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USCIS Form N-400

Basically, N-400 Form, also termed the “Application for Naturalization,” is a legal document that residents of any country who possess a Green Card can fill out when they want to become US citizens.

If your progenitors are US citizens either by birth or naturalization or applied for N-400 before turning 18 years old, you are considered a legitimate resident of the United States. Otherwise, you should file this application yourself via USCIS in order not to violate the legislation and to be a lawful resident of the United States.

The primary thing you want to do is to fill out an application in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is an offshoot of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It is crucial to take action as soon as possible not to delay the process of naturalization.

Please, inform the USCIS through the application within 10 days if you altered the actual address. It will ensure you don’t miss any important notices.

This article will support you in making the accurate N-400 application for naturalization and will provide you with some essential information you need to know.

Who Has the Right to Fill Out N-400?

Before you apply for the N-400, you want to be familiarized with the conditions and rules. It all, of course, depends on your specific circumstances. However, the general set of rules is universally applicable. Read about them below.

Terms of Submission

To utilize the N-400 form, naturalization USCIS applicants must meet the basic conditions:

  • People who want to create the N-400 must be 18 years or older.
  • You need to hold a Green Card for five years before utilizing it. If you are coupled to a lawful citizen of the USA, the period of holding a Green Card is reduced to three years. It is different when you ask for military duty.
  • You have been in the United States for the last 30 months (it is likewise imperative to note that if you are espoused to a lawful US resident, this period is reduced to 18 months).
  • It is needful to prove that you have lived for the past three months (most limited) in the state where you are applying for N-400 (or USCIS area).

To complete the procedure, you will need to pass the interview and the naturalization (civics) test. A USCIS manager will verify if you can talk, read, and write in English. They will inquire how well you know the US history, whether you have been imprisoned, or have any other issues with the law. You should also provide all the necessary information about your income and travel to become a lawful permanent resident. State if you were legally partnered or modified your name. You will additionally be requested to talk about how you feel about the US Constitution, whether you support its models, and whether you are ready to show loyalty to the country. Don’t forget that after you give the Oath of Allegiance, you can fully and constitutionally become a U. S. citizen.

There is also an opportunity to apply for N-400 on the Internet. You need to create an account on the official USCIS website of the Department of Homeland Security and build the form. But if you are to use it abroad or want to receive any fee reduction, you need to print it out and post it.

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Where to Send an N-400

The delivery address for this paper form will depend on which state you are currently in and what delivery you propose to do throughout your naturalization process.

The full table of addresses can be discovered at the Department of Homeland Security (visit the Homeland Security official website to learn more about eligibility requirements, N-400 for the civics portion of the naturalization test filling tips, and other important immigration applications updates). But before you transfer it, don’t forget to obtain a copy of the fully performed document, as all the subsequent examination will be based on the statements you implemented in the N-400. This way, you can equip yourself more thoroughly.

Significant reminder: If you can implement this certificate, present it before your three- or five-year duration period expires. The early requests are submitted 90 days before the expiration date indicated on the permanent resident card. Applying ahead proffers you the chance to prepare more productively for the subsequent naturalization test all applicants should take.

If you ship the lettered form N-400, be certain that:

  • You use only black ink.
  • You present translations if it’s essential for any of your supporting documents.
  • You re-read an application to be convinced that all the declared info is valid and accurate.
  • Everything is clear and simple to read.
  • Your signature is present.
  • You have all other relevant documents, and there are no superfluous copies.

N-400 Expenses

There are certain fees required to complete the N-400. The cost of such a certificate is now $725. The price covers expenses for biometrics ($85) and the processing itself ($640). Please note that expenses are nonrefundable. Paying a fee doesn’t give you a 100% guarantee that your N-400 form will be accepted.

However, applicants can ask for a Fee Reduction or a whole Waiver to refund the filing fee sum fully or partially. To do this, you need to provide a USCIS with valid information about your current status.

If you apply for more than one N-400, the procedure should be the same at all times. Be sure your payments are submitted accurately; otherwise, the USCIS will have a right to decline them.

