DS-11 US Passport Application

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DS-11 US Passport Application

A DS-11 US Passport Application is a form, which must be filled when a person wants to get a passport or change the old one into the new one. Despite the fact that a passport is not a number one identification document (a driving license or identification card perfectly serves this purpose), it is still a required document when it comes to traveling abroad.

When Should I Use This Form?

A Passport Application is to be used:

  • If you are planning a trip abroad and you do not have a passport yet.
  • If you had a passport, but it was stolen/ lost/ destroyed (however, this DS-11 US Passport Application will have to be accompanied with a DS-64 form in this case).
  • Your name/surname or gender changed, and you want to mark it in the new passport.

Pay attention:

  • If the validity period of your passport is over, you cannot use this form. Usually, if a person receives a passport before the age of 16, its validity period lasts for five years, and if a person is 16 or older, it lasts for ten years.

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How Do I Fill This Form?

We recommend using our software tool, which we created to help people with building the forms for different purposes. To fill this application, you can also use our document editor. Follow the recommendations below to do it correctly.

The DS-11 Passport Application consists of two pages.

The First Page

Decide On A Book Or Card

At first, you have to choose whether you are interested in getting a Passport Book, a Passport Card, or both. Put a checkmark in the box which fits you best.

step 1 decide on a book or card filling out a ds 11 us passport application

Basic Information

In this section, you will have to fill nine fields devoted to the general information about you. These are:

  1. Name (Last, First, Middle, in the required order)
  2. Birth Date (in the month-day-year format)
  3. Your Sex (Put a tick in the “M” (Male) or “F” (Female) box
  4. Birth Place (in the required format, which is written in the brackets)
  5. Social Security Number (a 9-digit number)
  6. Your Email Address
  7. A Primary Contact Phone Number (a 10-digit number)
  8. Mailing Address (including City, State, Zip Code, and Country—check the lines below)
  9. Other names you already used in other official documents.

step 2 basic information filling out a ds 11 us passport application

Application for Identification Document

In this section, you will be asked to provide information about the Identification document which you choose as your basis when submitting a DS-11 US Passport Application.

Attention: Do not complete this section only if your authorized asks you to do so. Otherwise—leave it empty.

step 3 application for identification document filling out a ds 11 us passport application

Second Page

Parental Information

In this section (field 10), you should put basic parental information, including mother’s and father’s names, places of birth, sexes correspondingly, and also put a checkmark whether the parent is a U.S. Citizen or not.

step 4 parental information filling out a ds 11 us passport application

Marriage Information

In this section (field 11), you are asked to provide information about your marital status, including:

  • The full name of your husband or wife
  • His/her birth date and place
  • The checkmark, whether he/she is a U.S. Citizen
  • Date of marriage

Also, you should answer the question about your previous marriages: whether you were widowed or divorced, and if so, write the widow/divorce date.

If you are not married, put a checkmark “no” next to question 11 and leave these spaces empty.

step 5 marriage information filling out a ds 11 us passport application

Additional Information

Fields 12-14 are devoted to some additional information, concerning additional phone number, occupation (for applicants of 16+ years), and information about the employer or a school (if applicable)

step 6 additional information filling out a ds 11 us passport application

Basic Biological Information

Fields 15-17 require you to write your height, hair, and eye color.

step 7 basic biological information filling out a ds 11 us passport application

Final Clarifications

Fields 18-21 are devoted to some final clarifications concerning your travel plans, your emergency contact (contacts of the person who will not be on a journey with you).

This section also asks you to answer the question, whether you already have/had a Passport Book and a Passport Card.

step 8.1 final clarifications filling out a ds 11 us passport application

Pay attention! You should not fill the fields below field 21. These fields will be filled by the issuing office!

step 8.2 final clarifications filling out a ds 11 us passport application

What Should I Do After The Completion?

Once you have completed the form, you should submit it to an acceptance agent. To find the one which fits your purposes, visit this site: travel.state.gov or call  1-877-487-2778 (National Passport Information Center).