US Passport Parental Consent Form DS-3053

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US Passport Parental Consent Form DS-3053

If one of the parents or guardians of a minor cannot be present when obtaining a passport, it is necessary to create a DS-3053 form. In addition to all other documents confirming the American citizenship of the guardians and custody of the minor, one of the parents will need to create a DC-3053 form to confirm their consent to receive a passport for a minor.

In our review, you will find all the necessary information regarding the DS-3053 form, how and in what cases to create this document, etc. At the end of the article, you will see a step-by-step guide to completing this document, in which each step will be described in full detail.

When to Use Form DS-3053

You may need this document if you are the parent or guardian of a person under the age of 16. If you are traveling to another country, your minor child will need to obtain a US passport to be able to leave the country and prove their American citizenship.

The main reason for the creation and use of this document is the inability of one of the parents to be present when obtaining a passport. The reason for the absence of one of the parents can be anything: a business trip, illness, or any other reason. But this does not change the fact that both parents must give their consent to receive a passport for their child. And in this case, the DS-3053 form acts as a confirmation of parental consent to obtain a passport.

Notarization Of The Form DS-3053

This document must be notarized. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • First, decide whether you will certify the document online or in-person.
  • If you notarize the document personally, you need to take your ID and go to the notary. After that, in the presence of a notary, you will need to create a form and sign the document. Do not forget to give the document to a notary so that they can fill in all the required fields.
  • If you decide to notarize a document online, you will need to go to a website that provides notarial services. You will need to contact the notary via video link, demonstrate your ID, and then fill out the document electronically and sign it electronically.

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How To Fill Out The Form DS-3053

Filling out the form correctly is the key to getting a valid and valid document. Below you will find a detailed step-by-step guide to filling out the form. Each step will be described and explained in detail.

  • Download The Document

You can download the document in any format convenient for you on our website. You can then complete the document online or print it out and fill it in manually. And for the best results, use our form-building software.

  • Read the Required Information

Before you start filling out the form, carefully read the information on page 1. This will help you better understand whether you need to fill out the form, when it might be useful to you, and how best to do it.

Also, reading the information on page 1 will help you avoid potential problems and difficulties with creating a form.

step 2 read the required information filling out form ds 3053

  • Complete Part 1

In the first part, you need to enter the full legal name of the minor who will receive the passport.

To do this, you first need to enter the last name and then the first and middle name of the child.

step 3 complete part 1 filling out form ds 3053

  • Complete Parts 2 And 3

To complete part 2, you need to enter the child’s date of birth by entering the day, month, and year. In part three, you need to choose one of three options to determine which document the child will receive: passport book and card, passport book, passport card.

step 4 complete parts 2 and 3 filling out form ds 3053

  • Complete Part 4

You need to fill in your name first (if you are a parent or guardian of a minor and cannot be present when their passport is obtained). After that, in the adjacent field, enter the name of the unresolved person who will receive the passport. Now fill in your address with the city, street, building number, and apartment number.

Please note that after that, you can fill out the document only in the presence of a notary.

You can contact a notary online or in person, but they must be present when signing the document. Otherwise, the document will not be considered valid.

step 5 complete part 4 filling out form ds 3053

  • Make ID Copy

Do not forget to make a copy of the ID that you provided to the notary. It is necessary to make a copy of both sides of the ID. Remember that copies of the ID are submitted in the same month with a completed and notarized form.

step 6 make id copy filling out form ds 3053

  • Give the Document to the Notary

The fifth part of the document must be completed by the notary after you sign the form. You don’t need to fill out part five.

step 7 give the document to the notary filling out form ds 3053