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Doctors Excuse Note for Work

A Doctor’s Excuse Note is an official medical document. An employee or a student can use it in case of absence from their relevant functional institutions due to health problems. Medical issues are a lawful reason to skip work or school for a couple of days (or sometimes even weeks). But you need to make sure that your doctor does everything right when filling out the Doctor’s Excuse notice. An authorized medical certificate will put you on sick leave and provide you some extra time to recover. That is why an excuse note is so important.

In this article, we will cover various Doctor’s Excuse Note types and provide you with some recommendations on compiling the document.

The Purposes of a Doctor’s Excuse Note

As we said, a doctor’s note is a medical certificate that confirms your health condition and the legitimacy of the motive you are missing work or school. It also ensures that you have seen a medical specialist on a health matter that’s been bothering you. That is why specific information on your doctor’s appointment should be included in the note.

There are plenty of situations when one needs an official Doctor’s note. For example, you are applying for a job that requires a certain physical preparation, and you need to pass a medical examination to prove that you are fit for the position. Or you are a professional sportsman, and you need to qualify for an upcoming tournament. Or you simply need to purchase traveling medical insurance. All these are reasons to see a doctor.

However, the Doctor’s Excuse Note has its peculiarities in terms of use and purpose. Here is a list of possible occasions when a Doctor’s Excuse Note may come in handy:

  • Sick Leave From Work or School

This one is the most common doctor’s excuse note out there. Teachers at school, as well as most employers in the country, require a medical certificate if a student or an employee is absent due to health matters. A Doctor’s note is an official reason for sick leave.

  • Activity Restrictions at Work

It sometimes happens that an individual has physical limitations that keep him or her from fulfilling certain tasks at work. In this case, the employer can exempt the employee from doing such tasks provided a corresponding medical certificate is verifying the health condition.

  • Medical Care and Accommodation Requirement

Suppose an employee or a student has a serious injury (post-operational experience, for instance) that requires special medical treatment (like physical therapy) and accommodations at the place of the stationing. In that case, this person will have to provide a relevant doctor’s form.

  • Other Medical Certifications

A person may need special treatment or assistance at the workplace. Usually, it concerns people with disabilities. Thus, the employer will have to create a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for workers with special needs.

Many employees tend to avoid getting an excuse note because they are afraid of losing their job. Frankly speaking, there are no federal laws that would make it compulsory for employers to provide paid sick leave for their employees. However, no one can legally fire you for getting sick.

Nowadays, only some local governments in the US have passed legislation that protects the workers and ensures their right to a paid sick leave. But these are all exceptions rather than a general rule. People with certain disabilities and health issues are entitled to unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. But this measure also leaves a huge part of the population unattended.

A doctor’s note can provide you extra protection. Should anyone try to fire you for getting sick and being absent at work for a medical reason, you can refer to a healthcare institution that issued your doctor’s note. The local specialists will help you with paperwork if you decide to file a lawsuit to keep your job.

Who Can Use a Doctor’s Excuse Note?

Usually, employers and schools have their specific policies and requirement regarding a doctor’s note. Most institutions do not require any documents if you are absent for a single day. However, if your illness turns out to be more serious, you will need to provide a medical certificate.

Only doctors or licensed medical personnel can authorize a sick note. Without authorization, it does not have any legal power. Therefore, there are two categories of people who can use the Doctor’s Excuse Note templates and forms:

People who can issue the forms:

  • Medical doctors
  • Certified medical personnel
  • Healthcare providers
  • Insurance companies

And people who can use the forms at work or school:

  • Employees and employers
  • Students and their parents or legal guardians

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How to Fill Out the Doctor’s Excuse Note

You do not need any legal assistance to compile a doctor’s excuse note. The document is pretty straightforward. You can simply use our latest software developments to build the form, then print it, fill it out, and get it signed by the doctor. All you have to prepare is your personal data and your most recent medical records. Follow our guidelines and recommendations to fill out the form.

Step 1. Specify contact details

At the top of the form, you need to enter the name of the health care institution where your examination takes place and its address. It’s also required to provide the name of the doctor who will sign the excuse note. Make sure to indicate the doctor’s contact details, such as a phone number and email address.

step 1 to filling out a doctors excuse note specify contact details

Step 2. Enter the dates

Right below the institution’s name and doctor’s contact information, you have to enter the dates of your examination and return appointment (if any).

step 2 to filling out a doctors excuse note enter the dates

Step 3. Fill in the patient’s name

In the following blank spaces, you need to enter the full legal name of the subject patient and the date of the patient’s absence from work or school.

step 3 to filling out a doctors excuse note fill in the patients name

Step 4. Describe the health issue

You have to specify why the subject employee or student is absent during the designated time. It should be a significant medical reason. Please remember that by staying at home, you are taking care of both your health and the health of your colleagues.

step 4 to filling out a doctors excuse note describe the health issue

Step 5.  Provide the examination result

The next step is to provide the examination result. You need to indicate whether there are some restrictions or limitations and check the relevant box:

  1. Choose the Full Duty box if there are no restrictions or limitations, and the patient is ready to return to work/school.
  2. Choose the Light Duty box if there are some restrictions or limitations and provide their durations.
  3. Choose the Off Work box if the patient cannot return to work/school yet and indicate the possible date of such return.

step 5 to filling out a doctors excuse note provide the examination result

Step 6. Specify the restrictions

If you choose the Light Duty or Off Work options, it means that there are restrictions to the patient’s ability to work or study. In the following sections, you need to specify them and check the relevant boxes. The restrictions may include no bending, no twisting, no lifting a certain weight, or no climbing. If there are more restrictions, you can use the Other section to describe them.

step 6 to filling out a doctors excuse note specify the restrictions

Step 7.  Indicate the limitations

The limitations may include a limited amount of working/studying hours, a specific number of breaks the patient should take while working or studying, and the need to wear a brace. Also, you may need to specify other limitations in the appropriate area.

step 7 to filling out a doctors excuse note indicate the limitations

Step 8. Enter additional comments

Here, it’s possible to enter any additional information and comments the doctor may have. These comments may be related to the patient’s condition or other recommendations.

step 8 to filling out a doctors excuse note enter additional comments

Step 9. Confirm the submitted information

By appending a signature, your doctor authorizes the excuse note. It means that all submitted information about the patient’s medical condition is accurate.

step 9 to filling out a doctors excuse note confirm the submitted information

The doctor’s excuse note usually does not require notarization, but you may as well double-check with the local policies and requirements. The doctor can issue an excuse from work (study) note, an upcoming doctor’s appointment notification, sick leave, medical care treatment, and others.