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International Driving Permit Application

An International Driving Permit Application is a form used by drivers who wish to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP), which allows them to drive legally in foreign countries. The application requires personal information, a valid driver’s license number, and typically a passport-sized photo. The IDP translates a driver’s existing license into multiple languages and is recognized in over 150 countries worldwide. It is designed to supplement the native driver’s license, not replace it, and is valid only when accompanied by the original license.

The purpose of the International Driving Permit Application is to facilitate the issuance of an IDP, which helps drivers comply with the legal requirements of foreign countries regarding driving privileges. The permit eases renting and driving vehicles in different countries, providing both convenience and legal protection on international roads.

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The Process of Obtaining the IDP

As we have mentioned earlier, an IDP is an important document that helps you communicate with the police effectively when you do not know the language well. Even if the country to which you are planning to take a trip recognizes a driving license from another country, it is better to be on the safe side and apply for an IDP. However, this can be done only in the United States, where your DL was issued. The procedure is not very time-consuming — no more than two days. However, sometimes it can take up to a few weeks. Below we dwell on this issue in detail.

Filling out an application form is only a part of the process of obtaining an IDP by a resident of the United States. Below you can find the information on how you get through this procedure and what other steps, apart from submitting the form under discussion, you are to take.

  • Download the application form.

First and foremost, if you want to drive on another country’s roads legally, you need to file an IDP application form with a local AAA or AATA office. You are welcome to visit the official AAA website or use our form-building software to get the correct template online.

  • Prepare the documentation package.

Before you visit the office or send the package via mail, make sure that it includes all the necessary documents: your valid driver’s license (make copies of both sides of the document), an IDP application form, two passport-sized pictures (make sure that they have signatures on the back), and a check that confirms that you have paid a twenty-dollar fee.

  • Submit the documents.

If you visit the office in person, the procedure will take much less time. The submission can also be made via mail. However, filing the documents this way will have to wait up to two weeks.

  • Receive the permit.

After you get the permit, carry it along with your American DL if you drive internationally. Unless your existing driving license becomes invalid, you can use your IDP for a year.

Who Can Obtain an IDP?

Besides driving laws in the county of travel, you should also know the U.S. requirements for getting the IDP permit. Before completing the application form, make sure that you satisfy all of them.

The document cannot be obtained by those who are under 18 years old. Furthermore, you are to have an American driving license that has been issued six months before you apply for an IDP.

How to Fill Out the International Driving Permit Application Form

In case some of the requirements escape your memory, you can find them in the official form. Although the international driving permit application form is not very complex to fill out and contains only one page, some people may need clear instructions to complete the form correctly. So, for a better understanding of how to fill it out, read the following step-by-step guide.

  • Choose the Needed Permit

To begin with, you need to choose between two boxes. One of them is selected if you apply for an IDP. The other one is ticked if you need to obtain only an Inter-American Driving Permit. Although these two forms have the same requirements, their names indicate that they have some differences. The main difference is that the IADP is needed when you decide to drive a car or any other motor vehicle in North or South American countries (the list includes twenty countries). At the same time, the IDP is used in any country that recognizes this passport-like document (today, it can be used in 175 countries). Before completing the form, check out the list of countries that allows you to drive legally with the IDP.

step 1 choose the needed permit filling out an international driving permit application

  • Provide Your Personal Details

The next section is rather extensive as it requires detailed information about the applicant. The first line contains three blank spaces to insert your full legal name (including the middle one). The second line starts with your phone number. Then you can proceed to your physical address (input it in the following order: street, city, state, ZIP code). You are to insert your existing driver’s license number and indicate what state issued it in the next line. Do not forget to write its expiration date.

The next section requires that you write the information about the place you were born (it includes the city, state, or county, and the birth date).

step 2 provide your personal details filling out an international driving permit application

  • Indicate the Dates

Right below the previous section, you will find two black lines. In the first line, insert the date the document comes into effect. It is necessary because the period it remains valid is limited to twelve months. In the line next to the above-mentioned one, indicate the date you are planning to leave the United States.

step 3 indicate the dates filling out an international driving permit application

  • Insert Your Foreign Address

This section is optional. You need to fill it out only if you have a foreign address.

step 4 insert your foreign address filling out an international driving permit application

  • Check the Necessary Box

This time the boxes below contain the list of motor vehicles for which you need to obtain the permit. There are five boxes in total: a motorcycle, a car for carrying up to nine passengers (a pickup truck, a minivan, others), a vehicle over 7,000Ibs, a vehicle that has eight seats, and a vehicle that has a heavy trailer.

step 5 check the necessary box filling out an international driving permit application

  • Sign the Paper

Finally, you are to provide your signature. Otherwise, the permit will not come into effect. By signing the application form, you state that you have read all the requirements and conditions mentioned in the form and agree to follow all the rules. You do not need to ask a notary agent to verify the document. Adding the date of signing is also mandatory.

step 6 sign the paper filling out an international driving permit application