Supporting Papers

To submit this certificate, you may need to attach some other documents as well. When you choose to apply via the Internet, you should attach digital copies or scanned images. What will the attachment to the N-400 necessitate?

1. Green Card image (form I-551, “Permanent Resident Card”)

2. A check of payment of registration fee (indicate your A-number on the backside or credit card details relating to the form G-1450).

3. Documents confirming specific circumstances:

  • Two photos of yours (2×2 inches)
  • Marital status (all the relevant certificates)
  • Medical certification of no disability (if you are applying for a Waiver or Fee Removal as an exception)
  • Form H-462 (for military service, if applicable)

How to Fill Out USCIS Form N-400

Each N-400 application form requires personal information about the applicant. USCIS provides the free Naturalization questionnaire when it becomes clear whether you are sanctioned to apply for the USA residentship.

As we mentioned before, you require to fund an official fee to submit the form. After that, you decide either to submit it online or to use the mail (it is crucial to print the latest version of N-400).

Despite your choice, there are certain criteria to consider:

  • Do not provide the results “just to fill the empty spaces,” it is vital for responses to be appropriate (Insert “N/A” if the topic doesn’t match your status) and absolutely true.
  • Mention your previous applications for naturalization with a filing, and check if the responses from them match with the ones in your new Form N-400.
  • If there’s not enough space on the official blank, apply an additional annex to complete the list of responses.
  • In any case, do not spoil the barcode! If you do, USCIS will not be capable of treating your petition correctly.

1. Name Your Green Card Info

First, write your A-number, which is indicated on the permanent resident card, and then mark the box that corresponds to the reason for obtaining citizenship. If you are married to a U. S. citizen, check B or C boxes, and if you are part of military personnel, check D. Applicants who want to obtain asylum check box A, as they are possessors of a special benefit. Do not forget that you will be required to present evidence that you are suitable for this category.

step 1 name your green card info filling out a uscis form n 400
2. Insert Your Personal Actual Data

Here’s everything clear and very easy to understand. You need to indicate your actual private information, carefully filling the designated empty spaces.

step 2 insert your personal actual data filling out a uscis form n 400
3. Enter the Information About Disability

If you hold official confirmation of your disability, your interview will be changed accordingly. You can ask for a sign language representative, the opportunity to be in a wheelchair, be accompanied by a nurse. You can request for a reduced expecting interview interval and other adjustments to get through the interview most comfortably.

step 3 enter the information about disability filling out a uscis form n 400
4. Write Down the Contacts

Write down the phone numbers of all your contacts in the USA and their valid e-mail addresses. If you don’t have any, please, write “None.”

step 4 write down the contacts filling out a uscis form n 400
5. Enter Your Current Location

In segment A, register your current physical address. You can specify another mailing address in point B if the real one is not reliable enough to get mail. In part C, list your previous places of residency (this is significant since the primary task of Part 5 in the Form N-400 is to make sure that you are qualified to acquire citizenship in the order you have not been abroad for an unacceptable long time).

step 5 enter your current location filling out a uscis form n 400
6. Provide Your Relatives’ Data

This column is crucial because if your parents are US citizens, you will be most suitable to obtain citizenship naturally. State if citizenship is passed on to you by inheritance.

step 6 provide your relatives' data filling out a uscis form n 400
7. Insert Biographical Facts

This part serves to find out if you have been legally sentenced. If you tell lies, you will be subject to serious legal action. If you have had some issues with the law, the USA government and USCIS will find it out anyway. If you think that the USCIS administration can find inappropriate facts, checking your Form N-400, you should unquestionably confer with an immigration lawyer for your individual safety.

step 7 insert biographical facts filling out a uscis form n 400
8. Provide Information about Your Education and Place of Work

In this segment, you must present comprehensive info about your education and employment for the last five years (or three years) to USCIS. If throughout this interval, you have not worked officially, you should indicate this information in the form. Furthermore, it is imperative to determine whether you have had an illegal job in the United States before obtaining the Green Card.

step 8 provide information about your education and place of work filling out a uscis form n 400
9. State the Period You Were Abroad

