Statement of Intent to Employ Minor

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Statement of Intent to Employ Minor

The Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit is a form used in California to document and request the necessary work permit for minors under 18 who wish to work. This form requires detailed input from the minor, the employer, the parent or guardian, and the school, ensuring all parties are informed and consenting to the employment terms. It specifies the minor’s work duties, hours, and wages and confirms the employer’s compliance with labor laws, including workers’ compensation insurance. The form also involves a parent or guardian’s consent and the school’s confirmation of the minor’s status and eligibility to work.

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How to Fill Out the Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit Form

Sometimes people face problems when completing legal forms in the US. We have prepared a detailed guide for creating the Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit, so you do not get confused.

Whether you are a minor intending to work, an employer, a parent, a guardian, or a school representative, our instructions will help you understand how to fill out the document correctly. All required steps are enumerated below.

  • Download the Form Template

Each time you have to complete any legal form, you need to get the proper template first. Use our software building form to obtain the Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit correct template.

The data should be printed in the document, except for the parties’ signatures and the minor’s Social Security Number (or SSN).

  • Give the Form to the Minor (First Part Completion)

The first person who adds any details in the form is the minor who requests permission. They should insert their name (beginning with the last name), age, school grade, and birth date. After the document is printed out, the signing minor must write their SSN by hand in the relevant blank field.

Below the listed fields, the minor has to add their full home address and telephone number. After this information is added, the minor should write the same data for the school where they are studying.

step 2 give the form to the minor (first part completion) filling out a statement of intent to employ minor

  • Ask the Employer to Complete Their Part

After the minor has finished their part, the potential employer should add several details to the record. They have to write the name of their entity, its address, and phone number.

Then, the employer inserts the minor’s duties at work, wage per hour, and the maximum number of working hours per each day of the week, from Monday to Sunday. The person who has completed the section on the employer’s behalf should print their full name and leave their signature when the document is printed.

step 3 ask the employer to complete their part filling out a statement of intent to employ minor

  • Transfer the Form to the Minor’s Parent (or Guardian)

The next part is completed by the minor’s parent or guardian. They should confirm that they agree on all the conditions under which their child will work. The part requires writing the company’s name (to confirm that the parent is aware of their child’s workplace). Then, the parent who has completed the part should sign the record.

step 4 transfer the form to the minor’s parent (or guardian) filling out a statement of intent to employ minor

  • Send the Document to the School

Finally, the last part is for the representative of the school where the minor goes. The representative should specify the work type, confirm the minor’s age, and sign the form afterward.

step 5 send the document to the school filling out a statement of intent to employ minor

  • Check the Signatures

We have warned you that the data you include in the document should be printed. There are two exceptions: the future employee’s SSN and parties’ signatures. Remember to check that all parties have signed the form; otherwise, it will not be valid.

In total, there should be three signatures: the employer’s representative’s, the minor’s parents’, and the school worker’s. As we have said before, you should not notarize the form.