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IRS Form 8718

In case you run a business and for some reason, your organization wants to eliminate the phase of paying federal income tax one can fill out IRS Form 8718. The form is really easy to complete: it will take you no longer than 5 minutes to write out all of the sections. So, in case you are interested in instructions concerning this form you can read the whole article.

Now one might be curious, why would the government free someone from paying taxes. The answer is simple: the authorities support the work of non-commercial companies and in turn receive benefits when it gives organizations tax incentives. That is all due to the fact that non-commercial organizations benefit the life of civilians: they promote political and civil participation, they share the data on public policy issues for the masses. In other words, they do many things that enrich society and make it more active and fruitful.

When is Form 8718 Used

The initial purpose of the document is to get tax exemption. The data that is provided in the form by the one who completes the form will be analyzed by IRS and the Service will decide to exempt the organization from taxes or not. The information that the IRS is going to consider is the revenue of the company for the previous four years.

The document usually goes along with a money check or money order payable to the Internal Revenue Service, as well as the application for a determination letter. One must acknowledge that the application template will be sent back in case one who prepared the documents did not pay the fixed charge. The regular user charge is 600 dollars. The charge must be paid at the official website when the application is filed.

Another crucial fact is that Form 8718 usually goes along with other forms such as Form 1024 and Form 8940 in a united set of documents. So prior to filing the forms, make sure to gather all of the templates.

After filling out the form, the form must be signed and along with all of the other needed documents listed above and sent to the IRS. It is important to mention that for Form 8718 there is a new mailing address that can be found on the IRS official website.

Who Can File Form 8718

Form 8718 can be used and filed by companies and organizations that want to get an exemption. The organization should submit the form, and the form should be accompanied by the letter of determination on the payment of the proper user fee.

Some of the categories of companies that are free to have a tax exemption are churches and religious organizations, social welfare corporations, social and labor clubs, and business leagues.

Other IRS Forms for Charities and Nonprofits

As an owner of a non-profit organization, you need to know what IRS forms the Service expects from you. Here are some other forms that similar organizations commonly use.

How to Fill Out Form 8718

The language of legal forms is indeed tough and complicated and sometimes it might be really hard to complete certain forms. In case you want to successfully write out any legal document you can use our from-building software to ensure a brilliant result. For this form you can do the same, just follow some simple steps listed below:

Fill out the name of your organization

It is necessary that the form is filled out correctly and with utmost details. Please indicate the full name of the entity;

step 1 fill out the name of your organization filling out irs form 8718

Provide FTIN or FEIN

In the box on the right side of the page fill out the Employer Identification Number (also called FTIN or FEIN, it is a nine-digit number that is given to the company by IRS);

step 2 provide ftin or fein filling out irs form 8718

Mark a box and enter the fee

In the ‘Type of Request section’ mark only the applicable box, only one box. Afterward, enter the dollar sum of the user fee in the space on the right side of the page.

step 3 mark a box and enter the fee filling out irs form 8718