Here are some other topics that you need to cover. Please, be honest when creating this section of the N-400 form and consider adding any of your relevant visa-related information.

step 9 state the period you were abroad filling out a uscis form n 400
10. Provide Your Marital Chronicle

Provide information about your current marital status and list any previous marriage certificates as well. This is essential for the USCIS to understand that you are (were) married to no more than one individual. Double marriage is against the law in the United States. However, if you are married to more than one person at the same time, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has the power to reject your Form N-400 and even terminate the Green Card.

step 10 provide your marital chronicle filling out a uscis form n 400
11. Provide Children’s Names

The purpose of this part is clear. However, if you don’t initially include information about a child in Form N-400, the USCIS will suspect you of fraud and assume that you are promoting someone else’s child to get a Green Card.

step 11 provide children's names filling out a uscis form n 400
12. Provide Extra Information

The subsequent table of 50 subjects is given mostly to examine moral aspects of your personality. The result of this part will affect the USCIS’s decision whether to accept your N-400 application or not. Answer honestly and fully. Do not forget that if you have marked “Yes” in one of the lines, you will have to attach a confirmation.

step 12 provide extra information filling out a uscis form n 400
13. Sign the Form N-400

Here USCIS wants you to confirm that you entirely comprehend what this statement is about and that you can understand and communicate in English. If you do not have the possibility to sign this document yourself, put a cross mark in the box with the signature, or ask your lawful trustee to sign it on your behalf.

step 13 sign the form filling out a uscis form n 400
14. Let the Proxy Sign the Form

If you have a disabled waiver and a trustee or other representative is legally assigned to you, it is essential that they sign and present all the expected data in this section.

step 14 let the proxy sign the form filling out a uscis form n 400
15. Provide All the Required Info about Another Applicant

Any other representative or petitioner of this N-400 document must sign this segment, providing their contact info and declaration. If you have managed to fill out the Form N-400 application yourself, leave this section empty.

step 15 provide all the required info about another applicant filling out a uscis form n 400
16. State the Results of the Interview

You can complete this part of the N-400 application only once you have finished with a USCIS interview.

step 16 state the results of the interview filling out a uscis form n 400
17. Write Rejection of Any Titles

To be a full-fledged legal resident of the United States of America, you will have to leave out titles such as “duke” or “princess.” Do not sign this part, though, until you arrive for an interview at USCIS.

step 17 write rejection of any titles filling out a uscis form n 400
18. Oath of Allegiance

As in the section above, leave it blank until you complete the interview.

step 18 oath of allegiance filling out a uscis form n 400

What to Bring to Your Interview

Here you will learn the essential documentation that you are required to take to a USCIS meeting:

  • Permanent resident card
  • Passport, both valid and expired if there are any (plus out-of-state travel-proving papers)
  • Driver’s license and any other State-issued ID certificates
  • Documents that show your name change(s)
  • Original confirmation of the dissolution of your spouse’s previous marriage(s) or widow (widower) certificates (death certificates)
  • Arrests or convictions reports with no filed fees (if there are any)
  • Any other relevant record

Do not forget to check out the USCIS and Homeland Security official government website regularly for the topics verification policies government renews from time to time. It’s essential for you to know the latest eligibility requirements and status updates to the naturalization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the N-400 Form cost?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) currently sets the price for filing Form N-400 at $640. Furthermore, note that you will have to pay $85 for biometric services (fingerprints and photos). However, you do not need to pay the additional filing fee if you are a military or senior citizen at the age of 75.

What is Form N-400 citizenship?

This is a legal method by which US permanent residents can become legitimate US citizens. Citizenship of the USA can be obtained subordinate to certain conditions. You can read more relevant and helpful information in our article above.

What documents do I need to send with my N-400?

In addition to Form N-400 itself, the accompanying documents required to take are two photographs, a copy of the permanent resident card, a receipt for payment of the application processing fee, and a birth certificate for each of your children (if you have any), and more. You can see the full list of the supporting papers in the dedicated part of the article above.

Do I need to submit photos with N-400?

Yes, according to the official requirements, it is essential to additionally supply your Form N-400 with two photos sized 2×2 inches.