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Leap Application IML-4

LEAP stands for the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program. Colorado has launched this program with federal subsidies to help local households partially cover their heating expenses. You must qualify to join the program and enjoy federal support and benefits. Fill out the IML-4 Application Form and check your eligibility to do so.

Please note that you can submit your application annually but only from November 1 until April 30. Hereunder, you will find all the necessary information on filing a LEAP application.

The Program Overview

Unfortunately, not all hard-working families of Colorado can afford to pay the winter household heating costs. Therefore, the Colorado Department of Human Services has passed a special program to support local communities, particularly low-income families and senior citizens. The program’s primary goal is to provide safety, warmth, and affordable comfort to Colorado houses.

The heating season in the state starts in November and ends in April. That is why you can only apply for the program during these months. The Colorado Department of Human Services is responsible for keeping the local households warm during the winter and providing any monetary assistance regarding utility costs, equipment repair, replacement, and other relevant services.

One must admit, heating is quite expensive in the region compared to the average income rate. However, the program’s founders did not intend to lift the heating services burden entirely from the local households. They meant only to help alleviate some part of it. Please note that any temporary or portable heating equipment is not subject to subsidies under the LEAP financial assistance.

In most cases, the responsible specialists transfer the subsidiary money directly to the household’s energy supplier. If you get approved for the LEAP, you will get an official notification on the partial payment either from the Human Services Department or your fuel resources vendor.

LEAP Eligibility Criteria

You have to meet one of the three categories of eligibility criteria to join the LEA program, including health, income, and vulnerability criteria. Hereunder, you will find a detailed list of the requirements to get an energy benefit:

  • The total annual income of your household shall not exceed 60% of the state median income rate.

You may check out the state median income rates for 2020-21 and see if you fit. The U.S. Health and Human Services Department released back in July 2020.

  • If you are on a job-seeker allowance;
  • If you receive any pension or tax credit;
  • If you receive a disability subsidy or other MoD assistance;
  • If you have a documented blood, neurological, respiratory, autoimmune, cardiovascular, muscle, or skeletal condition;
  • If you have a severe mental illness affecting your working abilities;
  • If you are terminally sick (cancer included);
  • If you obtain an up-to-date NHS Medical Exemption Certificate;
  • If you are a victim of domestic violence;
  • If you are grieving about the recent loss of a loved one;
  • If you are a new immigrant or an asylum seeker (including political ones).

You may fill out the application form either for yourself or for a person who, in your opinion, could use an energy benefit. The amount of provided assistance may vary depending on the mentioned criteria. If you did not find your particular case on this list, you might proceed to the LEAP official website to see an exhaustive list of requirements.

Other Application Forms

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How to Fill Out the LEAP Application Form

You need to get an updated version of the IML-4 Application Form to proceed with the process. We highly recommend you to use our latest software tools and developments to acquire the form you need. With our tools, you will be able to fill it out online as well.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to fill out your LEAP application form:

  • Fill in the Applicant’s Personal Data

First up, you shall skip the box “For County Use Only” and start by filling in the applicant’s personal information. Enter your full name, physical and mailing address (if they do not match), daytime phone number, date and place of birth, age, sex, citizenship, E-mail address, county of residence, and Social Security Number (SSN).

If you are applying for another person, make sure to enter this person’s data.

step 1 fill in the applicant’s personal data filling out a leap application iml 4

  • Provide Information on Other Household Members

List other members that you share the household with. You must indicate their names, SSN, date, and place of birth, age, sex, and relationship to the applicant. Fill out an additional income questionnaire on the right-hand side.

step 2 provide information on other household members filling out a leap application iml 4

  • Determine the Presence of Tenants

If you have roommates, tenants, or other family members that are not part of your household, you may list them in this section. Please indicate their quantity, names, age, and relationship to you (or the applicant).

step 3 determine the presence of tenants filling out a leap application iml 4

  • Define Household’s Total Income

This section is the most complicated one. Here goes any specific factual information about your household’s gross monthly income. Keep in mind that it is a deciding factor in determining your LEAP eligibility. Describe who in your home has a full-time job, who is self-employed, and who has no work but receives some kind of non-work income. Enter the payment amount, the recipient’s info, the employer’s name (if any), and the payment frequency.

step 4.1 define household’s total income filling out a leap application iml 4
Indicate if you borrowed money, get a loan, or gift money to pay your housing costs last month. Distribute your real expenses between food, rent (if applicable), utilities, and other categories.

step 4.2 define household’s total income filling out a leap application iml 4

  • Describe Your Living Arrangements

Indicate the type of your dwelling unit by checking the respective box. Determine if you rent the place or have an active mortgage payment. Do not forget to mention the monthly payment amounts (if applicable).

step 5 describe your living arrangements filling out a leap application iml 4

  • State If You Receive Subsidies

There are various programs of subsidized housing in the US. Please indicate if you are part of any of them (including Section 8, under the US federal Housing Act of 1937).

step 6 state if you receive subsidies filling out a leap application iml 4

  • Provide Heating Info

You will need to answer some more questions about your fuel type and heating equipment. Check the corresponding boxes carefully and fill out the missing information. Here, you will have to provide your fuel vendor’s data as well. If you are renting your place, ask your landlord about the heating facilities.

Please double-check the submitted data and make sure it is accurate.

step 7 provide heating info filling out a leap application iml 4

  • Verify Lawful Presence

The state law requires that all applicants provide proof of their lawful presence in the country. Therefore, you should submit readable copies of all documents listed in Section 8 of this form. Please make sure that all your documents are valid, fill out the affidavit form, and put your signature and calendar date.

step 8 verify lawful presence filling out a leap application iml 4

  • Provide Additional Info (if applicable)

This section comprises a short questionnaire on your fellow household members. Here, you may choose the applicant’s race and indicate the disability of any household member (if applicable). Please note that none of the information provided in this section will affect the decision on your eligibility.

The providers encourage you to submit information on how you found out about them. Please choose the corresponding answer.

step 9 provide additional info filling out a leap application iml 4

  • Read the Customer Disclosure

In this section, you should agree to disclose the customer’s personal data. Read the disclosure through and choose your heating fuel type (natural gas or electric).

step 10 read the customer disclosure filling out a leap application iml 4

  • Sign the Consent Form

Read the closing consent form at the bottom of your application. Then, put the current date and your signature. If someone had helped you with the application form, provide the helper’s signature, physical address, and contact phone number.

step 11 sign the consent form filling out a leap application iml 4
Please note that some categories of households are entitled to get additional help outside of the LEA program. If you’re seeking financial aid to cover your utility expenses, do not hesitate to call the corresponding hotline or check with the official Colorado Department of Human Services website to determine if you are currently eligible. You may find the Department’s contact information in the top left corner of the application form.