use only encrypted connections, meaning all the files you upload when you want to view PDFs are safe. As well as that, we do not keep your PDF documents on our servers and delete them the moment you stop working with our free PDF reader.