Write on a PDF

PDF files are very commonly used for both business and personal purposes. That is why there is often a need to write on PDF or do some other things with your document. For example, you might need to add more text to your PDF or make some necessary notes. The Formspal PDF editor lets you do anything you need with your PDF file - just upload your document and alter it using Formspal’s convenient tool!

These features of our PDF editing tool will let your workflows smoothly move along:

3 Steps to Writing on Your PDF:

  1. Open the Formspal PDF editor and upload a PDF file/PDF files you need to alter.

  2. Decide what you want to do with your document(s). Using Formspal’s versatile toolbar, you are free to write on a PDF document, make notes, add comments, change text fields, put drawings, and more.

  3. Once you do everything you want with the PDF file, you can download it.

What Can You Do with Your Document Using the FormsPal’s PDF Editor?

The Formspal online tool lets you not just add text, like some other online editors, but also tweak the existing one in any way you need. With our online editor, you can get rid of any typos, change the formatting of the text, add fields to your PDF file, etc. Here are some of the most common actions taken:

Adding text to a PDF file

In order to write on PDF using the FormsPal PDF editor, you need to find a Text button in the top toolbar. Once you click it, you will see a box that will allow you to put your text in. You can place your text anywhere in the PDF file. You may also go creative with the style, font, and color of your text.

Altering text in a PDF document

If your goal is to keep the existing text but change it, the Redact button is what you should go for! Just indicate what part of the text you would want to fix and bring the changes you have in mind. You might also remove unnecessary parts of the text by clicking on Erase button. The tool will create a white space that you should put in the piece of text that you want to delete.

Placing graphic elements in PDF files

If you want to not only write on a PDF document but also add some images or symbols, our tool will let you be as creative as possible. To add a picture, just use the respective button from the toolbar. If you want to add a checkmark or a cross, find a symbol indication on the bar of tools and click it.

Adding form fields to PDF forms

If you have some changes to your fillable PDF document in mind, you can add the necessary fields using the respective tool from our wide range of instruments.