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Eagle Scout Project Workbook

Every American child is familiar with scout camps, and for sure, we all have heard about the Eagle Scout at least once. Eagle Scout is a scout claiming the title of Eagle who wants to secure the Eagle Project.

The Eagle Project’s essence is that the scout leader needs to coordinate a scout group that will raise funds to help a mission, institution, or hospital. It is worth noting that the Eagle Project cannot collect money that will be handled by scouts.

To obtain the Eagle Scout title, you require to fill out a specific report — the Eagle Scout Project Workbook. This needs to be done perfectly and on time; otherwise, months of work to prepare a project and receive all the badges for merit may be in vain. In our review, you will find info regarding the Eagle Scout Project Workbook, deadlines for doing the form, and a step-by-step guide to filling out the form online or manually.

Who Needs the Eagle Scout Project Workbook

The Eagle Scout Project Workbook is essential for any Scout who already has 21 or more Merit Badges and wants to become an Eagle Scout. It is essential to generate a unique outline to secure money for public organizations, schools, hospitals, temples to get the title. If the design is deemed successful, it is necessary to create an Eagle Scout Project Workbook including info regarding the scout and the income-raising project.

Without creating a project form, you will not be able to get the Eagle Scout title. It is worth remarking that after the inception of the Boy Scouts of America program, only 4% of all recorded scouts have been worthy to receive the name of Eagle, which is 2.5 million children.

How Long Does It Take to Implement the Eagle Scout Project?

Everything depends on the outline itself and its system, but there are some general recommendations.

Before scheduling a plan, it is essential to determine the project’s field and draw up a layout. The most time-consuming thing in any scouting project development is obtaining government permissions and permits.

If your project requires construction or reorganization of any urban spaces, you should set at least a year for such a concept. Projects that don’t engage reconstruction can be executed in six months, and the simplest programs require from one to three months.

Remember that the Scout must conduct the Eagle Scout Project Workbook throughout the entire project.

What Data Should the Eagle Scout Project Workbook Contain?

The Eagle Scout Project Workbook is a truly unique paper, as it is a mixture of several forms at once. Each of them contains specific information.

In addition to general information for scouts and instructions for maintaining a Workbook, this paperwork contains sections that will need to be filled with the scout’s data.

  • The first step is to enter all project participants’ contact information.
  • After that, it will be essential to draw up a Project Proposal, which will contain a short outline plan. Before proceeding with the program, it is essential to obtain approval for the Project Proposal.
  • After receiving the Project Proposal approval, you will need to draw up a detailed Final Plan to describe each step of your program.
  • Do not forget to fill out Fundraising Applications if you intend to collect funds not only from project participants or family but also from other organizations or individuals.
  • The Project Report is the last thing you need to fill out in the Workbook. It is a very crucial stage that will define the completion of the program.

As you may have noticed, filling out the workbook is not easy, but getting it right is crucial. In the next section of our review, you will find a step-by-step guide to filling out the paperwork that will help you avoid errors.

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How to Fill Out the Eagle Scout Project Workbook

  • Download the Handout

You can download the handout in PDF format on our website. After downloading, you can complete it online or print the workbook and complete it manually. When filling out your form online, use our form-building software to reach the best results.

  • Enter Contact Information

The first step in completing the Eagle Scout Project Workbook is to enter all contact details.

  • First, fill in your name, date of birth, email, address, and contact phone number.
  • After that, you are required to fill in the data regarding the unit, namely: the name of the area, the unit leader’s contact data, the Unit Committee Chair’s contact info, and the Unit Advancement Coordinator’s contact data.
  • After listing the data about the unit, enter the info about the recipient. You need to provide the company’s contact data for which you will collect funds and the contact info of the representative of this company.
  • You need to enter your Council Service Center and the Council or District Project Approval Representative’s data.
  • The last contact data field that you require to fill out will contain info about the Project Coach. This is somebody who will help you with your program.

step 2 enter contact information filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • Make Your Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal

Before beginning any program, you need to design a Project Proposal and get it confirmed. A Project Proposal is a short project plan that describes the gist and general terms.

