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IRS Form 4506

The Internal Revenue Service deals with all, even minor, tax-related issues. One of the most common papers an American resident will wish to file is definitely a tax return, which is submitted annually. In some cases, you may also need its official copy. To get one, you need to file IRS Form 4506.

You may request to receive the copy yourself or ask the service to deliver your paper to the designated person. Normally, it will take up to 75 days to process the completed form. However, the IRS may reject it in case you have not filled out all the lines, or the document is illegible.

We recommend using our form-building software, which will help you to create a downloadable customized paper for further filing. Make sure that all the data you are submitting is true and correct.

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Filling Out the Form

Unlike many others on the official IRS website, this document consists of only one fillable page and is comparably simple to complete. The service itself estimates the approximate time of preparing this paper to be 16 minutes. If you happen to have any suggestions on how to simplify the form more, do not hesitate to contact the IRS office.

Study the Info about the Form

Do not skip this step to ensure you have looked into the law.

Provide Your Name

You should indicate your complete name matching the one shown on the original return. If you have filed a joint return, input the name that was entered in the paper first.

step 2 provide your name filling out irs form 4506

Insert the SSN

The ITIN or EIN may also be entered if they were indicated in the original return form.

step 3 insert the ssn filling out irs form 4506

Write Your Spouse’s Name

If the return you are asking for the copy of was a joint return, do not forget to indicate your legal wife or husband’s full name.

step 4 write your spouse’s name filling out irs form 4506

Insert the Spouse’s SSN

The same data you have submitted in line 1b must be written herein if applicable.

step 5 insert the spouse’s ssn filling out irs form 4506

Enter Mailing Address

You are probably requesting a copy of your tax return because your residential address has changed. Input the current address, including apartment, city, state, and zip code.

step 6 enter mailing address filling out irs form 4506

Enter the Previous Address

Indicate the address that was shown on your last return if it differs from the one you submitted above.

step 7 enter the previous address filling out irs form 4506

Designate the Third Party

There is an option of delivering the document to the designated person. The IRS imposes restrictions on using and sharing the information that your tax return contains. If the recipient discloses any of that without your consent, they will be subject to penalties.

step 8 designate the third party filling out irs form 4506

Specify the Form You Need

The applicant can request only one document at a time. If the filer needs two or more copies, they should complete other forms 4506.

step 9 specify the form you need filling out irs form 4506

Mention the Requested Period

Insert the calendar year, fiscal year, or quarter (month, date, and year).

step 10 mention the requested period filling out irs form 4506

Pay the Filing Fee (per Copy)

The paper will not be processed unless you pay the fee for each of the copies you need. The IRS informs you that if they fail to provide you with the original return, this sum of money will be refunded. Check the corresponding box in case you wish this money to be transmitted to the designated third party.

step 11 pay the filing fee (per copy) filling out irs form 4506

Declare the Signatory’s Right

If you do not check the box herein, your completed form might be rejected.

step 12 declare the signatory’s right filling out irs form 4506

Append the Signature(s)

Enter the telephone number of the person whose name is on line 1a or 2a. An individual who has provided their name on the first two lines has to type their name, sign, and date this paper. If the taxpayer is a representative of any business entity, insert the title and attach an official document proving your authority to append the signature.

step 13 append the signature(s) filling out irs form 4506