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2B Mindset Tracker

The new year is the perfect time to set new goals. But we all need a little motivation to take the path to achieve those goals. The US BeachBodyOnDemand community suggests you get acquainted with the 2B Mindset programs to track and plan your healthy diet and lifestyle. All programs and tools are inspired by Ilana Muhlstein’s ideas, an MS and highly qualified nutritionist. Hereunder, we will tell you some more about them.

What Is the Purpose of Using the 2B Mindset Tracker?

The 2B Monthly Mindset Tracker is a tool that will help you set goals, track your progress, and, eventually, improve yourself. By following your work in progress, you’ll define the key behavior patterns contributing to your weight loss the most. That is why it is essential to provide as much detail as possible on a daily basis.

The program covers a three-month period, so brace yourself. It is a long journey to come. You will have three sets of ultimate Mindset tools to create and maintain your new healthy lifestyle. Make your daily entries with the Mindset Tracker forms and refer to them whenever you want to see the results.

You may choose to use the 2B Tracker to lose weight more efficiently, learn how to cook and eat healthy meals or improve your overall well-being. All these reasons are good enough, as long as you feel like creating the best version of yourself.

What Tools Does the 2B Tracker Offer?

The author of the 2B strategies has worked out several tools for you to work with. You need to use all of them combined to achieve a better result. Take a look at a brief description of each one of them below:

  • My Goals

This tool is a perfect starting point. Here, you may document your name, initial weight, and measurements. The program developers encourage the users to take a picture of themselves at the beginning of the process. Thus, they will be able to compare the “Before” and “After” looks. Next up, take a few moments to think through your nearest goals and write them down on your 2B Mindset list.

  • My Week at a Glance

Using this tool will require a lot of concentration from you. While committed to your big goals, you should break them proportionately into smaller parts and distribute them by weeks. Fill in the table with as much information and detail as possible, including your meals, schedule, appointments, and activities.

  • My Grocery List

Think ahead when you go grocery shopping. This tool will help you create an exhaustive everyday menu for a whole week. Thus, you will only spend your money on the food you need to stay fit and healthy. Always stick to the list and try not to stray from its contents.

  • Daily Tracking Pages

With this tool, you will keep track of your current weight, water digestion, meals, and even mood. We advise you to print out the table, hang it on the fridge, and use it as a daily checklist. You will need to mark how many bottles of water (30 fl. oz./888 ml) you drink a day, how many hours of sleep you have gotten, and, of course, record your current mindset.

  • Food List

The program also suggests “Build your Plate” lists for its users with daily meal recipes from each existing food group. You may use those or create your own menu as you go.

There are video-lessons as well, where you can learn some useful recommendations on getting started and new, extraordinary recipes to add to your cookbook. You may check them out on the official BeachBodyOnDemand community’s website.

Other PDF Forms

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How to Fill Out Your 2B Monthly Tracker Forms

First up, you need to obtain the relevant 2B Monthly Mindset Tracker form. You can buy the 2B Mindset Tracker scrapbook, or you can use our latest software developments to get the necessary forms and fill them out online.

We have worked out step-by-step instructions to make the process easier for you.

  • Fill In Your Name and Weight

You may start filling out your personal 2B Mindset Tracker by introducing yourself and entering your current and goal weight.

step 1 fill in your name and weight filling out a 2b mindset tracker

  • Set Out Your Goals

Make up a list of your final weight and dieting goals. It should be a 3-month working plan by following which you will track your current achievements. Make sure to stay realistic and not to restrain yourself too much. Unrealistic goals may create unnecessary stress and lead to various unhealthy conditions.

step 2 set out your goals filling out a 2b mindset tracker

  • Put a Date and Signature

Put your signature and current date on the first Tracker form page as a sign of your commitment.

step 3 put a date and signature filling out a 2b mindset tracker

  • Enter Your Current Measurements

Next up, you shall enter your initial measurements, including waist, chest, hips, arms, and thighs. Once you finish the 3-month Mindset course, you will compare your final measurements to the initial ones to see the results.

step 4 enter your current measurements filling out a 2b mindset tracker

  • Fill Out Your Week’s Goals

Fill in your goals for the upcoming week in the first section of blank lines. Please remember to stay realistic and stick to our recommendations.

step 5 fill out your week’s goals filling out a 2b mindset tracker

  • Describe Your Daily Meals

In this section, you will need to enter your daily menus. Think carefully and plan your diet proportionately, as this plan will help you create new food behavior patterns. You may use the 2B Food Lists for these purposes.

step 6 describe your daily meals filling out a 2b mindset tracker

  • Plan Your Activities and Appointments

Shall you have any extra notes or appointments and activities that you would like to put on your week’s plan, you may use this section to do so.

step 7 plan your activities and appointments filling out a 2b mindset tracker

  • Fill In the Grocery List

As we have already mentioned above, it is always better to plan your groceries before you go shopping. That way, you will avoid buying unnecessary products or junk food. Another useful reminder: you should never go grocery shopping hungry.

step 8 fill in the grocery list filling out a 2b mindset tracker

  • Track Your Daily Achievements

Enter the calendar date and your current weight in the top left corner of the form.

step 9.1 track your daily achievements filling out a 2b mindset tracker
Here, you will need to mark your daily health indicators (like sleep quality and water digestion) and precisely describe your daily food routine.

step 9.2 track your daily achievements filling out a 2b mindset tracker
At the bottom of this Tracker form, you may indicate the quality time you have spent for yourself, give yourself an extra exercise credit, and evaluate the effort by checking “Yes” or “No” (right below the poop emoji).

step 9.3 track your daily achievements filling out a 2b mindset tracker

  • Repeat With the Other Forms

There are three equal sets of weekly Mindset Trackers. You shall repeat the procedure with the rest of the Tracker forms.

Closing Remarks and Tips

We should like to share some tips with you as to creating your personal healthy lifestyle. As a leading nutritionist, Ilana has worked out some strategies that will help you rebuild your overall well-being, based on her own experience. She suggests you follow these recommendations to achieve your goals more efficiently:

  • Every detail counts, so make sure to track and record every single thing during the day.
  • Avoid open-ended tracking remarks. For instance, if you have had grapes for a snack today, write down the exact number of grapes you ate. Make sure to put an amount of every piece of food you digest.
  • A restaurant meal is a cheat meal. Due to sodium, the restaurant food can contribute to your weekly weight loss, and not in the best way. Therefore, try to cook all your meals at home.
  • Mind your meal timing and avoid overeating before going to bed.
  • Make sure you are eating out of hunger and not out of habit.
  • Please, keep in mind that there is no perfect. By just working on it, you are creating a better version of yourself every single day.