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Birth Plan Form

Nowadays, the world is developing too fast, and sometimes globalization and modern technologies cause the emergence of various trends, including joint births and their planning. Today, childbirth is an exceptional opportunity to make the moment of welcoming a new life into the world bright and memorable.

In the United States, as in other countries, people are increasingly using so-called birth plans, which prescribe in detail every moment and case of the medical procedure. It is a convenient way to explain your desires and needs to your medical team and tell them what you want to avoid. Such plans are exclusively individual, sometimes even confidential. It includes all your wishes, your medical history, and many other factors and parameters.

Purposes and Main Advantages

A birth plan is an effective tool for realizing your wishes at the birth of a child. Thanks to the step-by-step guide, where all the nuances are spelled out, childbirth will be memorable and delightful. You do not need to fill in all items because you may have questions. In this case, midwives and medical staff can answer them and help you complete the plan.

A birth plan helps your doctor or midwife understand your goals and desires. Your doctor can help you prepare a realistic plan that will satisfy you. Preliminary discussion allows the doctor to mark the misunderstanding or disagreement, discuss them and work out a reasonable compromise.

The birth plan works as a guide to individual care for you. Entering the hospital at the moment of labor, you are unlikely to be able to explain everything enough to nurses unfamiliar with you. The birth plan will allow them to get to know you faster and better. It tells you about your current desires and decisions, made calmly and in a clear mind. Studies show that women experience greater satisfaction from childbirth if their preliminary wishes are fulfilled. Otherwise, there is frustration, anger, and depression. If the nurses know what is vital to you, they can better meet your hopes and wishes.

The advantage of it is a comfortable birth, without fear, pain, and tears. Together with the medical team, you create the most favorable and warm atmosphere. By the way, you can include any points and questions in this guide. Below, check out the approximate delivery plan:

  • Who are you, and who is your partner
  • Where do you want to give birth
  • What positions would you like to use during childbirth
  • Will you do a C-section
  • Do you need music
  • How would you like to feed the baby after birth
  • Do you need a bathroom, Jacuzzi, or pool
  • Time of birth
  • Special requirements
  • Type of food and drink

It is not an exhaustive list, and you can include anything you want. After drawing up this plan, be sure to share your experiences and ideas with your partner. It will allow you to solve all the nuances in advance and notify your soulmate about childbirth. Many psychologists say that the joint planning of the birth itself brings partners together and prevents the appearance of quarrels.

By the way, many women think about the question of cesarean section in advance. If you plan to give birth on your own, warn the midwives about this. If you want to have a C-section, talk to the medical staff and find more information about it.

Vitamins for Newborns

One of the vital points of your birth plan may be information about vitamins for newborns. Such kids need an injection of vitamin K. It does not lead to a deficiency and bleeding. If you have any such questions, ask your doctor and midwives. In any case, all necessary injections will have to be made to the child to avoid the consequences of serious diseases.

For the fetus to develop normally in the womb, nature provides for the emergence of temporary organs. It is the placenta and the umbilical cord. The correct structure and stable functioning of both will give a high chance of giving birth to a healthy baby. However, if the temporary body is disrupted for some reason, there is a threat to development. Therefore, discuss this point with your team in advance.

Changing the Birth Plan

At any time, each couple can change the child’s birth plan. It happens for several reasons. You do not have to explain your wishes, but if you have a trusting relationship with your medical team, it will not be superfluous to notify them of this. Remember that you and your doctor are partners, and you need to be on board with a plan. If you find that you can’t agree with your team, you may have to find someone else for birth.

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How to Complete the Birth Plan

Before you write a birth plan, think about all the nuances in advance. You may ask your doctor and your spouse and solve all difficulties. Use the concise and beautiful guides for childbirth and fill in each item.

Keep in mind that the details depend on your well-being and the success of the birth.

Complete Basic Data

First, provide information about you and your spouse. This list usually includes the following questions:

  • First and last name
  • Age of both partners
  • Date of birth
  • Hospital number
  • Doctor’s first and last name

Next, you need to register your medical history and specify the type of delivery (cesarean section or independent).

step 1 complete basic data filling out birth plan form

Your Preferences

Any birth plan asks for information about your preferences, as this will create a favorable and calm atmosphere. Select the appropriate items and consult with the medical staff. Moreover, it is possible to choose a person who will be present at your birth.

step 2 your preferences filling out birth plan form

Specify the Desired Stages of Labor

Specify the desired stages of delivery, having received advice from your partner in advance. You can choose the following option:

  • Standing up
  • Lying down
  • Walking around
  • In the shower
  • In the bathtub

Since you are the main link in this process, you have no right to refuse your wishes. You can watch the birth without anesthesia or request additional injections to avoid feeling pain. By the way, the advantage of such a plan is the possibility of obtaining high-quality health services. Childbirth is painful and unpleasant, but you may get any procedures after the birth of a child.

step 3 specify the desired stages of labor filling out birth plan form

Method of Childbirth

A successful birth plan includes comprehensive information about the birth. Therefore, every woman has the right to choose the method of delivery:

  • Squat
  • Semi-recline
  • Lite-on my side
  • Be on my hands and knees
  • Stand
  • Lean on my partner

In general, such a list can be any, so choose the most convenient method of delivery.

step 4.1 method of childbirth filling out birth plan form

In general, such a list can be any, so choose the most convenient method of delivery. When a child is born, parents experience incredible emotions. However, not every woman may immediately see the child because she may be under anesthesia or the newborn needs some help. In any case, you may also resolve this issue in advance with a midwife.

step 4.2 method of childbirth filling out birth plan form

C-section and Additional Requests

As noted earlier, your delivery plan may include different issues, depending on your ideas and desires. However, perhaps the most significant point is about the cesarean section. Also, do not forget about your support in the person of relatives and spouse. Duplicate all these suggestions in your guide.

step 5.1 c section and additional requests filling out birth plan form

Fill out your plan carefully, taking into account all the details and the most difficult moments. Do not forget to prescribe information about injections for your newborn and identify all possible circumstances that can harm you and your baby.

Specify what kind of treatment you would like for the baby in the first few days. The care of a healthy newborn can vary in many aspects. In general, a healthy baby needs very little: warmth, diapers, parental hands, and maternal breasts. Observations, tests, and some procedures are usually performed to detect defects and prevent serious illnesses.

step 5.2 c section and additional requests filling out birth plan form
step 5.3 c section and additional requests filling out birth plan form

Thus, if you are surrounded by an atmosphere of sympathy, you confidently move on to the period of labor. Moreover, a well-experienced midwife gives you a sense of greater security, and this will give the woman in labor a higher level of trust. Warm room, warm bath, warm shower help your body to tune in to an easy delivery. That is why make a delivery plan in advance to create an atmosphere of trust and comfort.