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OPM Standard Form 15

OPM Standard Form 15 is a form used by applicants claiming a 10-point preference in federal hiring based on a service-connected disability or deriving from their status as a spouse, widow, widower, or parent of a veteran. The form requires detailed information to confirm eligibility for this preference, such as the nature of the disability, military service details, and documentation supporting the claim, such as a Department of Veterans Affairs rating decision or military discharge papers (DD Form 214). The purpose of this form is to assist in determining eligibility for veterans’ preference in federal employment, which can significantly influence the hiring process and priority for job placement within federal agencies.

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Filling Out the Template

Most likely, you will be able to complete the form on your own easily. If you are disabled and cannot fill out the template by yourself, ask your spouse or another family member for help.

To get the proper template, turn to our user-friendly form-building software. It has the OPM SF-15 Form, among other legal templates, and you will get the needed file in just a moment.

Insert the Applicant’s Details

The one who creates the form should provide their details: name and home address.

step 1 insert the applicant’s details filling out opm sf 15 form

Enter the Veteran Info

Here, you should write the aspiring veteran’s name, branch, and dates of service.

step 2 enter the veteran info filling out opm sf 15 form

Choose the Claim Type(s)

There are various claim types you can choose in frames of 10-point preference. Choose the applicable points and answer additional questions (if you are a wife or a widow applying instead of a veteran, you have to provide details about your matrimony).

The first two types are tied to the veteran’s disability; the third type is for their living spouse. The other two types are for widows and mothers, respectively.

On the right-hand column of the chart, you will see instructions telling what documents should be provided with the application. They are labeled with letters (A, B, C, and so on), and you can see the definition on the template’s second page.

step 3.1 choose the claim type(s) filling out opm sf 15 form

step 3.2 choose the claim type(s) filling out opm sf 15 form

Find Out What Documents You Need

Read carefully the content given on the second page. Here, you will understand what documents you need exactly. Those can be statements from the US Department of Veteran Affairs, DD-214 Form, DD-1300 Form, records from the Armed Forces, and other papers.

Answer about the Veteran’s Job

Below the chart where the needed documents are listed, you will see an additional chart about the veteran’s job (regardless of if they are alive and working or not).

Answer if the veteran is currently working. If yes, define its current occupation. If no, skip line 2 and move to line 3, where you will tell about the veteran’s occupation before they have started working for the military service.

Respond to questions about military occupation and employment by the Federal civil service or D.C. Government. Provide the demanded details about such employment. If the veteran gets a civil service retirement pension, answer affirmatively by checking the “yes” box and add the veteran’s CSA (Civil Service annuity) or Federal employee retirement annuity number.

step 5 answer about the veteran’s job filling out opm sf 15 form