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Girlfriend Application Form

In the United States, people complete and sign numerous types of documents in many cases. For instance, if they purchase or sell something, apply to different institutions for some reason, create a living will or a power of attorney, formalize custody for a child, or legally prove any significant matter, they use specific templates.

While some people associate legal forms with serious matters tied to money, tangible things, or healthcare matters, there are also templates regulating relations between partners (or future partners) that one may consider unnecessary. However, these templates are also widely used in the US. The Girlfriend Application form is one of these documents.

When to Use the Girlfriend Application Form?

There are two major reasons to complete and use the Girlfriend Application form. The first reason is to apply to become a partner if you and another person barely know each other but feel some kind of “chemistry” typical for romantic relationships in the beginning.

With the Girlfriend Application form, the potential boyfriend can find out more about the applying lady. This measure, in turn, may help in deciding whether this particular lady is a perfect candidate for dating or not. Sometimes you can waste your time by dating the wrong person; the Girlfriend Application form will help avoid such situations.

Another significant reason for filling out this form is to prove to your potential boyfriend that your feelings and intentions are profound if he wants to make you his girlfriend officially. With the Girlfriend Application form, both parties can feel safe and enhance their relationship.

Who Needs to Sign the Girlfriend Application Form?

These forms are usually signed by the ladies trying to either become someone’s girlfriend or prove their serious intentions.

If you are a man who wants to be one’s boyfriend, you may use another template called the Boyfriend Application Form. With our website, you may easily create this record, too.

What Should I Include in Such a Form?

The Girlfriend Application form has a clear structure. On the three pages of the form, you will see a set of questions you need to answer. Your replies will describe your personality and habits, so your potential partner can know you better and make an informed decision about building a serious relationship with you.

When you (as a future girlfriend) fill out the form, remember that all your replies should be honest. At the top of the first page, each applicant can see the warning: the receiver of your application will check all the information you insert through social networks and other sources.

All these questions imply straightforward and short replies. You, as an applicant, do not have to bother about the information you should include. Just follow our guidelines below.

Other Application Forms

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How to Fill Out the Girlfriend Application Form

For your convenience, we have prepared a detailed guide on filling out the Girlfriend Application form. The steps you can see below will help you create the document easily, quickly, and correctly. For that, you may use our PDF editor to get the best result.

  • Download the Girlfriend Application Form Template

Before you start filling out any legal paper in the US, you should get its template. Our website ensures that you have the up-to-date and correct version of the form.

  • Fill Out the “Basics” about Yourself

The first section of the document contains all the basic information about the applicant. Here, you should state your:

  • Full Name;
  • Nickname;
  • Age;
  • Current Residence;
  • Eye Color;
  • Natural and Current Hair Color;
  • Height and Weight.

Insert all the required data. When describing your weight, choose among the given options (less than 100 lb, between 100 and 175 lb, more than 175 lb).

step 2 fill out the “basics” about yourself filling out a girlfriend application form

  • Add Your Contact Info

Leave your valid telephone numbers (home and cell), IM name (for chatting online), and email address.

step 3 add your contact info filling out a girlfriend application form

  • Answer the Questions

In the next section, you will see the so-called “deal breakers” or the vital questions that you have to answer before proceeding to the following part. Some questions may seem too personal. However, remember that it is your potential boyfriend trying to learn more about his future partner.

Among these kinds of questions are “do you have tattoos?”, “do you smoke?”, “do you have piercing anywhere except your ears?” and others. If any of those questions have a positive answer, unfortunately, you cannot continue filling out this form, as written at the bottom of the page.

step 4 answer the questions filling out a girlfriend application form

  • Describe Your Personality

If you have answered the questions from the previous section successfully, you may proceed to the next part. This section suggests that you give other personal details about yourself.

Here, you will need to indicate information regarding your education level, relatives, opinion about politics and religion, favorite music genres and movies, sports, income source, and other details. Insert the answers that describe you precisely. Do not lie while responding.

step 5 describe your personality filling out a girlfriend application form

  • Complete the “Short Answer” Section

Below, you have to complete the section with short answers to some more questions, such as describing yourself in a couple of words, explaining why you have chosen the partner you are applying to, listing the advantages that may help you become this person’s girlfriend, and so on.

Insert your responses in the relevant blank lines near each question.

step 6 complete the “short answer” section filling out a girlfriend application form

  • Describe Your Relationship Background

After you have answered all the questions, proceed to the next section, where you have to describe your relationship background. Here, you should name your previous boyfriends, explain why you have broken up with them, state the term of each relationship, and define whether you are the “dumpee” or “dumper.”

step 7 describe your relationship background filling out a girlfriend application form

  • Add References

You should add at least three references: people that can confirm the information you have provided. Besides the references’ names, write their phone numbers, IM names, and (or) email addresses.

step 8 add references filling out a girlfriend application form

  • Sign the Girlfriend Application Form

Like many other legal forms in the US, the Girlfriend Application Form has to be signed and dated.

Before you sign the form, double-check all the info you have submitted. With your signature, you officially confirm the correctness of the data. Then, add the date and signature in the relevant lines.

step 9 sign the girlfriend application form filling out a girlfriend application form