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OPM Optional Form 306

Optional Forms (OF) are legal documents that may be required by the government at any moment throughout the hiring stage. The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recognizes six OF templates’ types that cover employment issues. Optional Form 306, known as Declaration for Federal Employment, may be requested to establish if the person meets the requirements for Federal (or Federal contract) job positions. OF-306 also indicates the employee’s status in the world’s largest Life Insurance program, FEGLI.

What Is a Federal Job?

Positions engaged in executive, judicial, and legislative spheres relate to federal employment. Therefore, designating someone for the afore-mentioned positions might be challenging and demands high accuracy. Federal employment comprises politician careers, military service, civil officials, and other jobs. Appointees obtain massive privileges and balanced responsibilities.

Optional Form 306 contains updated information about the applicant’s (appointee’s) background, military service, and selective service registration. Here, you may get acquainted with the most relevant definitions used in the form:

  • The applicant is an office-seeker applying for the position.
  • An appointee is an eligible candidate designated for the applying position.
  • An appointing Officer is an official representative of the agency or organization with a legal right to appoint candidates for federal positions.

What Are the Penalties for Submitting False Statements?

The Declaration for Federal Employment demands accurate and true-to-fact statements. The US laws allow the employer to reject your application and cancel your employment after a successful appointment if any irrelevant or fictitious info arises.

The OPM obtains a legal right to run an investigation and determine the applicant’s (the appointee’s) suitability for the position. Also, these measures are determined to check the declarant’s background. In some cases, under Section 1001, Title 18 of the U.S. Code, declarants deliberately providing false statements can be fined and imprisoned.

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Filling Out Optional Form 306

The OF-306 contains comprehensive data about the applicant, short instructions, and privacy policy. Make sure you read the paragraphs attentively to avoid problems during the employment process. If you get appointed for the position during the application procedure, please, adjust the submitted data.

We empower you to generate and download the respected OF-306 template using our latest software. Fill in the document online instantly or print it out and complete the form manually. Please, remember to either use dark ink or type the letters in black.

  • Introduce Yourself

The declarants should identify themselves by entering the general info in the corresponding lines. Here, you need to define the following:

  • Legal name, including the last and first names and middle name initials
  • SSN is essential to avoid mistakes in records. As some applicants (appointees) may have identical names and birthdates, the SSN factor eliminates the possibility of an error.
  • Place of birth, including the city and state (country)

Please note that abbreviated addresses and the absence of ZIP may slow down the appointment procedure.

  • Citizenship — checkbox the appropriate alternative. In case you are a citizen of a different country, specify its name.
  • Date of birth in a month-day-year format
  • Other names (if applicable)

step 1 introduce yourself filling out an opm optional form 306

  • Submit the Contact Data

Conclude the first part of the OF-306 template by submitting your contact phone number.

step 2 submit the contact data filling out an opm optional form 306

  • Complete the Selective Service Part (If Applicable)

This section covers question 7 (a, b, c). Only men of 18 years and older but born after December 31, 1959, shall complete it. Answer the questions by selecting the appropriate alternative.

Ladies should skip this unit and proceed to the next question instantly.

step 3 complete the selective service part (if applicable) filling out an opm optional form 306

  • Specify Your Military Background (If Any)

Here, you should select one of the two variants. If you do have any military background, please, enter the required data in the table. You should enter the following:

  • Branch
  • Period of Service
  • Discharge details

In case you have never been enlisted, checkbox the “No” option and proceed to the next section.

step 4 specify your military background (if any) filling out an opm optional form 306

  • Complete the Background Questionnaire

Here, the declarant should answer suggested “Yes” or “No” questions and specify details upon the request.

step 5.1 complete the background questionnaire filling out an opm optional form 306
You may use the additional space under unit 16 or submit the inquired data in attachments.

step 5.2 complete the background questionnaire filling out an opm optional form 306
If you decide to use extra sheets, select traditional letter sheets of 8,5 x 11 inches, number every piece, and include your name and SSN.

  • Fill Out the Background Section

In unit 14, you should answer whether your relatives are currently employed by any governmental organizations. Should you reply “Yes,” provide additional info in the Additional Space section.

step 6.1 fill out the background section filling out an opm optional form 306
Unit 15 requires data about any kind of pension you receive or have applied for. Please check the box with the applicable variant.

step 6.2 fill out the background section filling out an opm optional form 306

  • Certify the Declaration

To authorize the document, you need to append the signature and enter the current calendar date. The signature should be executed in ink only. It is advisable that you re-read the paper before endorsing the document. It will protect you from potential mistakes and ensure the data reported is up to date.

This unit provides two alternatives: 17a for applicants and 17b for appointees. While applying for the position, you should select the “Applicant’s Signature” section and place your signature.

If you have already been assigned for the position, you should find the “Appointee’s Signature” line and complete certification. It is vital not to sign this section until approved for the position. After getting hired, the declarant needs to check the document once again and append the appointee’s signature only if everything is true-to-fact. Should anything change during the application procedure, the declarant must update the submitted data.

step 7.1 certify the declaration filling out an opm optional form 306
Please, leave the “Appointing Officer” slot empty. Only the official supervisor needs to fill in this section.

step 7.2 certify the declaration filling out an opm optional form 306

  • Complete Unit 18 (If Applicable)

This appointee questionnaire is designed for individuals who have already been appointed for government services. Answer the three questions by selecting the appropriate alternative and explain the choice (if required) in the extra “continuation space” section of unit 16.

step 8 complete unit 18 (if applicable) filling out an opm optional form 306
We recommend that you make full copies of the OF-306 document and its attachments for the record. It is a good idea to have a copy at hand in case any misunderstanding occurs.