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Gift Certificate Template

Sometimes you have no idea what to give to your significant other, or your best friend, or your colleague, or anyone else for their birthday or any other celebration. A gift certificate template is a wonderful solution in such cases: it lets the gift receiver make their own choices regarding things to purchase. Many people enjoy such gifts because they can get something handy and nice compared to some useless physical gifts.

If the person and their preferences are familiar to you, you may easily find a place that issues such certificates because today, plenty of companies use this instrument to attract clients. It is simple: you go to a certain place, pay for the certificate, and the amount becomes your receiver’s deposit that they can spend in the future.

The certificate’s validity may vary and depends on the company’s specialization: while some places offer certificates for half a year or a year, others let their clients spend the deposit within a period of five years.

Who Can Use These Certificates

Although usually gift certificates are usually associated with gift-givers (individuals), there are other categories of certificates’ users. Let’s see them in detail, and maybe you will discover that such certificates might be useful for you and your business, too.

  • Companies that sell things or render services

Using gift certificates is a great idea for such enterprises. They can make it a part of their marketing campaign, attract new customers and keep loyal clients. Even if the certificate’s value is rather small, many clients will consider these certificates a pleasant bonus and come back to the store or place.

  • Corporate customers that want to encourage their workers

Giving gifts to workers if you represent any company’s management is a great thing to do and an amazing tradition. All of your employees have birthdays, and many of us celebrate other things in a way. Gift-sharing motivates workers and makes them happy, and workers’ happiness is the key to success for any business.

Gift certificates facilitate the task of finding the perfect corporate gifts for your colleagues. You can always choose a versatile place where all people can go regardless of their age, sex, and other factors. Even if someone from the group will not appreciate the gift, they can always transfer it to their family members or friends.

  • Individuals who plan to gladden their gifts’ receivers

Finally, the most obvious category: individuals. Previously, we have described how individuals can use the technology and satisfy their friends and family with amazing gifts (certificates).

What Is the Difference between Certificates and Cards?

It is simple: while certificates are made from paper or cardboard, which is thicker and more reliable, cards are offered in plastic. You can use your certificate once and throw it away. A card, in turn, is re-usable, and you can replenish it with money anytime.

In the past, some people considered cards eco-friendlier than certificates. However, today, in the world of digital, more and more companies prefer to issue neither physical certificates nor physical cards: everything is moving to our smartphones and even watch.

Even though you do not have to carry a wallet anymore, a gift certificate or card both have a big advantage: their sophisticated design usually allows you to make a nice and memorable gift. For many people, opening an envelope and getting a physical certificate can be nicer than opening a messenger or digital mailbox and get a virtual message.

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How to Fill Out the Template

Suppose you work in a store or place that renders services (like a beauty salon). Suddenly, you run out of your company’s branded gift cards or certificates. A potential client comes in, and they want to purchase one. There is still something you can do: it is extremely easy to create a gift certificate template.

The process will literally take a couple of minutes. Here are brief and helpful instructions step-by-step.

  • Find the Template

This one is easy: we have developed an easy-to-use form-building software so you can easily get any template you need. Download the form in just a moment using our technologies. You can use the template even if your printer does not work with colored ink: it is all black and white.

Additionally, this template can be used to make personalized certificates: you may add the entity’s logo and print numerous copies out. This will add some protection from fraud.

  • Date the Certificate

You have to add both the current date and the date when the certificate will expire. Write the dates in designated blank lines.

step 2 date the certificate filling out a gift certificate template

  • Add the Receiver’s Name

Write the name of the one who will receive the certificate as a gift.

step 3 add the receiver’s name filling out a gift certificate template

  • Indicate What the Receiver Gets

Then, you can specify what products or services can be paid for in your store with this certificate. Sometimes customers want to narrow possible purchases down to one or two categories: it depends on the place where the certificate is bought. If there are no limits, you may write general words like “goods” or “services.”

step 4 indicate what the receiver gets filling out a gift certificate template

  • Define the Value

This is a crucial part: you have to state the exact amount in US dollars that the receiver will be able to spend in your place.

If you create a certificate for a client who buys it, they will specify the amount and pay. When companies conduct marketing campaigns and issue certificates to their loyal customers or new clients, they determine the sum based on their marketing budgets.

step 5 define the value filling out a gift certificate template

  • Insert the Giver’s Name

Below, you should write the name of the gift giver (normally the one who is buying the certificate from you).

step 6 insert the giver’s name filling out a gift certificate template

  • Sign the Certificate

If your colleagues work on the day when the receiver comes by, they should have a way to identify that the certificate was issued by you and it is not a fraud. That is why your signature as an employee is vital in such certificates. Otherwise, your co-workers may refuse to render services or sell things, the customer’s mood may be spoiled, and your entity may then suffer from negative reviews.

step 7 sign the certificate filling out a gift certificate template