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Time Card Template

In a wide range of organizations, management tries to keep track of their workers and get data about their presence at work. For the management, it is important to understand how many hours their employees spend at work because it can affect their salaries and other things.

There are various instruments helping human resources (HR) specialists with this matter, and one of them is the Time Card Template. This is a one-sheet form with a large chart where a supervisor or manager writes office hours for each staff member (if needed for the company).

From every Time Card Template, you can find out the company’s and worker’s names and the number of hours that the worker has spent at their workplace or at lunch during a specific period. The sheet also gives info about overwork, the beginning and the end of every day of this period.

When the chart is filled out, the worker and supervisor (or the form creator) must review and sign the form to avoid further questions and disputes. If the management realizes that the employee skips work or deviates from the duties and schedule written in the contract, various sanctions might take place, and the Time Card Template will be used as evidence, too.

Should I Use Such Forms in My Company?

Time cards or sheets or any other method of tracking are actually not mandatory. The Management of each existing organization should decide whether using such templates is appropriate or not. In many cases, the form can cause unpleasant discussions and problems. So, if your employees have a flexible schedule and the main goal is to fulfill tasks before the deadline, maybe the implementation of time cards can wait.

However, in some situations, workers understand that their bosses do not care if they attend workplaces or not, and it can lead to the workers being relaxed and skipping work. If you feel like this is your entity’s case, time cards might solve the problem.

If you are curious about the template and find it useful for your business, check our guide that dives into more details about the form below.

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How to Fill Out the Form

The template must be filled out by the employer’s representative (a manager or a supervisor) and shown to the worker. The worker, in turn, has to agree with all the figures written and provide their signature.

If you have a new job where filling out such templates is your responsibility, but you have never seen the template, do not worry: we got your back. We will now provide you with a relevant form and a set of quick instructions that will assist in the document creation. You will be able to complete the task smoothly and without spending much time on it.

Workers can also find this guidance useful because it helps to figure out what means what and how to read the form. So, if you have those questions, keep reading our review to clarify everything.

Employers who look for a suitable template can use our advanced form-building software. It lets you download many different legal forms, and the Time Card Template is on the list, too. Whether you have tracked the employee’s working hours in other places (your notebook or a random file on your laptop) or have never followed anyone’s activity and this is the first time — this template fits in both cases.

Do not hesitate to try our online tool and get the form effortlessly. Then, proceed to the informative guide below.

Write the Company’s Name

You should indicate which company issues this form. Write the business’s name in the designated line.

step 1 write the company’s name filling out time card template

Identify the Employee

You must enter the employee’s name and their ID number (attached by a company, if there is any).

step 2 identify the employee filling out time card template

Date the Document

On the right, insert the current date when the form is created in a suitable line.

step 3 date the document filling out time card template

Introduce Yourself

You, as a person who fills this form out, should write your name, too. Apart from your name, you should indicate in which company’s department you work.

step 4 introduce yourself filling out time card template

Fill Out the Chart

You will see a chart with eight columns that you should complete:

  • Date

The date for which the info is collected.

  • Start time

The time when the employee begins their workday.

  • Lunch start

The time when the worker goes to lunch.

  • Lunch end

The time when the worker gets back from lunch and resumes working.

  • End time

The time when the worker leaves the office (or finishes working for the day if they work remotely).

  • Regular hours

Here, you insert the number of hours that the worker must spend at work. Check the worker’s contract to define how many hours they have to work and how many hours are considered overwork.

  • Overtime hours

If the employee has worked more than required according to their contract, count the number of overwork hours and include it in the column.

  • Total hours

You have to sum regular and overtime hours to get the total number of hours for one specific day.

If you have gained all the needed data about the employee’s working hours, transfer it to the chart in conformity with its columns. If this is the first time you create such a form, simply write the data you currently have and keep updating the template day by day.

At the bottom of the chart, you will see lines that require inserting the total number of regular and overtime hours in the whole month. On the right, the total number should be written for the sum of regular and overtime hours.

step 5.1 fill out the chart filling out time card template

step 5.2 fill out the chart filling out time card template

Ask the Employee to Sign the Sheet

The employee for whom this paper is created should go through the template, check all the numbers, and verify the document. They must express their approval by signing and dating the form.

step 6 ask the employee to sign the sheet filling out time card template

Pass the Document to the Supervisor

If the employee has a supervisor, this supervisor should review the form and verify it, too. Pass the form to the supervisor, so they sign and date it as well.

step 7 pass the document to the supervisor filling out time card template


Of course, you can complete this template manually, day by day, month by month, year by year. But nowadays, technologies go forward all the time, and new digital tools are created for HR (human resources) departments and organizations’ managers. You can use such tools to easily create the document online and print in all the required data.

Besides, this template we have used above can be easily transferred to a chart in Excel. There, you may insert formulas that will count the number of hours for you. Try doing this to speed up the process, and you will not regret it. Of course, these options are cheap: you do not need to pay for the manual template completion done by yourself.

However, nowadays, there is a way to make this process fully automatic. It is simple: your employee has a card they use to leave the office and get back. All data about their schedule is tracked automatically. It is possible even if your employees work remotely and never visit the office.

Besides, many companies specialize in various tools for HR that make HR’s life much easier. Digital time cards are also available, so maybe it is a great idea to contract such a company. Even though it costs additional money, it saves you plenty of time.

Although it is quite convenient, not all offices have an electronic system of entrance and exit and sometimes it is, unfortunately, impossible to make the process automatic; or your own organization lacks the money for additional expenses. Anyway, when choosing the adequate method of time tracking, you should be guided by what is the most comfortable for you.