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Eagle Scout Rank Application

The Eagle Scout (ES) is the prestigious award founded by the Boy Scouts of America. The achievement is globally recognized and appears to be the highest evaluation point for the scout activity and state of being. Obtaining the ES status equals the highest level of skills, responsibility, social commitment, and several years of hard work and leadership. Both boys and girls can be appointed for the prestigious rank, and allure benefits from having one.

How to Apply for the Eagle Scout Rank?

The review and approval process may take several weeks if you meet all requirements, and it is quite an impressive list of requirements. On the other hand, patience is excellent quality for a potential Eagle Scout nominee. Therefore, all applicants should remain calm and undisturbed during this period.

Below you will find the inherent steps of the application process:

  • The candidates need to accomplish particular activities and qualifications before they are 18 years old.
  • Design, develop, and realize the ES Service Project Workbook.
  • Prepare and fill out the ES Rank Application.
  • After collecting the inherent signatures, the candidate should serve the request to the Council Service Center.
  • Once the Council validates the paper, they designate a board appointment.
  • The committee contacts the endorsements provided in the application to obtain more info about the seeker.
  • If the candidate is considered eligible, the validated documents are returned to the local council for further proceeding.
  • Then the executive signs the paper, and the documents are reported to the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) system.
  • Finally, the National Advancement Program Team considers the paperwork and serves the certificates and attributes in return.

Other Application Forms

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Filling Out the Eagle Scout Rank Application

The applicants should complete and report the necessary form to the unit leader once all other motions are satisfied. You should type or print the needed info. We empower you to use our form-building software to generate the latest PDF file and proceed to complete it right away. Follow these guidelines to avoid challenging situations and misunderstandings while preparing the respected application form.

  • Introduce Yourself

You may begin completing the document by identifying yourself. We encourage you to submit the following data:

  • Legal name

Print or type your name using the spare boxes. You are limited to 30 digits, including punctuation and spaces. Insert the required data and utilize abbreviations if possible. The Application form consists of two pages, so make sure you place your name on both pieces in the corresponding 30-item slots.

  • Identify your sex by checking “male” or “female.”
  • Full address, including street, city, state, ZIP, and the post office box
  • Contact data

Here, you ought to insert the daytime phone number and the email address.

  • Scout Unit data and address

step 1 introduce yourself filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • Date Your Scout Achievements

Fill in the required dates opposite the identification section. This part resembles a questionnaire. Answer the six given questions in a month-day-year format. The rest units offer alternatives other than a date. Check the “Yes” or “No” box to express your point. We highly recommend you to write the date according to this example:

Write “January 14, 2021” as 01-14-21.

step 2 date your scout achievements filling out an eagle scout rank application
After you complete the introductory part of the application, proceed to complete the Requirement Eligibility Section. Eagle Scout Rank demands that the applicant meets several requirements listed in the form. You can also find these qualifications on the BSA official website.

  • Submit your Birthdate

Provide your birthdate in the blank slots to prove that society had recognized your merits and accomplishments before you turned 18 years old.

step 3 submit your birthdate filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • Specify the “Requirement 1” Unit

Like the birthdate, you are welcome to insert the Board of Review date to specify when you have achieved the Life Scout Rank. Life Scout is pre-Eagle Scout rank, which signifies that the scout is socially active and responsible in their unit.

step 4 specify the “requirement 1” unit filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • Provide References

The “Requirement 2” section is a list of references. Here, you are encouraged to name people who can vouch for you and share their experiences from meeting you or working with you. The applicants may list their family members, religious mentors, educational supervisors, employers, and other respected opinions. Follow the requirements listed in the table and submit these data:

  • The person’s full name
  • Physical address
  • Contact information

step 5 provide references filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • List the Earned Badges

The “Requirement 3” unit should contain the applicant’s earned merit badges. Following the table, you can list up to 21 items. There are some compulsory badges to indicate. In case some of them are absent, the applicant can cross them out. It is essential that if you line through boxes “7,” “8,” or “10” but manage to re-obtain the badges, you may use sections 14-20 to enter the achievements.

Please check out the list of information you should provide about each merit badge:

  • The badge title
  • Earning and issuing date (in a month-day-year format)
  • Relevant unit details

step 6 list the earned badges filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • Specify Your Activity Background

Being a Life Scout, you should fulfill the designated responsibilities and provide specific services. This section introduces four fundamental roles you can choose from to maintain the status and have the privilege to apply for the ES.

The applicant can describe up to two positions, submitting the period of service. According to the requirements, you should only enter positions you were entitled to after the Life Board of Review date.

step 7 specify your activity background filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • Describe Your Project Details

To apply for ES, the candidate should develop and accomplish a social project benefiting a scholar, religious, or community organization.

In the “Requirement 5” section, the candidate must provide general information about the work done:

  • Project Title
  • Amount of hours you spent to accomplish the task.
  • Closing date

step 8 describe your project details filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • Specify If You Have Attended the Leader Conference

Enter the date in the month-day-year format (as shown below).

step 9 specify if you have attended the leader conference filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • Authorize the Application

Read the certification statement and append your signature, telephone number, and a current calendar date.

step 10 authorize the application filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • Collect the Supervisors’ Certification

In this section, you need to collect the supervisors’ signatures, contact daytime phone numbers, and indicate the authorization date. Provide the signatures of the following unit representatives:

  • The unit leader
  • The unit committee chair

Also, you must obtain the Local Council’s validation. Let their representative sign the request, specify their position, and place the calendar date of certification.

step 11 collect the supervisors’ certification filling out an eagle scout rank application

  • Authorize Your Eagle Scout Appointment

This part of the application proves that the candidate attended the Board of Review for the ES status session and had the respected document approved. At least three scout authorities should sign the application to validate it.

step 12 authorize your eagle scout appointment filling out an eagle scout rank application