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Asurion F-017-08 MEN

Imagine that you have purchased a new phone, and it started to crash just a month after you got it. An unpleasant case, right? For such situations, insurance companies exist, and Asurion is one of them.

Asurion is a large and famous American company based in Tennessee that specializes in insurance of many items: phones, tablets, other technically complex goods, household equipment, jewelry, and other things. By becoming the company’s customer, you can protect the value of your stuff from loss, damage, theft, or malfunctioning.

If you claim that your device or item was lost, stolen, or damaged, you usually have to accompany your statement with various documents. The Asurion F-017-08-MEN, also known as the Sworn Affidavit & Proof of Loss Statement, is a commonly used template for those who have faced such troubles and need compensation.

How Can I Ask Asurion for Reimbursement?

You have to be the company’s client. Today becoming Asurion’s client is easy: you do not have to go to the company’s office, the registration process and payments can be completed through the official website.

Your provider should be supported by Asurion, and the list of providers is long: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and many other providers can be found there.

After the registration, you will obtain your account that you will use in case something goes wrong with your device, and you decide to send a claim.

When Should I Use the Asurion F-017-08-MEN Form?

If your device crashes, someone steals it, or it stops working properly, you should use this form. You have to submit it with your ID document, and Asurion will consider your case. The insurance industry in the United States is well-developed, and claimers normally get compensation regardless of the item they have insured.

Proof of Loss statements are widely used in the insurance field; many companies use these documents to avoid fraud that can come from clients who want to get the money illegally.

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How to Fill Out the Template

To create the Asurion F-017-08-MEN (Sworn Affidavit & Proof of Loss Statement) record properly, you should have understandable guidelines at hand. Check them out below.

  • Obtain the Right Template

Our form-building software lets you get any form you need without any problem. Use it to download the required template.

Asurion representatives recommend filling out the form using a pen with either black or blue ink. Print the form out and proceed to the next step.

  • Read the Notices Carefully

Below the heading, you will see two notices. One of them warns you about the necessity to provide a copy of your ID. It also reminds you that you have to be the account owner to create such documents.

The second notice informs signatories about insurance fraud being a crime in the United States. If you lie in your statement, you may face penalties and even go to jail.

step 2 read the notices carefully filling out an asurion f 017 08 men

  • Describe Your Device

After you have read both notices, you can start filling out the template. In the first section, you have to describe the device that is broken or lost. Add the Claim ID number and wireless number. Then, specify the manufacturer who produced the device, model, and the unique serial number (also called ESN, MEID, IMEI — depends on the device).

If you have no idea where to find your device’s serial number, you can check the device’s box in which you bought it, the backside of your device, or the Customer Agreement. For Android or Apple device owners, the info can be found in their accounts or devices’ settings.

step 3 describe your device filling out an asurion f 017 08 men

  • Explain What Happened to Your Device

You should honestly and in detail explain what exactly happened to your device. In the first line, select one option of four: whether your device is lost, stolen, damaged, or malfunctioning.

Then, indicate when and where it occurred. The final part of this section contains blank lines so you can add more details and describe the incident.

step 4 explain what happened to your device filling out an asurion f 017 08 men

  • Add Your Information

As the device and account owner, you should introduce yourself, too. You have to write your name, primary and alternate phone numbers, email address, and billing address (that includes the state, postal code, and city).

step 5 add your information filling out an asurion f 017 08 men

  • Sign the Document

Firstly, you have to agree on statements written above the line for your signature. These statements remind you about the legal consequences of fraud and ask you to confirm your claim. After you have read and understood everything, you can sign the document and date it.

step 6 sign the document filling out an asurion f 017 08 men

How to Submit Your Claim

After you have filled out the template, it is important to file the record correctly to avoid a delay in your case.

The template’s first page contains instructions on how to submit your affidavit. We place them here as well for your convenience.

There are two methods to submit the form: online and via fax. You can choose the one which is more convenient for you. However, Asurion recommends filing the record online.

To submit online, besides creating and signing an affidavit, you should then scan it together with your valid ID with your photo. You can use your ID card, passport, driving license, or matricula consular ID (issued in Mexico). Your ID should be valid, and the name there should coincide with the name written in the affidavit you plan to send. When you have prepared both scans, submit them via the official Asurion website for phone claims.

To file via fax, you have to print, sign, and scan your form, scan your photo ID, and fax both papers to the Asurion fax number (it is indicated in the template).

Before you send anything, ensure that all documents are readable, your photo ID is discernible, and all data you have inserted is correct.

To Sum Up

Generally, regardless of the company that insures your things, there are also some mistakes tied to such forms’ submission. When you lose your insured item or someone takes it from you, remember to read about the insurance company’s policy first. This information will clarify how to claim correctly.

Usually, such procedures have a deadline; you have to be sure that you will not skip it. If you have doubts after reading the company’s policy, you may learn about the state laws or consult your lawyer: sometimes, the laws cancel some local policies created by the business. Finally, remember that you cannot lie in these statements, and all the information you provide should be correct.