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PS Form 3575

Moving to a new place is very exciting, and there is not always enough time to take care of all the formalities in advance. If you have not informed all your contacts about the change of address and you continue to receive correspondence at the old address, you need to fill out the appropriate form.

PS Form 3575 05-2008 exists so that you can inform the Post Service about your change of address. All correspondence sent to your name to the old address will be redirected to the new one.

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Will The Info In The Form Be Disclosed?

This form is convenient to use if you do not want third parties to know about your new address.

Apart from a few exceptions, the postal service has no right to disclose your data. Exceptions include:

  • government bodies;
  • mailers (if they had your old address);
  • postal contractors to fulfill their duties;
  • law and court authorities.

Forwarding Time Limits

To temporarily change the address, a period from 15 to 365 days can be selected.

If you have chosen a permanent change of address, then the forwarding of correspondence is also limited in time.

The shipment will be valid for 12 months for:

  • First-class shipments;
  • Priority shipments;
  • Library Mail, Bound Printed Matter, and Media Mail.

Periodicals will be resending for 60 days.

Therefore, sooner or later, you will need to inform the senders of your new address.

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How To Fill Out The Form

The form consists of one page: front side and backside. The front side looks like this:

filling out a ps form 3575

And it should be filled on the backside.

Mark, who is moving

You need to indicate whether the mail will need to redirect mail of all residents to the address or whether it is a change of address for the business.

step 1 mark, who is moving filling out a ps form 3575

Specify the duration of the change

If this is a temporary change of address, then check it. Perhaps you are going on a long vacation and do not want to miss your letters. You can also redirect your mail to the hospital.

The minimum period for a temporary address change is 15 days, and the maximum is 364 days.

Also include the date of the move.

step 2 specify the duration of the change filling out a ps form 3575

Identify yourself

Provide your legal name or the name of the business.

step 3 identify yourself filling out a ps form 3575

Enter your old address

Give the full details of your old address from which you are moving out.

step 4 enter your old address filling out a ps form 3575

Print new address

Leave the details of your new address to which you want your mail to be forwarded.

step 5 print new address filling out a ps form 3575

Sign the form

Put your name and signature. You also need to indicate the date of filling and signing the form.

step 6.1 sign the form filling out a ps form 3575

Note, if your old or new address is in Puerto Rico, you should also include an urbanization name.

step 6.2 sign the form filling out a ps form 3575

What Must Be Indicated If Several People Living Together Change The Address?

Several options are possible:

1. If some people with the same last name move (and some stay), then you need to fill out a separate form for each and mark “individual” in the first paragraph.

fill out a separate form living together filling out a ps form 3575

2. If people with different surnames move (and some stay), then the actions are the same. Various forms are filled in, and “individual” is marked.

3. If all people are moving and all have the same surname, then it will be enough to fill out one form for all and indicate in the first paragraph “family.”

fill out one form for all living together filling out a ps form 3575