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IRS Form 4506T-EZ

The designated form is a legal document by filing, which you can request your Individual Tax Return Transcript. However, it is a short form created by the Internal Revenue Service for your convenience. Due to the fact that this is basically a shorter version of the 4506-T Form, it has its requirements, restrictions, and peculiarities. In this article, we will try to tell you more precisely what they are and how to fill out and file the form correctly.

As the form itself states, the US residents can use it to request the following data (free of charge):

  • The 1040-series IRS Forms containing information on one’s tax return;
  • Some of the tax account-related information, including Form W-2, Form 1099 info, as well as the non-filing verification (the complete information is only available with the 4506-T Form);
  • Other IRS tax return forms and transcripts pertaining to the current financial year or accounting periods no earlier than three years prior.

The Form’s Primary Objective

As we already have mentioned above, the US citizens and residents acquiring their income within the country should use this legal form to ask the IRS for a tax return transcript for a certain financial period (as designated above). The transcript you get by using the 4506-T-EZ Form would contain most of the original transcript lines but not all of them, as it is a shorter version of the request. Please keep that peculiarity in mind when ordering documents from the IRS. Short forms are very handy and convenient for certain purposes, so make sure you know your objective beforehand. Otherwise, the outcome of the application process may not be successful even if you fill out the form correctly.

Novelties as of 2021

The IRS is now trying its best to protect the taxpayers’ personal (and therefore sensitive) data they submit with the legal forms. So, in July 2019, the Service has officially declared that it will not provide any requested information on taxes to third parties anymore.

Now, all mailings made after July 2019 from third-party mailing addresses will be dismissed. The IRS can only submit disclosed information and reports to the mailing addresses indicated in the taxpayer’s personal registration form. Thus, from that moment on, only the address indicated in the record will be recognized as valid. A third party still can request and receive particular taxpayer’s info and records in exceptional cases, but they have to become an IVES program participant. Contact the nearest IVES office to find out how to do that or go to their official website to learn more.

How is this Form Different from Form 4506-T?

Form 4506-T-EZ is a variation of Form 4506-T. People use the latter to request the full transcripts of relevant 1040-series forms and forms on individual tax returns, such as W-2, 1098, 1099, and 5498. And that is, basically, its main difference from Form 4506-T-EZ. As it appears from its name, the form can only allow you to request short transcripts of individual tax return information. So, if that is your objective and if the given info would be sufficient, you should use Form 4506-T-EZ. Do not use this form just because it is simpler to fill out.

It is also worth mentioning that with the 4506T-EZ form, you would get a tax return report containing most of the original lines and info, but not all of it. Some of the info acquired with the form will be missing from the report, so keep that in mind.

Thus, the transcript you will receive from using Form 4506-T-EZ will not contain the following information:

  • Payment history and account specifications;
  • Penalty and remedies assessment;
  • Corrections made to the original tax return transcript.

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How to Fill Out Form 4506-T-EZ

You can file the 4506-T-EZ Form electronically, so you can customize it online too. We encourage our users and readers to use our advanced and automated software to create any legal form they need. Plus, we now provide a unique PDF editor, which you can easily use to fill out all the necessary information online.

Below, you will find detailed recommendations and instructions on how to fill out the form step-by-step. You can use them as you go to fill out the form correctly.

Read the General Instructions and Provisions

The form itself contains General Instructions, which you can find on the second page. We strongly advise you to read them before you proceed to fill out the form, as they contain all the novelties and legal terms that you have to understand when entering the required information. Any mistake made in the records may be misleading, which, in turn, may result in you not getting the correct records from the IRS.

Enter the Name of the Taxpayer(s)

In the first blank line of the document, the applicant shall enter the legal name that was stated in the requested tax return report. Ensure it is the same name, it is very important, or the IRS specialists will not be able to find the necessary records.

If it is a joint tax return report you are requesting, then enter only the first name indicated in the original form.

step 2.1 enter the name of the taxpayers filling out form 4506 t ez

The second line is to be filled out if applicable. If it used to be a joint tax return you are now requesting, you need to indicate the name of the spouse you filed the tax return with. Again, make sure you enter the second legal name correctly as well.

step 2.2. enter the name of the spouse filling out form 4506 t ez

Provide the respective SSN

In boxes 1b and 2b, you need to enter the respective Social Security Numbers (SSN) of the taxpayer(s). If you want to request a joint tax return form, then you have to enter the SSN of your spouse too. Thus, box 2b is only to fill out if applicable; if there is a single taxpayer, leave the line empty or cross through it if filling out by hand.

step 3 provide the respective ssn filling out form 4506 t ez

Provide the Applicant’s Current Name and Address

In this section, you need to fill in your current data. If you have changed your name since filing and your current name is different from the one indicated in the original form, you shall provide your current name.

The same goes for your current address. Enter your effective mailing address, including the state, ZIP, city, street, apartment, and room number (if applicable).

step 4 provide the applicants current name and address filling out form 4506 t ez

If you have not yet registered your new physical address at the IRS office, you should fill out and send the IRS 8822 Form for the legal change of address. Ensure to file it in the first place, or otherwise, your application might be recognized as invalid.

Indicate the Previous Address

Here, you should enter the last address you have indicated in your previous tax return form. It may differ from your current address as well.

step 5 indicate the previous address filling out form 4506 t ez

Enter the Customer’s Number

This number is required so that the responsible IRS specialists could find your requested form easier, as all of them are registered with the Service by a specific customer number. It is a modification the Service has implemented recently and now uses to protect your personal data from intrusion. The field is optional to fill out, so if you do not know your customer’s number, you can leave the line empty or contact the IRS office and ask them to assist in finding it. See the General Instructions for more info.

step 6 enter the customers number filling out form 4506 t ez

Designate the Year of Requested Tax Return

Enter the year of the requested tax return information. It should be the financial year you were filing your tax returns for and not necessarily the year when you filed it, so pay special attention to fill out this section. There are four blank boxes where you can enter the year’s digits.

step 7 designate the year of requested tax return filling out form 4506 t ez

Most requests for tax return reports are proceeded and replied to by the IRS within ten business days.

Provide the Disclosure

By ticking this box below, you state that you have thoroughly read the attestation clause and are ready to declare that you have full authority over this request and info (the requirement is new and connected to the latest novelties implied by the Service).

step 8 provide the disclosure filling out form 4506 t ez

Insert Date, Signature, and Contacts

In the remaining sections, you shall put the signature(s) and current calendar date. The spouse shall do the same if it is a joint tax return information you are requesting. Also, you need to provide the daytime contact number of either taxpayer designated in this form (if there is more than one).

step 9 insert date signature and contacts filling out form 4506 t ez