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CDSS Form SAR-7 is a semi-annual eligibility status report required by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) for individuals receiving cash aid and CalFresh benefits. This form is a critical update that recipients must complete to report any changes in their household circumstances that could affect their benefit eligibility. These changes might include variations in income, household composition, residence, or other significant factors.

The form is designed to ensure that all information is current and accurate, helping the state determine the correct benefit amounts. Recipients must complete and return this form to avoid interruptions in their benefits and comply with state regulations regarding benefit accuracy.

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How Do I Fill It Out Correctly?

The Form is quite complicated, and a person who completes it for the first time may need to consult a legal specialist. We recommend that you use our form-building software to ensure you obtain the most recent customized PDF template.

  • Ask to Stop Benefits

step 1 ask to stop benefits filling out a cdss form sar 7
The first field to complete is declaring that you wish to stop your CalWORKs, CalFresh, or Medi-Cal, if applicable. You may choose to contact your local county to do so.

  • Add Household Info

step 2 add household info filling out a cdss form sar 7
If an individual has moved into or out of your household within the last six months, indicate that in this section. It may be a registered domestic partner, a newborn, a temporarily absent relative (moved away to get medical treatment or education), and so on. You will also have to provide essential data about this person, including their full name, date of birth, relationship to you, and whether you regularly buy and cook food together or not.

  • Indicate Address Changes

step 3 indicate address changes filling out a cdss form sar 7
If you have moved to another location since you last reported, input a new address, the date you moved on, and your phone number.

  • Indicate Housing Costs

step 4 indicate housing costs filling out a cdss form sar 7
To prove that you have moved to a new home, you must indicate your current rent or mortgage per month, property taxes, home insurance, and other utility costs.

  • Add Fleeing and Parole

step 5 add fleeing and parole filling out a cdss form sar 7
If you get CalWORKs benefits, indicate whether a member of your family is running from the law or in violation of parole or probation.

  • Insert Medical Costs

step 6 insert medical costs filling out a cdss form sar 7
Those individuals who are 60 years of age or older or disabled persons might have needed to increase medical expenses. If that happened, insert the name of this person, the amount of increase in US dollars, and attach proof.

  • Mind Child Support

step 7 mind child support filling out a cdss form sar 7
If anyone in your household has had changes in their child support payments, indicate the paid amount, and provide information about the minors.

  • Specify Dependent Care

step 8 specify dependent care filling out a cdss form sar 7
Those persons who faced an increase in out-of-pocket dependent care costs and are currently working, looking for a job, or getting an education, have to provide extra details about the situation.

  • List Property

step 9 list property filling out a cdss form sar 7
List anyone who has bought, sold, given away, won, or spent any property, including land, home, cars, and so on.

  • Add Employment Income

step 10 add employment income filling out a cdss form sar 7
Those persons who are currently employed must indicate their income source, how frequently the salary is paid, the gross amount of income they got in the report month, and the number of working hours.

  • Fill Out Employment Changes

step 11 fill out employment changes filling out a cdss form sar 7
If you expect your income to change in the following six months, explain why, and attach proof.

  • Indicate Other Income

step 12.1 indicate other income filling out a cdss form sar 7
Apparently, not only being a staff member in a company may provide you with monetary funds. List those people living with you who got social security, SDI, alimony, gifts, and other types of financial support.

step 12.2 indicate other income filling out a cdss form sar 7
If you believe that the situation will change in the foreseeable future, say why, and attach proof.

  • Indicate Any Other Changes (CalWORKs Only)

step 13 indicate any other changes (calworks only) filling out a cdss form sar 7
Tick the corresponding boxes if anything has happened to you within the last reporting period, including family change, custody, immigration, or other things.

  • Sign the Form

step 14 sign the form filling out a cdss form sar 7
Review all the information submitted. Make sure that it is true and correct — providing misleading and false statements is a crime and will lead to legal punishment.

Append your signature, date the form, indicate your phone numbers, and submit the paper thereafter.