  • First of all, you should define the outline, namely, designate the program’s beginning and completion dates. Also, write what profits the design will bring to the recipient.
  • In the next field, specify what kind of leadership qualities you will use and how.
  • In the next three fields, you need to enter all the materials, tools, and supplies that you intend to use for the project. You do not need to make an accurate list of all materials and products, but you should explain the general items. This step is essential because you show that you know the work’s full scale and know what supplies and instruments you can use to make the plan successful.

step 3.1 make your eagle scout service project proposal filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • You additionally need to make an approximate list of all the permits needed for the program. Specify why you need the permission, how you intend to get it, and so on.
  • Make a financial plan and write down the approximate cost of materials, tools, food, and everything you need to accomplish the idea. Remember that you do not need to provide exact expenditures at the Project Proposal stage. You can enter approximate amounts, but they should be as close to the market price as possible.
  • Also, you will need to describe the phases of the program. Just list the steps.
  • Elaborate on the logistics and everything related to storage, transportation, and transfer of materials.

step 3.2 make your eagle scout service project proposal filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • Remember, safety comes first. You need to describe all possible health risks as you will need to warn your assistants about them.
  • Elaborate and describe your further project planning so that the admissions committee understands that you realize what to do next.
  • After filling in all the fields, you need to sign your Scout Promise. Your signature will mean that you have read the Workbook and are ready to comply with all the rules and requirements.
  • Collect all selection committee members’ signatures for your Project Proposal to be approved.

step 3.3 make your eagle scout service project proposal filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • Create the Final Plan

The creation of the final plan must start after receiving the project proposal approval. In this case, it is essential to consider all the edits made to the project proposal.

  • Fill in your name and the program dates. It makes the cover page of your final plan.

step 4.1 create the final plan filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • Enter all comments on the project proposal given to you earlier in the appropriate field.
  • Then list any changes that have been made to the plan description and design profits.
  • Specify the stage the program is in now and define the situation.
  • Describe all program phases in detail.

step 4.2 create the final plan filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • Make a thorough step-by-step plan for the work ahead. You need to describe each action performed to realize the idea.
  • If you need to obtain any permits, make a list of the required licenses and indicate how you can receive them.
  • Estimate materials: you need to enter the name of the required material, the quantity, the cost of each item, the total cost, and the method of obtaining the materials.

step 4.3 create the final plan filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • Following the material estimate example, estimate tools and supplies.
  • After that, you need to draw up general cost calculations.

step 4.4 create the final plan filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • List the tasks that should be completed. You need to indicate the duty, the skills required, the number of assistants required, and the number of assistants available.
  • Elaborate on the logistics and provide details. You need to describe the transportation of helpers, shipping, and storage of all materials and food.

step 4.5 create the final plan filling out an eagle scout project workbook
Think about everything related to security. Make a list of warnings that you should tell the assistants. Consider whether you need a first aid kit.

Make an emergency plan. This will help you avoid project stagnation.

Let the Project Coach fill in the comments.

step 4.6 create the final plan filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • Create a Fundraising Application

Enter all the required data to create a fundraising application.

  • First, you need to enter your contact data. Then, the recipient’s contact data (the company’s name and the company’s contact person for whom you are planning to collect money).
  • You also need to enter the project duration dates and the funds you plan to raise for the organization.
  • After filling in all the required fields, you need to receive permission and get the necessary signs. At the bottom of the page, you will find three slots to append signatures.

step 5 create a fundraising application filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • Make a Project Report

The project report is essential for the selection committee to know your appraisal of the performed work and assess your program involvement. The project report does not have to be detailed, but the scout should perform a detailed oral report on any of the report’s issues.

  • Present a brief project estimation. Explain what performed well and what caused you difficulties.
  • After that, tell the committee about the changes within the plan.
  • Specify how you applied the leadership skills. Do not be afraid to talk about your failures; this is also crucial in gaining experience. Share what worked best for you and what went not the way you thought.

step 6.1 make a project report filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • List everyone involved in the idea, young people and adults. Next to each participant’s name, write the number of hours they helped you with the realization.
  • Indicate the fundraising results. You need to enter how much you managed to collect and how much you spent.
  • You can attach photographs and additional visual materials (maps, receipts, and other items) to the report.

step 6.2 make a project report filling out an eagle scout project workbook

  • Append All Required Signatures

You must sign your name as a candidate for the Eagle Scout title. Your signature means that you agree with everything written in the Project Workbook.

It is also essential to collect the recipient and the unit leader’s signatures. Their signatures will mean that the program fulfilled is accepted.

step 7 append all required signatures filling out an eagle scout project workbook