OPM Standard Form 182

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OPM Standard Form 182

The OPM SF-182 Form, officially titled “Authorization, Agreement, and Certification of Training,” is a document used by U.S. federal agencies to manage the authorization and funding of training for federal employees. This comprehensive form captures personal information about the trainee, training course specifics, cost and billing information, and necessary approvals. The form is structured to facilitate the planning, approval, execution, and evaluation of training activities, ensuring they align with organizational needs and comply with federal regulations. The OPM SF-182 Form confirms that training has been completed and evaluated per federal standards.

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How to Fill out OMP Standard Form 182

Form 182 contains only six sections, so the paper is easy to use and requires no specific data. Generally speaking, the information you need to insert concerns the educational program or courses that you are attending. You will also need to fill in your personal data that is not difficult.

In addition, the Form is accompanied by an instruction that contains an explanation of the terms and the task of the main sections. We have prepared a quick guide that will help you fill out the form by taking a few steps:

Provide Information about Yourself

Section A requires you to provide the trainee’s identification data, such as name and address, current job title, and previous education level. Please note that some of the boxes are filled in only by an official representative of the agency. These sections are marked in gray. Some data, such as your home phone number, is optional to write in.

step 1 provide information about yourself filling out opm sf 182

Enter Information about the Courses

In section B, you need to clarify the information related to the educational program. Enter the name of the courses and the address of the training office, as well as other information to identify the training provider. Do not forget to specify the dates of the training period (boxes 3-4) as this is a very important part.

step 2 enter information about the courses filling out opm sf 182

Detailed information about the training, such as the address and work hours, is needed by the federal services to check the work of this organization.

In the lower part of the section, you need to specify the Types and Codes (boxes 7-11, 13-14, 17-18). To clarify the code, refer to the official instructions for the form compilation; the links to them are provided in the cells themselves. Please enter only one code or type number, as the Form states.

Fill out the Financial Part

Section C implies numbers of monetary amounts. Please note that in this section, and links there are boxes covering both basic and additional expenses. After filling in the boxes, do not forget to specify the total amount in the corresponding space.

step 3 fill out the financial part filling out opm sf 182

Enter the Information about the Supervisor

The following section concerns your immediate supervisor(s). Specify the name and contact details of the supervisors of the first, second, and third lines. A separate group of boxes is allocated for the supervisor of each level.

step 4 enter the information about the supervisor filling out opm sf 182

The submitted data about supervisors is intended to confirm that the information specified in the previous sections is valid and that the training organization actually exists.

Have the Official Representative Sign it

The last two sections cover the issues of approval and certification of the training. The signature of an authorized official means that the trainee meets the level of qualifications received and successfully completes the educational program, attending courses or conferences.

step 5 have the official representative sign it filling out opm sf 182

Thus, Standard Form 182 allows the state service to control the quality of training in external companies and the expenditure of funds. The Form contains complete information about the trainee, supervisor, and curriculum content. It is used as qualification approval and is stored in the employee’s personal file. Therefore, it is better to fill out the form accurately and carefully, and our guide will help you do it by all the applied rules and regulations.